How MSM Uses One Fragment Of Christian Culture To Weaponize COVID-19 Coverage

Posted: Aug 12, 2020 9:00 AM
How MSM Uses One Fragment Of Christian Culture To Weaponize COVID-19 Coverage

I skip back and forth between left and right cable channels. It's a great way to escape from the hypnotic effect of group-think. Here's what I've been noticing in left media: they can't resist weaponizing the reporting about the spread of COVID-19. They fling it as an accusation against the president (with whom they have a disturbing obsession) and at GOP governors.

But it's a virus. Of courses it's spreading. With an R factor (rate of spread) only slightly below that of a flu, it was never in the cards to contain it. That was never a realistic public health option. What we were told, and I think made sense, was using quarantine methods early on for a limited time to 'flatten the curve' so that the rate of infections would not exceed the medical infrastructure. Okay, we did that. One could debate that strategy, but it was a reasonable point of view. What is not reasonable is to use the inevitable spread of a contagion as an accusation in situations where the infection rate is not exceeding medical capacity. What's their plan, to shut down the world's greatest nation until there is a widespread vaccine? That's crazy. The suicide spikes, the addiction and OD cost is astronomical. The reckless stimulus pumped into the economy laying the groundwork for a US sovereign debt crisis... all of these things are much worse than the death count from partial re-openings with targeted seclusion of high risk groups.

But MSNBCNNBC can't help it. It's addicted to accusation against Trump and his allies.

It's using our tiny little bit of left-over Christian cultural capital in the form of what's left of a sanctity of life ethic to create conditions which will kill many. Which are killing the economic engine of planet earth, which helps sustain the lives of billions.