Adulting For Leftists

Posted: Feb 18, 2020 10:28 AM
Adulting For Leftists

Source: Twitter

During my 36 years of teaching one of the most disturbing trends I observed was that of increasing entitlement among college students. More recently I have witnessed that excess feelings of entitlement are fueling the swell in support for socialism in America – especially among young voters.

It is easy to attribute the increasing senses of entitlement as emanating from childhoods in which every kid that shows up gets a trophy and every student that shows some effort gets an A. But the causes are myriad. They include the declining role of virtues and religion, as well as the increased isolation of youth caused by extensive use of electronic games and electronic social media. The consequences of diminished roles of faith and family and the increased roles of the nanny state are becoming severe. Where are young people finding purpose? Increasingly they are listening to the liberal elites and leftist intelligentsia that control our academic institutions and the media.

The recent protests and riots against the NYC subway system is emblematic of the belief system that many youth have embraced. The NYC subway protestors believe that they are each entitled to the stuff they want. They seek the destruction of the “pay to ride” subway system. Protesters are alleged to have damaged subway card readers in an attempt to make the subway system free. What else can society expect when children are being raised to believe that they have the right to free food, healthcare and education? If they are entitled to some things, why not be entitled to all things? How could they understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch when they have never been required to produce food or even pay for it?

The NYC subway protest was “organized by the group Decolonize This Place, which calls for a police-free transit system in New York City.”[1] Who actually believes that they will be safer in the long run by riding on a subway system with no police? One would have to be a criminal or an idiot to believe so. The insane public policies being implemented in our major cities by leftist politicians are designed to destroy our system of individual freedom and responsibility. The goal of the left is plain and simple: increased power.

My home is near an eagle’s nest. In most years the eagles – which mate for life – raise two babies. The parents struggle to find enough food to nourish the rapidly growing bodies of the eaglets while at the same time fending off predators. The eaglets grow rapidly. They eventually begin to flap their wings and venture away from the nest onto nearby limbs. Ultimately, an important event takes place – the adult eagles stop feeding the eaglets and do not allow them to return to the nest. The eaglets must learn to provide for themselves or die. The eaglets are quite unhappy about their newly discovered lot in life and they become very noisy. But their protests are useless and the eaglets are forced by their parents to try to fend for themselves.

Why haven’t the eagle parents become woke and adopted a system of free everything to everybody? Perhaps many eagle parents did try being woke. But their eaglets would never learn to fend for themselves or their offspring. And their genes would be removed from the gene pool.

Survival of the fittest keeps lunacy in check. But the welfare state for humans does the opposite: the least economically productive become the most reproductive. Each generation becomes further and further removed from the attitudes and behavior that shaped this great nation. That is why the strongholds of leftists are in densely populated areas rather than in the country’s heartland. Rural life trains people to understand that items of economic value are created through work. Welfare cities train people to believe that items of economic value come from entitlement.

In the 1960s the leftists convinced a generation that drugs and sex without love were the keys to fulfillment. Now the leftists are teaching a new generation that increased government control and restricted personal freedoms are the answers. I never thought I would see the day when universities would allow physical attacks on conservatives attempting to speak on campuses. Our young leftists now believe that they are entitled to free college educations in which no one is allowed to disagree with them. Hopefully, these entitled youths will grow up soon.