What Would America Look Like If The Left Took Over?

Posted: Mar 17, 2020 10:48 AM
What Would America Look Like If The Left Took Over?

Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp when I was young and felt horror over the million-plus innocent people that were exterminated there. My visit instilled within me the importance of a society based on the rights of the people rather than whims of the powerful. Might does not make right, and majority opinions are often wrong.

I shudder to think what will happen if the leftists eventually succeed in taking over this great nation. We have no further to look than at our college campuses to see muted examples of what the left has in store for those of us whom they label as evil.

A good starting point is the case of Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College[1]. The leftists labeled a local merchant as being racist and allegedly helped punish the owners of the small store. In the ensuing legal case, “Oberlin College lost a defamation lawsuit brought by local bakery Gibson's who said they were libelously accused of racism.”[2] A jury “awarded Gibson's Bakery a $44 million verdict, including $33.2 million in punitive damages, against Oberlin College in Ohio.”[3]

The distinctions between the two sides of our national political battle have never been more clear. The insanity of the left has to be clear to anyone capable of rational analysis.

For example, the left has taken the unfathomable position of open borders such that anyone and everyone should be allowed to emigrate to our country and in doing so receive free medical care, housing, education and all the other free benefits that the left envisions for everyone. It is such a ridiculous viewpoint that I cannot believe any rational person would support it. As another example, the left believes that viable newborns should be allowed to perish if unwanted by their mother. The left jumps on an issue and lacks the ability to define limits to their insanity.

Another example is in issues relating to gender. A little over ten years ago I recollect being able to have a rational discussion with a gender studies major as to the extent to which observed differences in the behavior of males and females could be attributed to nurture or nature. The student believed it was 100% nurture (i.e., caused by differential treatment), while I guessed it might be close to 50/50. We were both calm and respectful.

Now rational discourse with a leftist regarding gender is not possible. The left has decided that there are no biological differences in gender and that a person’s gender is anything a person feels it to be (among an increasing number of choices!). The logical conclusion of the left’s position must be that athletic contests, scholarship contests and legal claims either cannot be based on gender or must allow every person to self-identify as to which side they are on based on the gender with which they self-identify.

And there is no limit to the extent of the socialism that the left wishes to impose on America. Equal pay? Sure. Healthcare as a right? Obviously. Free education? Why not? Can there be any market-determined economic rewards to being gifted, hardworking, or lucky? Not in their view.

Many years ago I was on a college committee tasked with deciding about extending healthcare employee benefits to domestic partners. The committee was operating back when, legally speaking, marriage was between a male and a female and when gender was a biological fact, not a feeling. I asked my academic colleagues what the limit would be for selecting a domestic partner on whom to bestow the benefit of employer-subsidized health insurance. I asked if the number of domestic partners would be limited? The answer was “yes”. Hmm, apparently they thought it was OK to discriminate against polyamorous employees on the basis of sexual preference. Could the domestic partner be a child? The answer was “no”. Hmm, age discrimination. Could the domestic partner be a pet animal? The answer from the speciests was “no”.

Finally, I asked on what basis my fellow committee members determined those against whom they would so boldly discriminate. One member complained that I was pushing “Aristotelian logic”. Obviously, they had no objective and logical basis for the power they were wielding.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is clearly happening on most of our campuses and in parts of the Democratic party. If the leftists succeed they will, as Lincoln said, “meanly lose, the last best hope of earth”.[4]

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