Joe Biden’s Strategy Of Bad-Mouthing Tax Cuts

Posted: May 03, 2019 10:47 AM
Joe Biden’s Strategy Of Bad-Mouthing Tax Cuts

Source: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

It seems to me a major strategy for every Democrat running for President is to become the anti-Trump. I don’t mean they just criticize Trump, I mean they use the most extreme hyperbole to bad-mouth all things Trump.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know Trump has his weaknesses.  But when you can’t say anything nice about someone, it generally says more about you.

I expect that behavior from the ultra left-wingers like Bernie, Kamala, Cory, and Elizabeth; but I am a little disappointed Joe Biden has taken the same tact.  It betrays the kind of poor regard for the truth we tend to associate more with radical ideologues, not serious statesmen.

Case in point.  Joe Biden recently referred to the Trump tax cuts as “God awful.”  Now, look, I get that Democrats have to give voters reasons to oppose Trump.  What better than poor-mouthing his signature accomplishment.  But “God awful” is more than a bit disingenuous.

First of all, Trump’s tax cuts are a big part of the reason we’ve just experienced two years of impressive economic growth.   That’s especially significant after the 8 years of near stagnant economic performance under Obama who eventually announced that growth under 2% was the permanent new normal.

Trump’s tax cuts put the lie to that paradigm.   Today, millions more jobs have been created, people with 401K retirement accounts have seen their retirement prospects improve beyond their wildest hopes, and the wages and salaries of middle class families have finally started to climb after 8 years of NEGATIVE growth under Obama-Biden.

Still, Biden insists the Trump economy is only helping the rich.

Come on, Joe. Under 8 years of Obama/Biden, the only people who made out were the rich.  In fact, income increased for the wealthiest 1% of income earners by 11.2% in real terms.  Meanwhile, incomes for the bottom 99% actually moved backward by 0.4%.  Another way to look at it is that 121% of all real income gains under the Obama/Biden administration went to the top 1%.  Under Bush, the top 1% received 65% of income gains, and under Clinton, they received only 45% of the income gains.

The only things growing under Obama/Biden were unemployment and the wealth gap. 

In fact, those ’God Awful’ tax cuts Biden is talking about led to record high job growth among the poor and middle class alike.   Today, more blacks, Hispanics, and women are working than ever before.  And many of those new jobs are the direct result of companies bringing billions in foreign earnings back to America without paying the punishing taxes imposed by previous administrations.

In the midst of his rant against those “God awful” tax cuts, Biden also failed to mention Trump did what President Obama and Vice President Biden said could not be done.  Those tax cuts incentivized companies to build new plants, increase American manufacturing capacity, and create well over 450,000 new manufacturing jobs — and that doesn’t count the new construction jobs required to build those factories.

It wasn’t just Trump’s tax overhaul that revitalized a sluggish economy, it was his policies to repeal burdensome and expensive regulations imposed by Obama/Biden.

Obama/Biden went a long way toward nearly destroying the middle class, sending unemployment through the roof, and putting businesses out of business. 

And then they made it all worse when they decided the best way to fix the growing income-inequality mess they’d created was to force the redistribution of wealth through higher taxation and more entitlement programs. 

In 2013, after 5 years of Obama/Biden, there were 2.7 million more people in poverty than there were in 2009.  14 million more were on food stamps.  And 4 years into the Obama/Biden recovery, there were still 4.3 million people long-term unemployed — not counting the millions who had given up and left the job market all together.

Joe Biden doesn’t have to admit all this to be a decent guy.  But he should at least give Trump his due.  He could just say, “Sure, Trump has improved the economy, but here’s some things I think I could do better.”  

Instead, Biden thought he could convince voters we don’t really see what we see.  The economy is doing better today, and it started the day after Trump was elected.   It got better when he repealed so many of Obama/Biden’s regulations.  And it got better still when he cut taxes on every American — especially on businesses who could then invest in new jobs and improved productivity.

Biden’s lack of honesty, and his insistence that voters are not very smart, is why he isn’t going to win the presidency.  That and the fact that, like every other Democrat for President, he thinks the route to victory is to bad-mouth Trump and his tax cuts.   With 20 other candidates in the primary, he has a “God-awful” amount of bad-mouthing to do.  He better get to it.