Suicide by Democrat

Posted: Sep 08, 2014 12:01 AM

It seems that in every election cycle we are confronted with creative new proposals to increase funding for public schools. But citizens have grown weary of efforts to raise their income and property taxes, especially during the current Democratic Party malaise. So this November, statewide ballot initiatives across the nation are asking voters to approve newly packaged education funding schemes like increased sales taxes, gaming fees, and lotteries.

While the United States exceeds every other nation in teacher salaries and spending per student, the revenue base to support this pace has decreased over the past six years. So with all the added revenue sources, why would funding be declining? It is a simple case of cause-and-effect. When the economy is healthy, tax revenue flows. And when the taxpayer suffers, the neighborhood schools suffer.

One would think that the education community would enthusiastically support conservatives for elected office in order to keep free enterprise thriving toward funding the classroom and their retirement plans. And to sustain that symbiosis, one would also expect teachers to encourage students to love America, liberty, free enterprise, and ambitious self-reliance. But the pattern of the stubborn liberal is to vote against their own interests because religious conviction trumps reason.

Polling shows that professional educators vote Democrat over 90% of the time. And when elected, Democratic legislators do what they have always done – increase the growth of government at the expense of free enterprise. So rather than enacting job growth policies that would enable citizens to support their children’s schools, liberals propose adding new transaction taxes to their crippling income and property taxes; death by a thousand cuts to the education support base.

I have become awestruck at the predictably sad pattern of citizens robotically voting against their own interests; not just educators, but across several demographics. And it seems that the Democratic Party merely has to repeat their proven messaging and truth becomes unimportant to the adherents. Their conditioned response is to vote against the “cruel Republicans” who want them to eat vegetables and exercise.

Jewish Americans are a lock for the Democratic vote no matter how openly they abandon Israel and no matter how hawkishly the Republicans come to Israel’s defense. Rabbi Steven Pruzansky delivered a cold splash of reality to the face of the GOP in his revealing article, The Jewish Vote; Same Old, Same Old. “Harry Truman was rightly lauded for recognizing the nascent state of Israel in 1948 – after much hesitation – but Thomas E. Dewey, the Republican governor of New York and Truman’s opponent in the 1948 presidential election, was on record even before as supportive of Jewish national rights. JFK openly threatened Israel over its Dimona reactor, LBJ pressured Israel not to open fire in 1967 despite the Arab provocations that led to the Six-Day War, and it is now crystal clear how Jimmy Carter felt about Jews and Israel.” Pruzansky observes that “most [American] Jews are widely estranged from their faith.” And he laments that, “Their polling booth needs only one lever.”

American women are similarly wooed into submitting to institutional government oppression by ironically responding to the Democratic Party’s appeal to their natural rebellion against subjection. The ads assert that Republicans are engaged in a war on women, denying them personal choices with their pro-life doctrine. But the argument may as well be delivered by Marlin Brando in a sleeveless wife-beater. Democrats ensure women’s right to choose to have an abortion – and deny them the right to choose where to send their children to school, how they will acquire health care, whether they can protect themselves with a weapon, and whether their 15 year old daughter receives prescription contraceptives or abortion surgery without their knowledge.

In the 1950s, the nation was almost paranoid about losing its culture of liberty. Most Americans held a healthy fear of socialism creeping into acceptability. We worried aloud about communism infiltrating into society and elected leadership. Even the Democratic Party stood firmly against communism well into the 1960s. But that sentiment died with President Kennedy in Dallas. Today, the Democratic Party subjugates women through “choice,” enslaves blacks through entitlements, ransoms Hispanics through their children, intimidates teachers through unions, encourages violence through gun control, saddles millennials with debt to buy their votes, and assuages Jewish concerns while betraying Israel.

Liberals no longer recoil at being described as socialists. And the revulsion of communism has not been passed on to America’s under-forty set. With its polished propaganda machine, the Democratic Party has demonstrated its propensity to smile in the face of the American people – while swindling them all out of their inheritance. Like a cocaine dealer, they promise paradise in exchange for trust; suicide by Democrat.

Trust me with the details of your life (down to your light bulbs, your dishwashers, and even your toilets), and I will give you order.

Trust me with your safety and I will give you comfort.

Trust me with your riches and I will give you security.

Trust me with your ambitions and I will give you predictability.

Trust me with your health and I will relieve you of your shame.

Trust me with your children and I will give you assurance.

Trust me with your faith and I will give you answers to every question.

Trust me with your lives and I will give you shelter.

We can stop warning Americans about losing the country to “soft tyranny.” The Democratic Party has hit their socialist stride and are now racing toward their ultimate conquest over liberty, Sharia. Let that sink in for a moment and Benghazi, Extortion 17, capitulating to ISIS, the Secretary of State wearing the hijab, and the President of the United States bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia begin to make sense.