Elizabeth Warren's Great Depression Economics, Part 4

Posted: Nov 18, 2019 9:44 AM
Elizabeth Warren's Great Depression Economics, Part 4

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

In summary of my previous three articles (here, here, and here), I illustrated what an Elizabeth Warren presidency (or any of the current democratic potential nominees) would look like using history as the method of correlation – since history does repeat itself in exact patterns. If Elizabeth Warren were president, the economic results would be damaging, as demonstrated multiple times over the past century.

Hillsdale College offers a new online course titled, Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution. In the session on “Secession and Civil War”, professor Kevin Porteus brilliantly describes the corrosiveness of slavery in a society quoting from Frederick Douglass. Dr. Porteus discloses:

That slavery requires nothing less than a total transformation of the society…just and good ways of life, ‘easily repose in their own rectitude.’  On the other hand, the nature of tyranny is always expansion – that slavery, like any other form of tyranny, must attempt to grow and to take control of everything around it.  It must do this in order to protect itself.  ‘All such as are false and unnatural are conscience of their own weakness, and must seek strength from without.  Slavery must transform every aspect of the society in which it exists.   A new society which supports slavery must be constructed in place of the old one which was hostile to it.  All opposition to slavery is a threat to that way of life that slavery creates.’  And so slavery requires that not only must liberty be obliterated for the slaves, but liberty must also be severely curtailed for free people as well.[1]

Slavery is not only the abomination of man enslaving man in chains and forced harsh labor – the worst kind of slavery. It is, as both economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams write about so vividly and often, enslaving others by confiscating their property, especially their income, and redistributing to others who have not earned it through their own labor or ideas. Slavery in either of these forms is morally and economically destructive to a society.

Professor Porteus’s description above, while focused on historical enslavement, also accurately describes the left’s position, which mirrors Elizabeth Warren’s rhetoric and vicious hunger and drive to take over control of – everything. From your income and wealth, your behavior and thoughts, and literally your bathrooms, education, sports, gender, and even children, the progressive left must consume all. They are hostile, as Dr. Porteus notes, towards you and everything you believe and own.

An Elizabeth Warren presidency, by her own rhetoric, is exactly what Frederick Douglass warned against. It is not American, it is anti-American. It is not pro-liberty, it is pro-slavery in the terms of Dr. Sowell and Dr. Williams.  It is driving policies which Frederick Douglass would probably find appalling and destructive.

So in November 2020, we have a decision between liberty and slavery. It should be an easy choice.

[1] Kevin Porteus, 2019, “Secession and Civil War,” Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution, (Hillsdale College Lecture Series, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI), minutes 1:25-2:47, [https://online.hillsdale.edu/courses/constitution-2019/lesson-07/constitution-2019---lesson-7].