Mozilla CEO Learns that Liberals Hate Diversity

Posted: Apr 02, 2014 12:01 AM
Mozilla CEO Learns that Liberals Hate Diversity

Over 65,000 people have signed a left-wing petition to get the CEO of Mozilla fired because he’s an intolerant bigot… Or something. The self-proclaimed police-of-tolerance have been attacking CEO Brendon Eich for his “unacceptable” views on gay marriage (he’s against it). And with a stunning amount of unaware irony, progressives have decided that they are incapable of tolerating a tech CEO who is an advocate of traditional marriage.

That’s right: A petition has been started to toss Mozilla’s CEO out on the street, because gay marriage advocates are too intolerant to allow such “bigotry” in the corporate tech world. On the CREDO action website (a website dedicated to proliferating liberal petitions), over 65,000 left wing activists, impressionable liberals, and misguided agents of inclusivity, have signed their names to the petition. According to the site:

As the representative of a global brand that represents openness and is committed to equality and inclusiveness, Eich should make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality. If he cannot, he should resign. And if he will not, the board should fire Eich immediately.

Right… Because the First Amendment clearly states that citizens have the right to free speech, unless that speech offends someone (apparently...). According to these activists: by being CEO, Eich has forfeited the right to hold his own personal views on the social and economic concerns of the 21st century. Evidently, earning money puts executives at the whim of a few liberal hacks who can’t tolerate dissenting opinion or open debate.

Of course, these “progressive” advocates of censorship have “every right in the world” to ask for Eich’s dismissal… But, the irony of asking him to be fired because they feel he isn’t “tolerant” enough seems woefully lost on the petition signees. (Seriously, people: Pick up a dictionary once in a while.)

Eich ending up in the cross hairs of Liberal activists is just the latest example of the Left’s love for political-correctness-inspired censorship efforts. A Harvard student already proposed eliminating Academic Freedom in exchange for “Academic Justice”. Even Liberal icons, such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have argued that wealthy conservative activists should be silenced, audited, or restricted in their political activities. (No word yet on Harry Reid’s feelings about George Soros, or millionaire Hollywood moguls who donate to the Democrat Party.)

Strangely, I don’t think these same outraged liberals would be quite as disgusted if he gave to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, or the Southern Poverty Law Center. Of course, this is part of the reason why the Left has a track-record of success on the issue of “political correctness.” They feel empowered and righteous in bullying, intimidating, and silencing their ideological opponents.

Brendon Eich, hopefully, will not back down from his beliefs… After all, it’s still a (relatively) free nation. If his personal philanthropic activities, or personal convictions, offend the California-inspired progressive movement, they can download a different browser. His job should not be contingent on his definition of marriage. Intellectual diversity, after all, is a consequence of a free and open society.

Of course grasping the concept of intellectual diversity might be a little too “grown-up” for a bunch of California liberals prone to temper tantrums.