Leftists Destroy Schools, Churches And Next, The Whole Country

Posted: Aug 04, 2020 11:09 AM
Leftists Destroy Schools, Churches And Next, The Whole Country

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

At the heart of leftist goals is the centralization of decision-making. By centralizing control leftists can take over the centers of power and have their way.

Centralization of decision-making sometimes sounds appealing. But centralized decision-making fails when applied to large, complex organizations for two main reasons. First, incentives eventually become perverse in centralized decision-making. The problem is not that the decision-makers pursue their self-interests. Self interest is a vital force that can be used for both good and bad. The problem with centralized decision-making is that the interests of the top decision-makers conflict so much with the interests of so many others. The initial goals of those in charge might even be noble in some cases. But as Lord Acton famously said: “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Corruption occurs in both businesses and governments. However, to the extent that an economy is a market-based economy, the profit motive of business owners tends to keep corruption in check because their greatest profits come from meeting the needs of their customers. Leftists prefer to control government and non-profits because leftists leaders seek power, not the welfare of others.

The second reason that centralization fails is that the leaders of large entities cannot keep abreast of the changing benefits and costs of each decision even if their objectives are noble. Centralized decision-making may initially spark efficiency and growth when the entity is small and manageable. But inefficiency will grow like a cancer as the entity matures, as conditions change and as it becomes larger.

Despite the abysmal record of centralized control, leftists push for more central control – with them in charge, of course. Leftists do not seek central control to promote efficiency. Rather they forecast benefits from centralization as a ruse to gather power. Leftists do not even understand what makes societies productive. But their power keeps growing.

Let’s start with education. It is clear that leftists already control the curriculum and staffing of most institutions of higher education. College campuses are a disaster in terms of liberty, harmony and productivity. But more insidious than that has been the left’s growing control over the K-12 schools.

The first big leftist step in controlling K-12 was centralization of schools into districts. What’s been the result of centralization? Despite promises of increased efficiency, non-teaching staff has exploded in centralized school districts. With access to the public purse, school districts have exploded their “administrators and other staff” by roughly 700% while the student population grew by roughly 100%[1].

The left is pushing for further control over K-12 on two fronts: expanding public education and full centralization of the curriculum.

First it was that Kindergarten should be mandatory as preparation for first grade. Quite obviously, the first grade of elementary schools was supposed to be just that. Having made Kindergarten mandatory, the left has turned their attention to government-funded pre-K to gain even earlier control of education. Leftists also push for year-round schooling, after-school-care, and free breakfasts before school – all under their strict control. The leftist agenda is full control of children starting from birth.

The other front in public education is to nationalize the curriculum. It is only through nationalizing the curriculum (via the U.S. Department of Education created under President Jimmy Carter) that the leftists can maximize their indoctrination of children.

Let’s move on to religious organizations with a focus on the largest sector in the U.S.: protestant churches. The Pew Research Center[2] divides protestant churches into Evangelical, Mainline and Historically Black. Both the Evangelical and Mainline denominations declined by a statistically significant quantity from 2007 to 2014. The number of Americans associating themselves with Evangelical churches dropped by 3-4%. The number of Americans associating themselves with Mainline protestant churches dropped by almost 20%.

The huge decline in Americans who identify with mainline protestant churches is due to the centralization of the control of those churches (including centralized church ownership and appointment of clergy). Mainline churches have shifted towards leftist ideology as the power-seeking leftists took charge of the central organizations.

Worst of all, leftists want to centrally-manage the American economy – the greatest economic system in the history of mankind. The result will be economic decline – not just for America – but for the whole world. The masses will suffer as America’s wonderful economic system is destroyed, but history indicates that the intelligentsia and political elites will do just fine.

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