5 Tips For Branding Your Business Successful

Posted: Sep 18, 2018 10:38 AM

As a business owner, the key to having a hot blog online is more about branding than it is about writing. You can write something every day, but if it isn’t well branded, isn’t relevant to who you are, it will take you no-where!

But what is a brand? 

When you start blogging and writing on your blog, you’ll probably scatter topics all over the country, without really connecting to any one thing. But then, as you continue to blog, you’ll find ways to connect your blog posts to each other, to your business, and even better… To your readers.

If your readers aren’t connected, they won’t come back.

So, your objective is to connect your blog with the readers who are looking for what you offer. Finding that sweet spot that lets your readers find you, and connects your content to your business is perfect. And that’s what I want to share with you today.

Let’s drop in on the most effective brand-master I’ve seen in recent years, and explore the 5 tips he uses to brand his business (or his campaign) for success.

#1 – Messaging Matters

Focus on your message. #MAGA had a direct connection to every single voter in America. We all want our nation to be better, so we connect and share the message. Of course, it always benefits everyone when the message and the means of communication can be related to colors, items, people, and a mood. Trust me, if your message inspires a bit of the rebel inside you, and others… Your message will resound. And it will get around. People will share it, because there’s a bit of a rebel in us all!

#2 – Speak to Your Base

Communication with your base means understanding their needs, speaking their language, and being ready with authentic conversation that inspires and encourages. Don’t hide behind “expectations” when you can be authentic and real. Talk to them, not over their heads, and they’ll communicate back to you. They’ll tell you what they want, when you give them a solid response. But you have to care.

The key here is CARING about the people who care about your message.

#3 – Hold the Line

Probably the one thing that means the most in our world today is finding someone who actually stands for something of value. There’s a world of people who don’t really give a rip about anything of value, or worse, don’t know what values really are. But when you really care about the values that matter to your base, support them, talk about them, and stand up for the values that really matter, you make an impact, and they will stand up for you. Hold the line! Make sure your people know that you appreciate their values, uphold their values, and stand for what matters.

#4 – Make a Difference

Take time to make a real difference for your tribe. Help them. Offer real solutions that give them hope, an opportunity, and a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves. In the case of #MAGA, everyone had the opportunity to join and Make America Great Again. It was a HUGE gathering of real people applying an authentic solution to a NEED so big the whole country could get on board with the message. The difference it makes is long lasting. Our freedom and liberty will last a lifetime, and the whole of our power is the number of people joining this message every single day.

More join. More people come to the #MAGA Camp on a daily basis, and that makes us even GREATER!

#5 – Put Skin in the Game

President Trump (I’m sure you already knew who I was talking about) is sure enough of his plan that he gives back his salary every season, investing in the government he’s leading. He believes. He’s putting skin in the game. And he’s dedicated to the success of #MAGA.

Of course, people of America follow him, share his message, support the cause, and invest in the program, their elected leader is showing them the way, by doing all those things ahead of them. They’re trusting him, because he trusts them to get on board and participate. He trusts them so totally that he’s already signed into law a Tax Cut that puts money back in their pockets! And it’s working.

Use these 5 Tips to Brand Your Business Successful

Present an authentic message to your people, invite them to join you in sharing the message. Make sure your message makes a difference, and counts for something of value. And put some skin in the game. Invest in your plan, and then encourage others to join you by investing with you.

Bring on the BRAND and put forth your most authentic voice to speak to your base. It works.

Be real, and let’s do coffee! Soon.