Bernie's Plan To Thin Global Human Population And Other Very Bad Ideas

Posted: Jan 28, 2020 10:35 AM
Bernie's Plan To Thin Global Human Population And Other Very Bad Ideas

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

My, my what’s a Democrat primary voter to do? With Iowa’s caucuses just around the corner, there are still lots of choices.

Most of the candidates have proposed one scheme or another to confiscate our property and our assets to pay for things like student loan forgiveness, a guaranteed monthly income for all residents, and free health care. They also want taxpayers to pick up the tab for migrants who come here illegally — their health care, education, housing, food, whatever they need. 

Some of the candidates have suggested if we don’t take immediate action to replace our economic system with a socialist, government-run economy; climate change will end the world as we know it in only a decade or so. But they never actually tell us how socialism will solve the environmental problems they claim are so dire.

In fact, for all their hand-wringing, ranting, and arm-waving; they propose almost no actual solutions at all other than outrageous ideas that would make the cure worse than the disease — except for the fact impracticality makes their ideas no cure at all. I’m talking here about things like banning fossil fuels, making cars out of solar panels, grounding air travel, and requiring people to live within biking distance of their work.

At least Bernie Sanders is suggesting a concrete plan that’s as doable as it is gruesome and immoral. He wants a world wide system of abortion clinics to thin out the global population -- a major cause he claims of climate change. What’s amazing is that he doesn’t blush when he suggests killing our children is necessary to save us from a 6 degree temperature increase.

For the left, the potential for population control is a huge advantage of government-run health care. The inevitable rationing of treatment provides the chance to cull older people out of the population by denying them life-saving procedures and medicines.

It seems a sign of our times that we’ve exchanged the rule of women, children, and the elderly get first crack at the lifeboats for the notion of survival of the fittest. At least if by fittest, you intend the meanest and most cruel.

They pin their reasoning on the purely humanistic brand of materialism that insists science and reason have made God and manners irrelevant.

And yet these same science worshipers deny any link between DNA and gender. They suggest there is no male or female, only inclination and choice -- and those only till you change your mind. Or, if you prefer a permanent gender re-assignment, then taxpayers should be more than happy to pick up the bill.

I’d call them utopians except their idea of social perfection is anything but.

First, does anyone really trust the same government that manages the post office, the VA, and the impeachment of Trump to manage their lives? As hard as it is for me to imagine, apparently some people do. Or at least they do until it’s done. I don’t think Venezuelans would have made the same choices if they’d had the chance to view their new socialist future ahead of time.

Second, there isn’t enough money in the world to do what the Democrat candidates for president want to do. The federal budget today runs about $4 trillion per year. Their proposals on health care, open borders, the Green New Deal, free college, student loan repayment, reparations, guaranteed incomes, increased welfare and food stamps, etc. would more than triple our federal budget. Biden going without a gaff is more sustainable than their spending plans.

Even if they confiscated every paycheck, asset, and dime owned by every American, they’d come up brutally short. It doesn’t work.

What I can’t figure out is why they’d want to do away with capitalism in the first place. Ours is a system that’s lifted more people out of poverty and misery than any other in the entire history of the world. Americans love the idea of doing better, making more, and providing a product or service our neighbors find valuable enough to buy.

Whether it’s coming up with the next great widget, starting a little business, or simply having the freedom to buy a lottery ticket once in a while, Americans love to dream of better times; to make the most of our possibilities. Only capitalism gives us any real chance to do that.

I don’t know why, but all the Democrat candidates to one extent or another want to tear down the mansions we’ve built out of hope and opportunity; and force us into run-down shacks on a dilapidated street mis-named “Easy.” 

Not me.  And I pray not many other Americans either. As Venezuelans can attest, the promise of Easy Street is actually a one-way road to misery, poverty, and privation.