Mike Turner’s Signal Investor

Posted: Feb 07, 2017 7:28 PM

Mike Turner’s Signal Investor is not your typical investment advisory. This strategy is rules-based to take emotion out of investing. Investor emotion is the single greatest issue that investors must overcome before they can make consistent profits in the stock market.

With Mike’s strategies and research, you can invest with confidence… growing your capital in bull markets and protecting your capital in bear markets.

The market is not always headed higher, and Mike manages this portfolio to stay in sync with the market. Bull markets are fun and can generate substantial returns, but knowing how to keep those returns in a bear market is what separates successful trading from disastrous trading.

Mike’s proprietary software program tells you when to be in the market with strong, up-trending stocks and ETFs. His 2.8 million lines of code also tell you the exact timing of when to go to cash and when to capitalize on a bear market. Timing is everything, and being able to know, with mathematical certainty, when and how to capitalize on the market is what makes Mike’s advice so incredibly important to your investing success.

In bull markets, the positions held in the portfolio are selected from the top-scoring stocks and ETFs utilizing the backbone of Mike’s massive computer software which drives the Signal Investor. The objective of the portfolio is to take advantage of bull markets when risk is low with nothing but top-tier stocks that are on a solid up-trend.

In a neutral market when risk is high, we will move to cash. And in a bear market when risk is low for being short, we will hold inverse ETFs.

This way you are always in step with the market – making money on the upside and protecting your hard-earned money on the downside. To immediately get started as a Signal Investor subscriber, simply click here now.

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