How To Maximize The Gig Economy And Work Fewer Hours

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 10:18 AM
How To Maximize The Gig Economy And Work Fewer Hours

Source: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Are you part of the Gig Economy? Do you work more than one Gig? Is it part of your day to seek out your next Gig, find new clients, or spend time working the Freelance Community for Great NEW Profits? In a world where the economy is booming, there are many options for working, making a living, and maximizing your time for money opportunities. If you haven’t yet investigated these options, let’s review a few now.

When my daughter needed to replace her 9 to 5 career with fewer hours, more money, and time off when her kids weren’t in school, she sought out Uber. Driving when she was available made it possible for her to continue earning a good living, but spend more time with her kids. She didn’t want them to be latch key kids, and with some flexibility she managed to be home when they needed her there.

But it wasn’t always enough… So she added Lyft to the schedule, and maintained some quality time driving for both. The key was this: If one wasn’t busy, the other one was. She could drive for both and find rides on her schedule. Better yet, she was able to find the long distance drives when she had time to do them, which was where the big money came in.

Then, what about those times when she had to stay home with the kids?

Finding gigs to stay busy while working from home were pretty easy. Editing jobs, writing jobs, supervisory training jobs, or even assisting others on their contract jobs, became optional money makers for a mom who wanted to be home most of the time.

Contract jobs? Can you put in 30 hours a week on your time schedule and service a business with needs in bookkeeping? Maybe copywriting? Blog and content production? Product and book reviews? Is there something in your skillset that would allow you to seek out a Gig instead of working at the usual 9 to 5 job? In many cases, if you have the skills necessary to work a 9 to 5, you could be working a Gig.

One of the many benefits, besides setting your own hours, is that you get to set your own wages. If you can sell a Gig for your price, you’ve got the $s you want for the services you provide.

The benefits of working a Gig Economy come in many forms:

  • Fewer regulations for whatever you’re doing. Working contract under your own name means you set the price for your labor, and in most instances, you don’t have a boss. You agree to the terms of the contract and fulfill those terms for your money.
  • Increased opportunity. You can find more gigs, generating more money for the hours you work.
  • Improved working community. You choose who you work with, when you work, and how you work in your dynamic community. You design it the way you want it.
  • Economy driven opportunity. The better the economy, the better your profits. You set the budgets and the wage, then sell to your market. If you can sell it, you can make it!
  • Better output. When you’re working by the job, not the hour, you produce better. It’s a known fact, and one you’ll love, once you’re over exchanging time for money – choose your price per job, then do the job in your own time.

Uber and Lyft may be the most obvious opportunities right now, but there are many more. Look for Gigs on Craigslist. Look up various Gigs online? Or build your own network over social media, offering your services on your own website.

One of the better Gigs I’ve seen recently is a Courier Service in a larger community. The boss was a former UPS driver, retired at 42, who created a service and hired drivers on contract to deliver packages, letters, files, and other items locally. At first, he contacted offices he knew would hire a courier – especially if it were a local business – and offered exclusive services. Then once he had a list of contracts, he started branching out, adding more drivers, and improving his services. Now, he actually offers a moving service within his community under the “Two Men and a Truck” style. Is his Gig working? He says it is, and the 32 contractors who work for him, sometimes an hour or two at a time, love the opportunity he provides them.

If you can come up with a great Gig, and it isn’t already available in your community. Make it available. Be the Gigster that Starts your Gig Economy!

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