Headlining Political Opinions Offer No Real Value

Posted: May 21, 2018 9:32 AM

Today's blog post was seriously lacking energy, value, and meaning. As I considered the headlines being blasted across the media today, I kept searching for something that had value. Everything had an opinion, but seriously… VALUE? 

Where’s the value?

Some wack-job pronounced that journalism is dead with 1200 words of smack-down that meant nothing to anyone but him. Another writer proclaimed some ancient privilege now defunct, and yet another sniffled his way through the tax code – offering nothing but his opinion. 

News? Does it even exist?

I know, I’m blowing steam and applying nothing more than my opinion as well, so I probably don’t have any room to talk. But here’s the deal. 

If nobody adds value to what they write anymore, why bother?

Principles and values these days are ethereal concepts nobody really understands. Even the Never-Trumpers who were so blatant in stating their “principles wouldn’t allow them to vote for President Trump” were busy either voting for some skinless wiener with no bones in the game, or not voting… I saw where their values took them, and I wasn’t on that track. 

The vote for women crew tossed their vagina hats in the ring for a candidate who offered no value beyond the fact that she had a Y chromosome. It’s okay, she’s over 50, her estrogen levels took a hike, and that beard she’s growing is full on testosterone. 

But… As Granny used to ask in the Wendy’s commercials, “Where’s the beef?” 

Real Value is in the Heartland. 

A man posted a picture of him on a new job this morning. One of those value laden Trump-Driven businesses developing along the Mississippi kind of jobs that hires men like him, who have a solid work ethic, strong values, and a sense of pride in their country. That’s value. 

Another young man showed up on social media this morning in a picture holding his nephew on his shoulder, filling the shoes of a Daddy gone off to fight for his country. He’s working to support his own family, and showing up to help his sister, while her husband is deployed, doing the job of two men, because he loves his family. That’s value. 

A mom posted a request for prayers as she rushed her son to the hospital this morning, seizures rocking his world in ways he doesn’t understand. She left three kids at home with strep, being cared for by their father, who missed work today to care for his family. Doctors rushed to help, nurses surrounded her, cared for her son. And prescriptions were issued to help the kids at home with strep. That’s value. 

A family mourns as their matriarch is laid to rest, a pillar of a woman in a familiar blue jacket, the kind of woman that millions across America and around the world aspire to be. Their hopes were built on the love and kindness of the woman who will be missed in their lives. That’s value. 

A man called yesterday, to speak to his daughter. He misses her. He’s living those days of loneliness, praying for someone to visit, yet knowing that the distance and effort working make it difficult. His desire to hear a loving voice is heartwarming. She desires the same. That’s value.

Value is Created by People Helping People

When business owners solve problems, hire more employees, offer products and services that help others, that’s value. The more interactive people are in the process of building businesses, starting new businesses, and growing business development in their community, the more value they produce. 

An entrepreneur may start out as a one man show, slowly building a business based on a solution or an idea. He needs support, assistance, and some creative influence to make his business soar, but he’s willing to do the work. When we find those willing to do the work, and set them up for success by promoting their efforts, encouraging them, and offering to help where needed, we’re creating value. THEY are creating value. 

Using each other’s products, paying for services, and joining arms to build a greater network of jobs, businesses, and solutions in our communities generates VALUE. 

As journalists, columnists, and writers who motivate the world, we should be the tip of the sword. We should be arming up, sending out value, and making a difference with value added incentives for business owners to develop greater solutions. On every front, we SHOULD be doing whatever it takes to improve life for those around us, for any we come in contact with, and for all whom we serve. We should be creating VALUE. 

Are we? Are you? Am I creating value in my circle? 

After you read what I write, do you feel motivated? Encouraged? Educated? Thrilled to be part of the world you influence? 

Do You Offer Value Every Day?

Yesterday, I got caught in a run for money. I had to go out to a client’s business and pick up a check for services. They asked me to “stop by to pick up the check” because they’re “stuck on site, and can’t get to the post office to drop it in the mail.” So I drove twenty miles one way to stop in and see a customer. This isn’t usually my thing, and my hour away from the office ended up costing me three hours of work time, for reasons I don’t really care to explain. But the point is, I went to see the customer… She needed a friend to tell her it would all be okay. I was that friend, yesterday. My value had to do with showing up. 

Sometimes just “showing up” is enough. 

Do you add value where you are? 

In a traditional phrase, we’re reminded to bloom where we’re planted. And often the blossoms are bright, bold, and beautiful. Are you blooming brightly, or has your energy withered out? 

Take a moment today to assess your energy, refuel your energy level, and increase the value of your presence on planet earth. Let’s do coffee!