Open Borders Border On Insanity

Posted: Sep 01, 2020 9:26 AM
Open Borders Border On Insanity

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

My first inclination about leftist proposals for open borders is that the proposals (and the leftists) were insane. How could America thrive without any border controls given its high average income and its generous economic safety net of free food, free medical care, subsidized housing and welfare payments? Wouldn’t open borders cause a massive migration of the poor and unproductive into the U.S. that would ruin our economy and our way of life? Now I am beginning to think that open borders might not be such a bad idea.

Notice that the radical left does not call for “no borders.” I believe that the left’s call for open borders is not intended as an ending point – it is for a transition period. At this point what the leftists really want is to eliminate any distinction in the U.S. between citizenship and residency. In other words, anyone that crosses the border and establishes residency is immediately entitled to all the benefits of citizenship including voting rights, free stuff and protection from being deported.

Open borders is simply a tool for the leftists to lock up a majority voting bloc. It also accomplishes their long-term objective: dismantling the American system of government. The left despises America’s economic freedom (i.e., capitalism) and its heritage of Christian values.

From my perspective, open borders will be a good thing in the event that America submits to leftist rule. Truly open borders would allow American citizens to exit and renounce their “citizenship” (i.e., U.S. residency) simply by establishing residency in another country.

Let’s look at an immediate tax benefit of open borders. Open borders could be valuable for Americans like me who rely on accumulated retirement savings and appreciated assets. As things stand now, retired Americans have to pay income taxes when withdrawing their retirement savings or selling appreciated assets. At death there is the estate tax. As the law currently stands, Americans with substantial savings who renounce their citizenship are heavily taxed by the IRS so that the U.S. government is able to collect the same taxes that would have been collected during each taxpayer’s lifetime had they remained U.S. citizens.

But if there are no border agents and all the borders have been truly opened, what would stop someone from moving to a new country and converting all their wealth (with no taxation) to gold or cryptocurrencies? Americans could emigrate and establish residency elsewhere, automatically cease being U.S. residents (and citizens!) and, presumably, be citizens/residents of their new domicile. Emigrating Americans could select a country without income taxes (such as the Cayman Islands) and liquidate their retirement savings and appreciated financial assets free of taxes. Maybe after having fled America and resided elsewhere while liquidating their holdings free of taxes, they would even be free to wander back to the U.S. to re-establish residency with their wealth never being taxed.

Of course this is all just a pipe dream. First, it is based on consistency and logical behavior. The progressive left cares nothing about being logical or consistent. All leftists care about is power: their power over others. Leftists will happily allow non-citizens to enter the U.S. and allow the illegal immigrants to reap massive benefits (for which they never paid taxes) while ripping away the wealth of U.S. citizens who try to flee the U.S. (with the assets that they earned).

Beyond the tax reason to prefer open borders, freedom lovers should consider the escape mechanism that open borders would provide. If the left has its way, freedom lovers may one day utilize open borders to escape the horrible economic and social messes that leftists inevitably create.

Have you noticed that when leftists discuss their dream of open borders they often add that “there will still be borders”? Indeed the radical left has a plan for string borders and border walls. They will strengthen borders and retain many border guards. The leftists will follow the model used by their heroes (the Soviets). The leftists will command the border guards to turn around so that their weapons will face inward - to prevent the deplorables from leaving. To leftists, it’s all about their power to control our wealth, our actions, our speech and, eventually, our thoughts. If the leftists win the battle for America, the day will come when open borders will be only a dream of the Americans who knew how wonderful it was to be an American when America was free.