Live An Opportunity-Filled Life On Purpose

Posted: May 29, 2018 11:59 AM

Do you see life as an opportunity?

Your purpose in life can be an opportunity, if you see the good in what you desire to do.

What’s your key element of purpose?

Successful people recognize the opportunities that come their way, and use them to their benefit. The gains are open, you have to recognize them and be willing to take the risk.

As a child growing up, I was blessed to have many opportunities to meet incredibly successful people, and hear them speak on their life choices. The education I gained from those hours of learning is worth more than any university I ever attended. I gained a desire to continue learning for a lifetime.

Opportunities abound!

I learned to recognize opportunities in my path. Then, I learned to take those opportunities, and charge forward to achieve great things through each of them. My life purpose became sharing opportunities, building business, and developing a mindset of success in struggling people.

Most of the time, I’m successful at encouraging, motivating, and literally manifesting opportunities for myself and others.

But more… I’m able to find the opportunities and share them, collaborating with others who are innovators and thought leaders.

But what can you do, right now, to shift your own thoughts toward finding opportunities?

Mindset shift to Positive Power.

To be successful, you have to give up the phrase “I can’t…” let it go. Send it flying off into outer space, and leave it out there, don’t pull it back. You don’t want it. You want to assure yourself, and others around you that “I can.”

Opportunities and ideas surround you every single day, and when you realize how often you encounter these, you’ll be making the effort to discover and develop them. This process will come naturally, when you begin to say “I can.”

Make the choice right now to find opportunities in your life.

Know your life purpose.

There’s a shattering jolt of reality that will rock your core when you realize that your life purpose has been in your grasp for an entire lifetime, and you haven’t known it. Search yourself for the one thing that brings you the greatest joy. I promise you, that one thing will be monumental. It will be HUGE. The core of this one thing will be a service you can provide to others that blesses, encourages, and motivates others beyond anything you’ve ever comprehended. And it will bring you great joy.

That is your purpose of life.

Every opportunity you find from this day forward will be fueled, filled, and glorified by your purpose of life. You’ll know them when you see them. And you’ll see them often.

Joe’s Story

Joe was a neighbor to my grandparents, and he lived down the road a piece, so they didn’t see him often. He generally showed up every Sunday though, just in time for dinner. 

Grandma made chicken and noodles every Sunday, and that was Joe’s favorite meal. So, Sunday, my grandfather would sit on the step drinking lemonade and mending shoes for the family, or someone in the community, after church until he saw Joe coming down the road. 

Joe had an old mule he road part of the time. But occasionally, the mule would bulk and Joe would be either pulling the mule behind him, or he’d have tied the mule to a fence post along the way and hoofed it down the road for dinner. 

One Sunday, Joe’s walking up the road, limping. As he got closer, Granddad asked, “Did the mule kick your leg?” 

“Nah, it just hurts to walk.” Joe answered and kept walking. 

Granddad noted that Joe’s old shoes had some undue wear on them and suggested he pull them off so they could be fixed before dinner. Joe pulled the shoe off and shook a rock out of the one he’d been wearing on his sore foot. 

“There’s the reason why it hurts to walk.” Granddad told him.

“I knew there was a rock in it, I just didn’t want to be late for dinner, so I didn’t stop to take it out.” Joe admitted. 

Granddad shook his head, probably laughed a bit… But the lesson was clear.

Joe had a goal in mind, and nothing was going to keep him from that goal. 

How often do we stumble around with a rock in our shoe preventing us from achieving our goals comfortably, instead of removing the rock?

Lead with purpose.

Opportunities are there for a reason. When you know your purpose, you can take those opportunities and apply them to your purpose. Success will come to you.

Take time to remove the stone from your shoe so you can walk faster. Teach the mule not to be so stubborn, so you can ride. And learn to find the opportunities that will help you live your life purpose.

Tell me what’s holding you back. Let’s do coffee!