Hey, Democrats, Is It Still The Economy, Stupid?

Posted: Feb 14, 2018 10:31 AM
Hey, Democrats, Is It Still The Economy, Stupid?

My audio commentary for Townhall Review just starting running yesterday on Salem Radio stations around the country. It points out the hypocrisy of Democrats who coined the political dictum, "It's the economy, stupid," who now deride Trump/GOP economic accomplishments calling tax cuts and payroll bonuses mere 'crumbs' and dissing historically low black unemployment rates.

Here's the text:

In the election of 1992 James Carville and Democrats famously said: “It’s the economy, stupid.” And they kept saying it through the reelection and the impeachment defense. Clinton argued that elites were disconnected from the kitchen table economic concerns of ordinary Americans and caught up in wedge issues and the politics of personal destruction.

Democrats argued against impeaching Clinton—for lying in his testimony about sexual misconduct—because it would threaten record highs in the Dow.

My how times have changed. Now the left plays down the importance of the economy. Newly minted pundit, Jay-Z argues on CNN  that record lows in black unemployment don’t really matter.

Well they matter to the people who are getting out of the unemployment lines. They matter to their spouses and to their children. Low black unemployment matters to neighborhoods and whole communities.

To most of us, it’s still the economy that matters and politicians who ignore that fact are, well like the man said, stupid.

Here's a link to listen to the audio.

Here's the data which backs it up (though in the last week, the rate has ticked up a tiny bit):

The audio is only 60 seconds long, so please listen and share. We need to tell the truth about the economy far and wide.