Video Series On Cornerstone TV Network: Jesus vs. The Moneychangers

Posted: Feb 05, 2019 10:46 AM

Why was Jesus so angry at the moneychangers? If he came back today, would he smash ATM machines and drive off convenience store cashiers?

Probably not. Although the accounts of his confrontation with the moneychangers have been used by anti-finance zealots in both church and state, the indication is that Jesus' actions have nothing to do with not liking people who make change. Rather, his problems seems to be with people who make false change. The money changing business on temple property was a rip-off, and a rip-off in God's name to boot.

Jesus' angriest confrontation in the Gospels is not against people who are engaging in straight currency exchange transactions -- like the business at the airport which helps you switch your currency for the currency of your destination at market prices -- but rather at those businesses which force you to change your money at lower than market value (actually much lower) in order to worship God.

Moneychangers were at the heart of the religious, political crony system which dominated the economy of Jerusalem, and by attacking them, he was by extension attacking the system which created and sustained them.

Intrigued by this? Then listen in to this more detailed discussion recently on Cornerstone Television Network.

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