The Never-Ending Class Warfare Crusade

Daniel J. Mitchell

1/9/2013 12:01:00 AM - Daniel J. Mitchell

The most-viewed post in the history of this blog is the “riding in the wagon” cartoon, but the post that has received the highest number of star-ratings is my video on class warfare.

I hope that means people share my concerns about the destructive and punitive mentality of so many of the kleptocrats in Washington.

Speaking of which, I debated one of those people on Bloomberg TV.

We got a decent amount of time, so a lot of topics were discussed. Here are the ones that merit a comment or two.


One point I failed to emphasize, though, is that class-warfare taxes won’t raise much revenue because of Laffer Curve effects. My comments about successful people escaping places like France and California touched on the issue, but I should have been much more explicit.

P.S. Was I right, or was I right, when I wrote that the real national title game was played on December 1? Such a tragedy that Georgia fell four yards short of the championship.

Since ‘Bama trounced Notre Dame by 28 points and edged Georgia by 4 points, I guess that means the Bulldawgs would have crushed the Irish by 24 points. Which would have been even more impressive than when we beat them 17-10 to win the 1980 national championship.