Yankee Go Home

Posted: Nov 23, 2014 12:01 AM
Sheepinwolfsclothing wrote: The republicrats mega world central bankster financiers are always the winners because there is only one party and whoever wins the election, the Rothschild world banking cartel has a win-win situation. It is like two sports teams with one owner, as Mayer Amschel Rothschild said in 1790, "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws." They control all the countries central banks, except 3, including the I.M.F., World Bank, the Conservation Bank, etc., and thru these they control politicians, laws, governments, and so the world, thru extortion!If They Can't Win Now, Then When?

Dear Comrade Sheep,

Yes and, Workers of the World Unite! I’m surprised that you didn’t throw out a gratuitous slam at the Jews while you were at it.

Look, my family has been in banking since my grandfather helped to found a farmer’s bank after the Great Depression. I never seen the Rothschilds, never even been invited to one of the meetings of the Trilateral Commission.

There might be a worldwide confederacy of bankers, but they are a confederacy of idiots, not one of diabolical intentions. These are guys who read the same books, read the same professional magazines, go to the same schools, either here or in Europe and essentially share the same blind spot, which is this: They are wrong.

The Keynesian religion upon which they have based their whole life is not working.

That’s because modern economics is not a science—in fact I don’t think economics has ever been a “science”—it’s really more of a performance art piece like beatnik poetry about money.

They are not after any truth, as a science should be, but rather they are after creating an alternate reality that they themselves dream up. And if they have to forces the parts together to make it fit, oh well.

To a great degree the modern world is in a struggle between two conflicting systems of thought: Free market capitalism allied with small “R” republican government, and a closed Keynesian system of independent, but cooperative nation-states that were formed out the Great War and World War II, that like to style themselves as “Democracies” but a really a dictatorship of the masses controlled by a small ruling class that uses command and control economics to keep in power.

The old Keynesian system of a command and control economy is failing in part because the embrace of capitalist thought in places like India and China and Russia. Worldwide, there is more competition for jobs, for capital, for investment return, for technology and innovation than ever before.

If you combine that force with the ability to reshape our world through the use of modern calculating machines, computers, it’s ability to make information readily available to anyone who can click a key, and you have one of the most revolutionary periods of time in world history.

What we are becoming in the meantime is still a toss up question.

To think that some secret cabal of bankers control all these forces makes you either a fool or a tool, but probably a but of both.

ericynot1 wrote: I think I've figured it out. Ransom is the guy behind all the spammers that relentlessly crawl TH. He puts up these ancient columns just to give them a place to work -- this column has 10 comments so far today, and three of them are spam.Where a Liberal Underestimates Putin Again

Dear Comrade Y,

I’m stunned by your criticism.

I didn’t even know you could count to ten.

ericynot1 wrote: I know how to bring about the demise of John Ransom. All you have to do is show him a photo of Ezra Klein driving to a climate change rally in a Chevy Volt, and his head would explode :) - Ezra Klein Reveals How He Became an Idiot

Dear Comrade Y,

Why would you want to bring about my demise?

I must be a lot more consequential to you than you say, eh?

But no: Your evil villain plot to have my head explode would be foiled at the last minute when I use my wristwatch laser to cut Ezra Klein free from the inevitable Chevy Volt fire caused by the mixture of electric and stupidity way above recommended tolerances.

Because everyone knows that not only is the Chevy Volt the least economical car, but it’s also the most dangerous.

NRMLUNIT wrote: Jr mentioned Warren Buffets own stupidity. He must be kidding or an idiot. He should be so stupid but will never be so. JR is just an ordinary idiot. - The IRS Hatchetmen

Dear Comrade Unit,

Albert Einstein was a great physicist but naïve and wrong about politics.

Buffet has been a very successful investor, but I wouldn’t call him a genius. And poor political judgment has led him to make the silly assertion that taxes are inconsequential in making investment decisions.

That’s stupid.

Buffet’s day passed him by a long time ago. It would have been better for his place in history if he died ten years ago.

Troglodite wrote: "Imagine, if you will, if certain men walked around in powered wigs...recommending the stocks and the public whipping post for crimes such as heresy, blasphemy, adultery..." Is an allegedly conservative columnist really praising us for the "elasticity" with which we have moved to being blasé and complaisant about public immorality? Can we really find little better reason to compare ourselves favorably to the Islamic world than that we have become fine with adultery and, let us add, homosexuality, fornication, pornography, and grotesque public insults to Christianity? - Beheading the Religion of Pieces

Dear Trogodite,

You have an aptly chosen handle.

Beheadings, public stocks, burning people alive are not symbolic of a vital culture. Bringing them back to stem adultery, fornication and other sins of the flesh wouldn’t make Christianity more dignified.

People aren’t “fine” with immorality. We have just decided not to persecute people for these sins.

Scott4672 wrote: John Ransom wrote: “One of the most striking features of Islam—and Obama by the way—is its lack of capacity to evolve, its inelasticity.”
The very same thing is true of Christianity, is it not? The Scriptures were inspired by God (cf. 2 Tim 3:16), God is perfect, so what can there possibly be to “evolve”? The examples you give further on in this article have nothing to do with what is written in the Scripture — that was the evil of men acting without any Authority from God’s Word. What is written in the Scripture has not changed one jot or one tittle since it was written.
- Beheading the Religion of Pieces

Dear Comrade 4672,

Truth doesn’t change. That’s why the scriptures have not changed.

But to say Christianity hasn’t evolved would be to expose your ignorance of Christian history, specifically and world history generally.

Christian thought is responsible for the evolution of mankind from ancient times through the Middles Ages, the Renaissance, the Romantic period, industrialization and finally to modern times. In each case Christianity is very much relevant.

You want to pretend that Christianity is stuck in a static state? Fine. You’re just ignoring history. Most of the great discoveries of mankind have been done by people who are Judeo-Christian.

svirk wrote: Most of the problems of the Muslims are their own. However, the fact that Americans feel the need to cruelly and barbarically kill thousands of Muslims every year while surrounding almost all Muslim countries with American military bases and American threats doesn't help matters any. Yankee go home. - Beheading the Religion of Pieces

Dear Comrade Svirk,

Ah yes, another true communist to bring back a blast from the past.

Yankee go home?

You mean like when we helped Western Europe? Or South Korea? Or Taiwan? Or helped Iraqis hold their first free elections ever?

While it’s true that the American military kills Muslims, maybe the lesson here was for Muslims to stop killing everyone else including their own people. If you declare holy war on the rest of us for the propagation of your religion, we’re gonna kill you. And then we'll go home.

Even Obama will kill you.

Anyway, casualties by the American military are a pittance to what Muslims do to each other.

sclaus wrote: The conservative Forbes Magazine says
statistics show that Obama has out performedReagan on jobs, growth, investing. “This is the best private sector jobs creation
performance in American history”

“The current administration has reduced the
deficit, which skyrocketed under Reagan.
Additionally, Obama has reduced federal
employment, which grew under Reagan
(especially when including military personnel,)
and truly delivered a “smaller government.”
Additionally, the current administration has
kept inflation low.
- God, Guns, and Profit

Dear Comrade Claus,

You must be the evil Claus brother. If you see him, say hi to Santa for me.

Columnist Adam Hartung, who wrote the idiocy above that you quoted writes for Forbes but doesn’t speak for Forbes. You are getting the magazine Forbes confused with the person of Steve Forbes.

Forbes the person is a conservative. The magazine represents a diverse number of views.

Ronald Reagan created more jobs in each of his terms as Barrack Obama has done in six years.

Obama delivered smaller government and smaller deficits?

Your capacity to deceive yourself is why progressives just lost the last election. Badly.

That’s it for this week,