Here America: Have Some More Filth to Go with that Government

Posted: Sep 20, 2014 12:01 AM
Here America: Have Some More Filth to Go with that Government

Yes, the Democrats are that desperate. Smacked with the guy who has made his business to lead the loyal opposition to policies that hurt the country, the Democrats did something so foul, so mind numbingly stupid and so desperate that it out Nixoned Nixon in his worst of days. And in doing so, they’ve completed the transformation from political party to caricature.

Does Rick Perry's indictment disqualify him for 2016?!!! asks CNN, while fronting for the Dems. No, the indictment probably does not disqualify him. But Marco Rubio’s sip of water during a televised address should, right? Rubio’s problem was that he couldn’t get a grand jury to indict him on anything after he sullied the republic with a parched throat.

“The indictment and possible trial of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for allegedly applying illegal coercion to a district attorney will complicate -- but not kill,” writes Errol Louis at CNN, “his all-but-certain run for President in 2016. It's a sure bet that voters outside of Texas will forgive, ignore or overlook any outcome short of a conviction.”

With analysis like that, he should be named Error Louis.

Look, the indictment by Perry is a stupid move by the Dems, and nothing will come of it that needs forgiving—at least for Perry.

In fact, he’ll be applauded, lauded and lionized by the many people who rightly think government is out of control.

Perry, it seems, committed the unpardonable sin of holding the DA responsible for drunkenness. How dare mere mortals hold the people responsible for prosecuting crimes to a standard that applies to the rest of us?

Getting past the fact that this is the same DA’s office that indicted Tom DeLay on wholly political charges—charges that have been subsequently overturned by a higher court—the indictment only served to prove the point: You can’t trust these guys.

Because the people who indicted Rick Perry are the people who are going to decide if you complied with Obamacare, or Dodd-Frank, or the 70,000 pages of corrupt tax code that’s aimed at you. Or complied with any one of a number of mind-boggling rules and regulations that come out in the federal register every single day.

Heads they win and tails you lose, as long as you keep voting for them.

And don’t even think that you can make a case that a grand jury is responsible, not the DA for the indictment. The DA had to put on a case for the grand jury. And the only way they could do that was by bending, breaking and botching the law so badly that it can only be interpreted politically not legally.

“Perry did not want to influence the DA,” writes legal scholar Henry Mark Holzer on his blog, “He wanted her gone. The governor of Texas was commendably trying to coerce the drunken, abusive, irresponsible, literally unethical DA to resign.”

The indictment, says Holzer, should be quashed.

It won’t be.

Because in the contest to run America for the foreseeable future, the Democrats have so mismanaged and bungled their chance to make a case for themselves that their only choice is to criminalize the opposition.

They think that makes them the more powerful party.

But they are wrong.

In the book Primary Colors, political idealists are turned from purely idealistic opposition to Richard Nixon, into power-hungry presidential wanna-bes who would force the country to eat more filth than even Watergate generated in order to gain power.

And yes: In the book they did gain power thereby. The Clintons-- upon whom the story is based—gained power that way too in real life.

And in real life the same mechanisms that brought them to power will deprive these Democrats of power.

Because the desperation the Democrats are showing isn’t a policy. It’s an indictment. And yes, they really are that dumb.