Leftists Truly Hate America

Posted: Apr 14, 2020 9:53 AM
Leftists Truly Hate America

Source: AP Photo/Tim Copeland

The sad truth is that leftists hate America. They hate America for its past. They hate America for what it is today. And they hate America for the possibility that it will continue to thwart their agenda.

America is not just a geographic area – it is a collection of institutions. Leftists hate American institutions because America empowers individuals. Leftists favor collectivism – with them in charge - even to the point of globalism. Increasingly they hate all Americans who support America’s traditional values. 

There is no reasonable doubt that leftists hate America for what it has been. Leftists lead efforts to take down every monument and rename any building or program that pays tribute to the founders of this great nation. Leftists enjoy reminding us of America’s past slavery. They harp on it with pride and arrogance – not even questioning whether they too would have supported slavery if they had been born four hundred years ago.

These champions of political correctness are the same leftists that used the terms “he” and “she” a few years ago before the great awakening (or perhaps “awokening”) when the left proclaimed that gender-specific terms were offensive. These hypocrites somehow believe that they would never have tolerated slavery if they had been in charge 400 years ago. But when leftists are in charge – such as their pals Mao, Joseph, Mengistu, Pol, Fidel and Che – they are savagely brutal.

America’s founding fathers were geniuses. They brilliantly and courageously fought the oppression of humanity by royalty. They created our Constitution based on ideas so advanced for their time that it suggests divine inspiration. The opinion that many of the founding fathers did not treat women and slaves as their equals is a valid criticism. But the conclusion that America should be ashamed of the leaders of the American Revolution is as misguided as believing that Einstein should be shamed for having developed the theory of relativity without finding a unified theory of physics. 

When I point out to a leftist that America has invented or popularized nearly every major innovation in the world since the mid-1800s (extending lifespans and shortening work weeks) they react with hostility and invariably search for counter-arguments. Americans are not born more gifted than others. America’s institutions of liberty and the importance of the individual fostered the gifts of its great inventors. 

The left’s hatred of America is easy to identify. How do they react when anyone mentions a positive statement about America’s past? It is simple – they disagree. If someone says nice things about institutions that I like (e.g., the NY Yankees) I react with agreement and joy. If someone says nice things about institutions that I hate (the Red Sox, of course) I tend to disagree. Leftists disparage America as being a hotbed of racism and misogyny. Yet the leftists refuse to condemn other nations that more blatantly and more severely persecute minorities, women and homosexuals. 

The consistent and uniform attacks on America’s past by leftists reveal what is in their heart: a hateful attitude towards the very institutions at the core of America (e.g., private property rights, free enterprise, individuality, Judeo-Christian values and a government of all the people).

It is abundantly clear that the leftists hate America for what it is today under President Trump. The President merely needs to suggest that a particular medicine might be helpful against COVID-19 to launch a feverish search by the leftist media to find examples of bad outcomes and quotes from experts who gleefully disagree. 

I taught for twenty-five years in a liberal arts college in which it was difficult to listen to a leftist professor (and most faculty were leftists) without hearing allegations of racism and misogyny in America today and even on the campus. Yet, as a faculty member I was required to attend meetings in which “white male privilege” was regularly raised by them as the culprit whenever a white male like myself experienced success or disagreed with their policies. I sincerely felt that I was explicitly being attacked for being white and male. The hypocrisy is appalling. 

When a leftist says that he (assuming that the leftist was assigned at birth as a male and/or feels like a male today) loves America, what he really means is that he loves what he thinks America could be if leftists were in full control.