Leftists Say They're Not Radical... They're Just Anti-Fascist!

Posted: Jun 09, 2020 9:46 AM
Leftists Say They're Not Radical... They're Just Anti-Fascist!

Source: AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Some of the most extreme and violent leftists in our society are wordsmithing their way into the hearts and minds of our poorly educated youth by describing their core position as being 'anti-fascist'. Of course our liberal media and socialist intelligentsia are gleefully cheering them on.

The left has selected 'anti-fascism' as its new moniker because the term fascism is universally hated by most people – even the fascists themselves. To be extra careful to avoid being themselves called fascists for their violent rioting and their attacks on freedom of speech, radical leftists have reached out to the media and intelligentsia to popularize a new narrative and rewrite both history and the English language when it comes to the term “fascism”.

At the core of fascism is the subjugation of the rights and liberties of the individual to the purposes of the state. That is the historical essence of fascism. Which liberties are lost and which purposes the state dictates simply reflect different applications of fascism.

Fascism is first and foremost the centralization and increase of power over a society (at the expense of individual liberties) and the imposition of a government that is based more on dictatorship than democracy. Fascism embraces national goals over individual choice – especially when it comes to the economy.

Leftists now smear their right-leaning political opponents by equating fascism with right-wing policies such as free markets. But is the term fascism inherently more applicable to either leftist or right-wing dictatorships? Let’s examine the roots of fascism.

Mussolini’s fascist government emerged post WWI and is the seminal example of fascism. “Mussolini was originally a socialist politician and a journalist at the Avanti! newspaper [the official voice of the Italian Socialist Party]”[1] Italy’s economy under fascism was a mix of capitalism and Marxism, with the former grudgingly permitted as a foundation on which the government’s left-leaning authorities could transition the economy towards Marxist goals.

The most prominent example of fascism has been Germany and its National Socialist German Workers' Party, more commonly known as the Nazi Party. Here the media and intelligentsia have been working overtime to re-write history and portray the National Socialist German Workers' Party as a bastion of free market economics. The truth is that Hitler and the German economy under Hitler were primarily centrally-organized and anti-free market (as Jewish people horribly experienced).

While Hitler’s direct quotes on the topic vary from being pro-Marxist to anti-Marxist, the proof is in the pudding. TIK provides a detailed and well documented five-hour video refuting the view that Hitler’s fascism was anti-socialist.[2]

The liberal elites and intelligentsia are trying to persuade our youth that fascists are right-wing murderous dictators. Little is mentioned about fascist left-wing dictators. The 20th century death tolls reveal the truth. An estimated 100 million innocent people were killed by left-wing (communist) dictatorships in the 20th century.[3] These dictators were fascists since they brutally subjugated individual freedoms to the national interests.

Free societies in general and societies with economic freedom in particular have saved countless lives. It is economic liberty that has enabled the world’s population to soar over the last few centuries towards ten billion people after millions of years in which the world’s human population ebbed and flowed.

The intelligentsia prefer the terms left and right. Why? A simple Google search for “right-wing dictatorship” generates about 45,000 hits. A search for “left-wing dictatorship” generates about 30,000 hits. So basing the narrative as a discussion of left v. right allows the left to infer that we should be concerned about right-wing dictators, not left-wing.  Contrast that finding with 385,000 hits for “communist dictatorship” and only 16,000 hits for “capitalist dictatorship.” Liberals therefore avoid describing themselves as fascists pursuing communism. Instead the left pursues “wealth and income equality” and asserts that all economic activity must serve the national interest as they define it.

Here’s the three key points:

1. Economic freedom is inconsistent by definition with fascism and totalitarianism. Leftists oppose economic freedom because free markets do not give them the power over people that they desire.

2. The Left is attacking all its opponents as being fascist, even those that advocate liberty and democracy.

3. The radical left does not really hate fascism - they aspire to be fascists. Just study history, listen to their goals and watch their actions.

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