My Speech To Young President’s Organization At Historic Trinity Cathedral

Posted: Jul 04, 2018 11:36 AM
My Speech To Young President’s Organization At Historic Trinity Cathedral

A few years ago I was invited to speak to my local chapter of the Young President’s Organization. The invitation came from Matt Ferrari, CEO of Gamma Sports. Instead of giving the speech at the highly prestigious Duquesne Club, I suggested that we walk across the street to the even older Trinity Cathedral, and that instead of a conventional speech, I deliver a sermon -- a ‘civic’ sermon rather than one based directly on an explicitly religious text. The YPO was agreeable, though this was undoubtedly a bit out of the comfort zone for some there. It probably helped that I was introduced by my friend Glen Meakem who is held in very high regard by young tech entrepreneurs, having been perhaps our most successful entrepreneur in a century.

My text was not really a text at all. It was a work of art: The two sides of the National Seal, which can also be found on the reverse side of the U.S. Dollar Bill.

The seal is an example heraldry, and not unlike stained glass, it was intended to be visual representation of a set of ideas. It was a picture of the ideas which underlie the founding of our republic in 1776. In modern terms, it is an ‘infographic’ of the Declaration of Independence. I held onto this video with the idea that perhaps I would sell it on Amazon, as I have this video representing the foundational ideals of economics. But I’ve decided today to let you view it for free. Feel free to watch, and share. This information is important. That’s what days like Independence Day are for -- to remember, except we can’t remember what we never learned.

Thanks to Dr. John West of the Discovery Institute who first got me interested in this topic.  

Don’t take forever, I still might take this down and sell it or use it as a premium – in fact I probably will – but at least for today, here it is free of charge.