The Hypocrisy of Dopes

Posted: Oct 03, 2011 12:01 AM

Thankfully the drama of September is over. On to the drama of October.

That means that the deadline for the Department of Energy to give away more taxpayer money to companies like Solyndra has come and gone. But the story hasn’t ended, yet.

Even as new details were emerging that showed that big donors to the Democrats got paid millions for legal work on the Solyndra deal, the DOE was rushing to cut more checks in front of the September 30th deadline. These checks will go to more bleeding-edge, bleeding-heart companies that will provide even fewer jobs for the working-class that Democrats say they care about.

On the last day of the program, the DOE approved loans totaling nine Solyndras, or $4.7 billion. That means that in six short months another 10,000 people will be losing their jobs, at the cost of $470,000 per job to the American taxpayers, thanks to the DOE loan program.

But, in fairness, that doesn’t take into account the jobs that will be saved by the administration’s actions on the loan program.    

After all, somewhere out there, there are a dozen politically connected, left-leaning lawyers who bill by the hour and write checks by the party. At all costs, these jobs must be saved. For Democrats, lawyers, union executives and community organizers are the new blue collar in America.

In the meantime, leftist anarchists are protesting in Manhattan, that bastion of right-wing ideology <snort> over foreclosures, joblessness and bailouts, according to reports from

And their cause is threatening the foundations of that other tower of right-wing thought: Los Angeles.

“The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has garnered the support of celebrities such as filmmaker Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon, are protesting against home foreclosures, high unemployment and the 2008 bailouts,” writes Bloomberg. “In Los Angeles, more than 100 protesters camped out in front of City Hall overnight Saturday. Occupy Wall Street organizers say they hope to see such protests spread across the country.”

Over the weekend, the protestors captured the Brooklyn Bridge, but had to give it back to police when NATO failed to follow up in support of the protestors with time-limited, scope-limited, kinetic military activity. Also, there was a text making rounds that Starbucks was offering two-for-one chai-tea mocha lattes (no foam) until 3 pm.

"In an hour or two, we'll be somewhere else protesting," said Patrick Bruner, an English major at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, who has been serving as a spokesman for the protesters according toYahoo.

Skidmore tuition runs $42,380 per year.

Ironically, Skidmore also offers a college employment service.

Memo to protestors: These services are useful in finding jobs. You can even access the site with your mobile phone. If that doesn’t work you can go here.

But before they rush out to rejoin the ranks of English majors and the work-a-day majority, perhaps they should take a civics class to learn exactly where these protests should really be taking place.

Because it’s not on Wall Street or at city hall in Los Angeles, or on the Brooklyn Bridge where the failures in the country start.

If Obama really cared about your progressive causes he wouldn’t have used the DOE program for a slush fund; he would have solved illegal immigration when he had a majority; he would have passed a healthcare bill that brought costs down; he would have closed Gitmo; he would have arrested Al Awaki; he would have declared war in Libya.

He would have kept one of the myriad of promises he made. But instead he broke them because keeping them was too inconvenient.         

It’s in the White House where the hypocrisy runs the deepest.

And it’s in the White House where they are playing the progressives for a bunch of dopes.

Right on cue, progressives are playing their part.

Even an English major should be able to figure that much out.