Building Business Basics From Ashes

Posted: Feb 12, 2019 11:17 AM

John Anthony might have had a different outcome had he been born into a family of entrepreneurs. But he wasn’t. His family believed you go to school, get a good job, work forty years in the industry, save your money, retire and move into assisted living because you’re old and used up.

That’s what he told me when we discussed his life options a few days ago.

John Anthony is 67 years old, reasonably healthy, and just last year hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with his 32 year old step-son, a distance of nearly 2653 miles if you hike the whole distance. They didn’t. But they hiked for almost a week and a half along a trail that zig zags up and down through the Sierra Nevada.

In a nation where hard work and dedication are celebrated, richly rewarded, and blessed with opportunities, John Anthony could have taken his savings and built a nice consulting business to help him through retirement, giving him plenty of financially rewarding options. But he didn’t. Instead, he moved into that retirement center, hoping he’d be able to save enough, and be thrifty enough to live on his savings.

But now… He’s bored. He’s spent nearly ten years soaking up sunshine, watching westerns, and hanging out at the Bingo Parlor, only to realize that he needs something more than a once a month Bingo Jackpot to maintain a lifestyle he wants to live.

After our conversation, he decided to write a “quick book” appealing to the audience who might be able to appreciate his adventurous choices in retirement, and pay him for solving their retirement questions.

His biggest question, when we started talking was:

You mean I could actually use the skills I already have and make money telling other people how to create a retirement worth living?

Yeah. Baby Boomers do it all the time.

In fact, right now… I have four Baby Boomers who are setting up consulting businesses in their industry, or areas of expertise, and all four of them have profitable projects in the works. Two of them have already added to their retirement income. And one has stopped driving his wife crazy 24/7, and started meeting the “guys” again at the Coffee Shop for Round Table discussions to help them find their niche. And he doesn’t have to buy his own coffee!

This gig works. But you have to do it before the ticker gives out from playing couch potato, and before the brain becomes fuzzed over on doggie calls.

Here’s the thing…

You learned great skills on the job. 

Use those skills to find a problem you can solve now that you’re not doing the forty hour work week.

You have solutions that work and are proven. 

Use those solutions to offer other step-by-step methods to overcome those problems.

Charge for your services. 

Be nice about it. You can help many with the same written documents or recordings, if you carefully record your processes. It doesn’t have to cost you TIME with every client.

Yes, my friends, it really IS that simple to build a business that will help you through retirement.

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