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Posted: Jun 21, 2019 9:55 AM

Recently reminded that a majority of my content is “evergreen” or always relevant, I was inspired to share the secret of marketing and promoting your business online with relevant content. Content is often crafted by skilled writers, who take details, facts, quotes, and references to current events and make sense of all that to the massive numbers of readers who need to know what it all means.

Content writers are journalists who go beyond what’s NEWS today, and get to the meat of what difference current events will make in our world as we continued down the long roads ahead.

Understanding the Relevance of Economic Change

Beyond the gird of current economics, the evergreen content writer must understand what economic change means and how it will impact their market, or the market of their client in the long run. If you get the idiom of mass economic shifts in our current day society, your comprehension of where that change might reside in the future is imperative. Sharing those changes, their meanings, and how they will affect any given market as changes happen is more important in evergreen content than it would be in the current news.

Value driven content has an overall, extended, and well-founded market for research analysts and prognosticators who might attempt to forecast future economic status of the world.

Financial columnists who claim to understand their position and power often sooth over the fundamental authority of the evergreen writer who is based and culpable with potential dominance to sway the overall financial future when their predictive influence is sought long after the current event has eroded and dissolved in rhetoric. Evergreen content that influences the financial outcome, literally decades beyond any given current event, is relevant in any time.

For instance, imagine the lack of significance the Bible might have if it were merely written as a “current event” or “of the date NEWS” rather than evergreen content prophesying for generations after it was written?

OR the writings of Socrates, if his work had been relegated to the NEWS of the day?

As a Business Owner Think Evergreen Content for Promotion

Relevant current events News is based on whatever is currently happening. There’s no real value for the long term prognostics of current events, until you gather up the facts and create a comprehensive study of current trends. Those facts and trends become the forecasting statistics used by evergreen article and content writers.

As a business owner, if you’re going to be paying for someone to add content to your site, consider an evergreen content writer.

  1. The writing will be available and relevant for a longer period of time.
  2. Evergreen content includes opportunities to market more effectively.
  3. Advertising on evergreen content grabs more views over time.
  4. Evergreen content doesn’t become irrelevant when the season is over.
  5. Evergreen content writers often have current NEWS relevance and influence.
  6. Time spent on evergreen content is better spent due to long term relevance and value.
  7. Evergreen content writers are often well known commentators due to their knowledge and well-grounded ability to focus on fact, detail, and relevance over mere opinion.
  8. Political relevance of evergreen content most often includes a solid understanding of historical values of political behaviors and controversy.
  9. Evergreen content will be read long after current events news pieces are put to rest and buried in the daily irrelevance of “reporter opinion.”
  10. Fact based content located on national publications, syndicated, and shared through viral media becomes resource material for future generations.

While almost any blogger, or small business owner, can legitimately post the day to day facts, events, sales, and details of their business, content writers are often hired to provide the quality of content that generates high traffic volume on small business, or micro business websites. Publicity, marketing, and specific use content provide a valuable outlet for business owners online. These kinds of articles and content can grow your online presence, brand your business online, and significantly improve your presence and visibility on the information highway.

“Perspective is the only thing that can totally change the results without changing any of the facts.”

-- Andy Andrews

Evergreen Content Writers Control Perspective by Sticking to Facts

While many content writers prefer to manage their own facts, promote value added research as part of their whole writing program, and often leave out citations that might restrict, or otherwise regulate the outcome of their content or articles, the end result is content you can count on.

Reliable, well researched, fact based content will be as relevant in thirty years or thirty centuries as it is now, because whole value is timeless.

News bloggers, commentary sites, and other current News resource sites often rely on evergreen content writers to keep their sites relevant on a daily basis. These sites rely on the ability of content writers to maintain traffic flow, and manage the continuum of readership, because their content is trustworthy.

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