Conservative Street Art Marks Obama Milestones at LA Marathon

Michael Hausam
Posted: Mar 20, 2015 12:01 AM
Conservative Street Art Marks Obama Milestones at LA Marathon

Mile markers help marathon runners know how far they have come, but the milestone posters LA Marathon participants and observers saw on the morning of the big race communicated substantially more.

Put up all over Los Angeles the night before the race began, the posters identified 16 different Obama scandals and missteps in an incredibly creative manner. From the creative mind of guerrilla conservative street artist Sabo, they copied the style of the official marketing materials used by the race organizers.

Here's a short video showing the posters, which were scattered throughout the race route, which started at Dodger Stadium, wound through Chinatown, downtown, and Hollywood, and finished on the pier in Santa Monica:

Sabo is the artist that made the now-iconic poster of Ted Cruz, when he visited L.A. last March:

He also gave failed-candidate Wendy Davis of Texas the benefit of his attention as well:

No word on whether it increased or decreased race times for the runners…