Repealing Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Destroy The Economy And Eliminate American Jobs

Posted: Jun 28, 2019 11:27 AM
Repealing Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Destroy The Economy And Eliminate American Jobs

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Every single Democrat stated that one of their first acts if they were elected President would be to Repeal (End or otherwise Revoke) Trump’s Tax Cuts. They’re not listening to Americans who are building businesses, working for the first time in decades, and moving up the economic ladder, bringing back the middle class in America. They’re ignoring current economic growth and business development. And worse, they’re ignorant of the unemployment rates currently dropping through the floor in our nation, even with the deluge of illegal immigrants pouring across the border.

In a society where people have opportunity, they grow and build businesses. People work and earn their way in life. Bills get paid, product is developed, and lives are built on a foundation of success, work ethic, and bold success. The Democrats at the podiums for the past two nights are willing to destroy all of that, and hand out freebies that American Tax Payers cannot afford.

We, the American People, the Citizens of this great nation, can stop the Democrats from destroying our economy, and our nation, but we must believe in ourselves and continue working to build businesses, and our growing economy, as we’ve done for the past two and a half years, under the steady had of Donald J. Trump.

One of the most powerful forces in the world is the will of men and women who believe in themselves, who dare to hope and aim high, who go confidently after the things they want from life.

-- Rich DeVos

Any time Government is giving free stuff, tax payers are funding it.

There is no free lunch. It’s been done before and it didn’t work back then either. Let me tell you a little story, I think some of you may remember this story, others need to hear it. And it’s been a while since I’ve shared it anywhere…

The Story of Free Stuff – 

George was a good leader. He’d done well by his people and their economy was booming. Everyone in his economy had booming businesses, good paying jobs, and they could afford the nicer things life offered. As he sat amid the elders of his kingdom one afternoon, he noticed there were a few laggards who chose not to work. Instead, they caused trouble in the streets.

George being a good leader asked his elders what he should do. And the elders answered, they need something to do. We should entertain them. Let’s build a circus, and since they’re laggards, they can’t afford to pay. So let’s make the circus free.

George realized that someone would have to pay for the circus, so he sent out a memo that he would be assessing a tax on the working members of his economy, so he could pay for the circus. The elders agreed, and the tax was assessed. Soon the land of economic bliss was filled with circus entertainment, and the circus was free. Working members of the economy argued that since they were paying for the circus it should be free to everyone. So George made the circus free for everyone.

Those who had worked hard to make money and build businesses, hire workers, and grow the economy looked around and realized it was harder now to find workers. Workers wanted to spend time at the free circus.

George realized more people wanted to go to the circus, so he raised the taxes on the working members of his kingdom once again, and hired more people to build more circuses so there would be more free entertainment. But the economy began to sag under the weight of the taxes…

The amount of money coming in from the working member’s taxed income began to sag with the economy. And more and more people were either working for the government, or attending the free circus. Almost daily, George noticed more people without food, hungry, and needing help in front of the circus tents.

Once again he looked to the working members of his economy, and George raised the tax they were paying to pay for food for those attending the circus. The elders approved this tax increase, because the people need to be fed.

As George wondered through his kingdom, once clean streets filled with workers, business owners, and plenty, were littered with trash, filled with laggards, and devoid of hope. George called together his elders and said, “What is wrong? We’ve given them entertainment, and food. Why is our economy broken?”

The elders shook their heads and said, “George, our people are ill. They need medicine.”

Again, George taxed the few working members of the society and provided medical care for the masses who weren’t working. And the working members of society staggered under the weight of the taxes and the financial destruction of their businesses. Businesses closed. More workers stopped working and attended the free circus, getting free food, and going for free medical care.

As workers stopped working the shelves in the grocery stores became bare. Food became scarce, and those who worked for the government looked out over the kingdom and said, “If nobody else is working, why should we?” And the circus tents closed down, set their animals free, and there was no more entertainment. No one provided medical care. There was no free food.

George looked out over his kingdom and said, “What is wrong?”

And the people rose up from the streets to remind him that they once had jobs, businesses, and plenty. But he taxed them out of their jobs, businesses, and economic bliss. Those who weren’t working rose up and protested in the streets, setting cars on fire, and burning businesses. They wanted the free lunch. They demanded the circus, and medical care for all. But it was no more.

The land of plenty had been taxed into a land of nothing.

There is No Free Lunch –

Anytime the government says there’s something for FREE, you can bet your last dollar a worker was taxed to pay for whatever it is you got for free.

I’m not the originator of this story. It was told quite similarly for many years by Rich DeVos, one of the founders of Amway Corporation. I grew up, cutting teeth on this story, knowing that you have to work for what you get, because if you don’t… Someone else did. George became my name for the leader in the story, because I couldn’t say the name Rich used many years ago, and I’ve thinned it down a bit. His story took longer to tell. But the message is the same, and very clear. There is no free lunch.

Who is paying for all the FREE stuff the Democrat Candidates for President are planning to give away? And who are they going to give it all to?

When they open the borders to everyone who comes to our border, and provide them FREE stuff… Who pays? Who among you is willing to go without and work harder to pay more, so immigrants can come here illegally and be provided FREE Stuff?

There is NO free lunch. In this land of milk and honey, opportunity and economic boom, working, building businesses, and growing the economy are necessary. They aren’t happening so the rest of the world can have a FREE lunch.

De Blasio was right… There’s plenty of money, and when everyone is working, earning, building businesses, and growing the economy, the value grows. Money, the source of our exchange, becomes valuable and can be exchanged for many good things. Money is plentiful when we build, grow, and earn.

In a free market, where products are sold, services are provided, and the working people are allowed to reach for more and better opportunities, there’s plenty of money.

IF those illegal immigrants crossing the border were willing to work as hard in their home countries as they are to GET TO AMERICA FOR FREE STUFF, their home countries would be lands of milk and honey, opportunity and economic boom. They would be building businesses, growing their own economies, and living a life of plenty.

The People of America are Generous

Americans leave their homes and travel to distant lands serving the needs of people there, giving them food and medical supplies, clothing, and various other requirements. And we do it out of a generous spirit. We give. That’s what we do.

But what if… Instead of opening the borders to illegals, specifically to the many who are coming here not to better themselves but rather to take advantage of our FREE stuff. What if we sent them home, back to their own country, and gave them an opportunity to build businesses there? What if, instead of giving them free food, we taught them to grow their own? What if, instead of giving them FREE Stuff, we taught them to build businesses, grow their own economic boom in their own country, and encouraged them to fight for the freedom they think they have to come to the United States of America to get?

Some saw the colonization of other countries by Americans as Americans hurting those people… But those people are willing to cross oceans, walk across nations, and break through our borders to get what we have here in America. Let’s send them home to their countries with a dream of becoming more like America – where they live.

Venezuela Was Once a Land of Opportunity

… And it can be again. Refugees don’t have to leave, they have to band together and fight to take back their country. In every case, those who are leaving war torn, ravaged, and violent countries, they could be taking back their countries. Taking back their land. They could be.

It isn’t easy…

But a civil war in this country, or a revolution, to take back the United States of America after the invasion of people demanding free stuff isn’t going to be easy either.

If life in Venezuela is so much better because it’s a socialist country… Why are the caravans not heading south? If socialism is the answer. IF THAT is what the Democrat candidates want, why are they not loading their caravans and taking them south to Venezuela, where socialism is the governing force of the day?

If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence. Determination. The will to endure to the end, to get knocked down seventy times and get up off the floor saying, ”Here comes number seventy-one!”
 ~Rich DeVos

It’s time to stop the drain on American resources, and let the people of the United States of America do what they do best. As President Trump is doing now, we need to give resources back to the people of this great nation, stop the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border, and send them home to their own countries to build and grow their own economies. It will be FAR CHEAPER to help them THERE, than it is to support them and provide them with free services and free stuff here. They need to go back.

The Tax Cuts and Regulation Ending decisions President Trump has made in office have given the people of our great nation back their ability to earn, build businesses, grow the economy, and get jobs. Those tax cuts should NEVER be repealed.

If you want to help the economy – build a business!

Wherever you are, no matter what country you’re in, if you want to help the economy, build a business! You can do it.  There are plenty of businesses to build, and people will show you what they need. Look around, find a need and fill it. Build a business around it.

Scale your business and hire some employees. It can be done, anywhere.

Let’s talk over coffee!