The Left’s Utopia Racket Is A Bad Investment

Posted: Apr 25, 2019 11:00 AM
The Left’s Utopia Racket Is A Bad Investment

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The word Utopia comes from two Greek words.   In English translation, the 'u' means 'not' and the 'topia' means 'place'.  By definition, utopia describes a place that is fictional and does not exist.

But you wouldn’t get that listening to the 187 Democrats running for President (okay, there’s only 19, but it seems like more).   They believe heaven on earth is not only possible, but well within reach, if we’ll just take the money from the millionaires and billionaires, and spend it on free stuff for everyone else.

When I listen to these people, I’m astonished how little they understand about economics, human nature, and the way money works.

Elizebeth Warren recently said she’d ban all oil drilling and fracking on government lands. That would deprive states of over a billion and a half dollars in revenue, wipe out almost 600,000 jobs, and flush 116 billion dollars of value down the economic drain. 

With proposals like that, she’ll do with New Mexico what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did with West Virginia.  Their war against coal made West Virginia a reliably Republican state in 2016.  If Trump wins New Mexico in 2020, where drilling and fracking represent 25% of the state’s economy, you can thank Senator Warren — and all the other Democrats who pile on board her anti-energy proposal.

And while I hate to see any more ink spilled recounting the asininity of the Green New Deal, I’m going to spill some here anyway.

Probably like you, I want clean air and clean water.  BUT, the Democrats’ Green New Deal-du-jour destroys much and gains almost nothing.  Most experts suggest the GND will cost between $70 trillion and $93 trillion over 10 years, upend the economy, and result in millions of lost jobs.

Meanwhile, human contributions to climate change are expected to increase temperatures by around 6 degrees, and sea levels by about 2 feet over the next 80 years.  America’s contribution to that change is about 15%, or less than 1 degree of the anticipated change.  That’s roughly half of China’s contribution.

So even if the GND eliminated our climate change contribution all together, it would destroy our economy and saddle us with a crippling $70 trillion plus in costs; all to impact climate change by less than 1 degree between now and 2100.

How does that make any sense?  Here’s my advice: let’s promote policies that encourage innovators to do what they do best — find new solutions to the problems our world faces, then let them enjoy the rewards of their work and investment.  I know, I know, it’s all way too quaint for the “woke” left.

Medicare-For-All is another big government program that can only result in lower quality healthcare and out-of-control expense.  Experts estimate Medicare-For-All will run at least $2.5 trillion annually, some say as much as $3.5 trillion each year — about $10,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country.

Their solution to that pesky price tag?  Eat the rich, and make them pay.  

Medicare-For-All is a great example of a government program in which no one wins, but losing is literally for keeps.

The Dem 19 trip over themselves describing how they’ll use the wealthy’s money to provide an inexhaustible supply of free stuff, but they make no policy prescriptions to provide the additional wealth needed to keep their gravy train running.

These 19 candidates are running around promising voters heaven on earth — if only you’ll get in line and agree to give up your car, your electricity, and your health care.  And, of course, be ready to lose your job - or at least give up any claim to the proceeds from your own creativity or labor.  

Beware America, no matter their promises, utopia is no investment at all.  It is by definition a place that does not, cannot, and never will exist.   But that won’t stop the left from using it as a racket to extort your votes, and your freedom.