Billionaires Are Created Out Of Brainstorming Sessions

Posted: Nov 13, 2018 10:41 AM
Billionaires Are Created Out Of Brainstorming Sessions

Bezos wasn’t a Billionaire when he got the idea for And Elon probably had a host of engineers sitting around the table when Tesla was born. Ideas for business inspire new billionaires every single day.

Will your next idea be the birth of a billionaire?

“Truthful living will make you think in new directions, learn with greater desire, and achieve your highest potential.”

-- Jeffrey Gitomer

Brainstorming in a group is a great way to inspire ideas.

Writers groups come together to read each other’s books, write reviews, and edit the end results of writing endeavors. Their results are often published.

Business owners and entrepreneurs often come together to brainstorm new business ideas, or talk about ideas needed to sustain their own businesses.

When the “local shops were closing” due to Walmart’s inept servitude, a comment generated out of frustration – “If only there were a mail order Walmart… That would be Amazing!” And Amazon was born. Was a direct response to that comment? Maybe, maybe not.

Did it inspire In a very real way, and for very personal reasons, I’m going to say that comment was a seed.

What seeds come out of your conversations?

It’s been said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” And I’m a firm believer in that concept. Anything we do, has been done before in one way or another. So, thinking up some new concept, or worrying out a new idea, probably isn’t really NEW to anyone, but rather just a recalculated method of reaching the end goal.

Entrepreneurs are born every day, many of them are born at the round table when an inspiration turns on the light.

At a brainstorming session a few weeks ago, a business owner said, “I wish I had a thought manager to sort out all these ideas we’ve come up with today. If we just had a way to sort them out, organize them into businesses, and channel them to the right people… All kinds of new businesses could be born.”

Poof! It happened. A Thought Manager was formulated, born, and created. From nothing but a slew of words spewed forth at the round table… The discussion that ignited the thought manager continues almost every week, and the conversation is noted and will ultimately be published as blog posts, after curating it for feasible ideas. But isn’t that what business is all about?

Bezos came up with an amazing mail order version of the Big Box Store. Elon created a stellar electric auto. And business in the real world vibrates with energy.

Are business ideas really greater than talents? What are you doing with the talents God has given you?

Matthew 25:15 To one he gave five talents, to another two talents, and to another one talent— each according to his own ability. And he promptly went on his journey.

Are you listening? Do you have ideas coming at you at the speed of light on a daily basis? Have you heard them? Do you ever implement them?

What would happen, if you implemented just one idea a month, for a new business? Then sold that idea… Would you benefit? Would life become better because more small businesses are being created, increasing jobs, gross national product, and services in our communities? How much could you improve your life if you simply acted on or shared one idea per month?

If your ideas are billionaire makers… Who will benefit?

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