Dem World: Mitch McConnell’s A Spy, Ilhan Omar’s A Patriot

Posted: Aug 02, 2019 12:31 PM
Dem World: Mitch McConnell’s A Spy, Ilhan Omar’s A Patriot

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I learned a long time ago that political parties and personalities should never posture in such a way that it makes them look ridiculous.

For example, Obama should never declare his love for Israel; the GOP should never talk about saving Social Security with private accounts and communist countries should never lecture anyone on free-trade agreements. 

So, it’s laughable that the Washington Post, that poorly disguised extension of the DNC, thinks it’s fair to call Senator Mitch McConnel (R-KY) a Russian asset, a spy, a traitor to his nation.

The laughable part isn’t just the assertion by the Post that McConnell is “Russian” traitor.

No, the laughable part is the part where the Post asserts that the Post is fair.

Ha, ha, ha, ha.       

The more outrageous the hyperbole they write, the more dug-in liberals and their media annexes seem to be in defending the idea that anyone who is Republican is an evil force, beyond even Hitler’s worst ideals.

Thus, any ridiculous notion about Republicans should be spoken ad nauseum.

So, now, most of the country laughs at them each day because they appear more and more ridiculous each day.

It’s ridiculous, for example, that as Democrats hold the door open for people who come to the country illegally-- even recently publicly committing to granting these illegal aliens the vote-- that they accuse the Senate Majority Leader of being a Russian spy, who helped elect the candidate of Russia’s choice.  

Was it just a grand conspiracy of the Republican Party where we all secretly became Russian spies?

Because that is what the Democrats are selling officially— with the help of the Washington Post.

Trump is a spy, McConnell is a spy, we are all spies.

This theory goes beyond birther-conspiracy, Apollo-Moon-Landing-was-Fake, 9-11-was-an-inside-job.

And this is why: It’s the left that has been negligent on security, the economy, racism and virtually every problem we are facing in the country—including Russian interference in our elections. It’s as if the moon landing was faked, and the fakers are crying “Fake!” the loudest, while blaming others.

I remember that time Obama opposed Ukraine’s admission to NATO, helping the Ukraine government to fall, helping Russia gobble up a large part of that sovereign country; I remember the time that Obama scuttled the deployment of Patriot missile batteries in Kiev, denying Ukraine the ability to defend itself; and like everyone else, I remember that time Obama was caught on a hot mic saying that after the election he’d have more flexibility on meeting Russian demands that America weaken its missile defense.

One can practically see then-Russian president Medvedev roll his eyes in disgust in the video. The only thing missing was the cartoon caption with Medvedev saying “You foolish, socialist clown.”

But it’s not just on the Russians that the Democrats appear ridiculous.

At the recent debate in Detroit we heard the Democrat presidential candidates defend free-trade like they invented economics. The reality is that they weren’t defending free trade so much as defending their banker, China.

And Democrats appear equally ridiculous selling the notion that Trump is trying to sabotage the economy by his trade war with China. When you measure the wholly optional damage Obamacare did to the US economy versus the long-term structural benefit that a better trade policy will give not just the US, but China as well, the notion is as ridiculous as saying Mitch McConnell is a Russian spy.

And that’s just the latest ridiculousness: The Democrats don’t want peace in Korea; they openly pray for recession; they want to fix Obamacare by gutting the one part of the medical system they haven’t broken; they openly-avow socialism, after calling Republicans racist for declaring Democrat policies under Obama socialist; they encourage violence against police officers-- and anyone who doesn’t agree with the new liberal order-- while saying others lack tolerance. The have used race to the point that even avowed racists are applauding them.  

Yes, David Duke, grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, supports Democrats, after finding out that Trump isn’t the racist that he—and the media-- were hoping for after all. Trump, it turns out, is wildly disappointing as a racist.

Not so the Democrats. Duke recently called Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s Democrat congresswoman, the most important member of congress for her anti-Jewish views.  

And that literally makes her Iran’s most valuable foreign asset in the United States.

But of course if you say so, the Washington Post will claim you’re an unfair racist.

McConnell’s the spy, they say, and Omar is the patriot.

Now, that, of course, is ridiculous.