One-Hit Wonders And Miracles On The Business Front

Posted: May 08, 2019 9:00 AM

As a child, I was caught up in the makings of music, stars of the industry, and who would become the next Conway Twitty. My job every summer was to decorate the Fan Booths of up and coming young country music stars. They were friends during Fan Fair, or Buddies at the motel pool, or the guys on the stage singing my song for an hour or two over the lunch event. But more, they were the stars of the show who knew my name, some both then and now.

Moving on to the next phase of life, I realized that operating businesses in the real world wasn’t a whole lot different than finding that one hit wonder from the stage. Everyone was looking for their “Blind Man in the Bleachers” but not every starring personality found him. Some, those who had as much talent, maybe even more, got caught in the maize of celebrity that didn’t allow for ultimate stardom, or success. And others hit it out of the ball park, over the fence, and into the outfield time after time, again and again, until the new wore off. Then they settled for the memory.

Not every country singer is George Straight. Not every new business is Starbucks.

What makes a one hit wonder an ongoing celebrity?

Can a rising star be recognized in the beginning? Amazingly enough, there are those who recognize the rising star, and see the future, before it really exists in the miracle to come.

Let me tell you about the process:

  • An ongoing miracle isn’t captivated by the one hit wonder. Their purpose, their ultimate goal isn’t one great cup of coffee, it’s the ongoing service of treating every customer like their best customer, every single time they walk in the door. Consistency, sameness, and the assurance that you’re safe when you walk into a Starbucks, because the food will be equivalent, the coffee will be made with the same recipe, and you’ll have the same list of cozy comforts in one that you had in the last one you visited, matters. That’s what makes every Starbucks stand out. You get what you’re promised, every single time. Even when the press, or one squirrely barista, gives them a bad rep, you – the customer – can rest assured that your experience at Starbucks will be consistent.
  • A one hit wonder doesn’t stop the process. When a business realizes they’ve hit the success charts, they keep belting out more and more success, doing it over and over again, repeating their proven success, by continuing to release new and better results. Over and over again, as the world tries to stamp them out of business for the opinion of the owner, Chick-fil-A has proven their people serving skills to be their best point of business. Whether it’s the please and thank you of happy servers, the consistent message of full on customer service, an attitude of love and contentment from the staff, or just their Christian fellowship in the community where they provide food for those in need during a disaster, they ROCK the fast food market. And cows are happy!
  • Miraculous reveals of new and better options. Amazon provides A to Z happiness with all their services, products and new opportunities for people to participate in the process. Who asked you to market Amazon? They don’t ask you to market them, they give you a marketing platform from which to sell your products, books, and other items, and allow you the operational glory of sharing their links, their name, and your products from their happy place. Bezos loves you every time you share his link, all the way to the bank. Because those wonderful customers you send him, don’t just buy what you’re selling. They buy whatever they need located on the site, and you shared the link. You’re a blessing to the business!

These are three rising stars that have gone the distance to be known as ongoing business miracles in their industries. Do you recognize the miracles that made them what they are?

  • Consistency
  • Determination
  • Purpose
  • Value
  • Opportunity
  • Continuation – they just kept doing what they do best!

What about you?

Can you be that next Miracle on the Business Front?

Let’s do coffee!