Trump/Russia Collusion? Follow The Really Big Money

Posted: Mar 01, 2018 12:30 PM
Trump/Russia Collusion? Follow The Really Big Money

One of the rules for figuring out who has done some unsolved crime is to ask who benefited from that crime. The rule is called cui bono (Latin for 'good for whom'). Today's audio commentary for Townhall Review applies that test to the charge of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government.

You can listen to the audio here. Here's the text:

This is Jerry Bowyer of Townhall Finance for

Let’s remember what all the Mueller, memo and FBI hubbub is about—the accusation that Trump colluded with Russia to get himself elected. One of the rules for determining who did something is to ask cui bono? Who benefits from the election of Trump?

Not Russia, that’s for sure.

The Trump trade has been terrible for Russia. We just published analysis at Townhall Finance which shows that Russia was the [2nd] worst performing of the world’s 40 investible markets during Trump's 1st year in office. Poland—the Russian rival—was the best.

Trump policies have been highly detrimental to Putin’s interests. Most notable is Trump’s pro-energy stance, which Putin mouthpieces like cable outlet RT have been denouncing. If Trump really was elected by Russian money, it’s one of the worst investments any nation has ever made in human history.

But audio commentaries don't allow me to show you charts like this one:

This shows not only that Russia was the 2nd worst performer, but that Russia's regional rival, Poland, was the best. If you had been a believer in the Trump-works-for-Putin theory, you would have loaded up on Russian equities and perhaps shorted Hungary and Poland. You would have been spectacularly wrong.