The Real Loser in Trump vs. Clinton: Your Money

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 12:01 AM
The Real Loser in Trump vs. Clinton: Your Money

People get very emotional about major elections, particularly when it comes to how elections impact their money. Yet the scary reality of our modern political system is, your vote doesn’t matter when it comes to your money.

While there are many systemic problems in banking, taxation, trade and monetary policy, none of these systemic problems changes in any meaningfully way by who controls the House, Senate or Presidency. Regardless of changes in party power, politicians don’t hold the real power in Washington.

No, the sad fact is, modern America is controlled by the banking industry, at the command of the Fed. The Republicans & Democrats have done nothing in a generation to stop the Fed & banking industry from launching us over the fiscal cliff. And neither will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. So if you want to protect your savings & retirement from the impending global crisis, you’ll need to do more than vote.

The Real Power in Washington

When it comes to money, there is no democracy or freedom, and there are no nations or citizens. Money is ruled by a plutocracy of financial institutions. They make the laws, they rule the world, and they move or remove anyone that doesn’t promote or support their agenda.

In order for the power-brokers to survive and achieve “growth,” they rely on the constant accumulation of new public debt. In a monetary system where every dollar is created from debt, the system becomes a Ponzi scheme and only works until it collapses. This is illustrated throughout history, as every civilization and every paper currency has imploded under huge debt loads and a systemic lack of solvency.

Debt Has Doomed the Nation & the Dollar

In January of 2001, when Bush took office and Republicans controlled the Congress, the national debt stood at $5.7 trillion. Within 8 years, the national debt had ballooned to around $11 trillion – a doubling of U.S. debt in 8 years!

Obama came into office in 2009 promising hope and change. But did he really change anything in terms of our debilitating national debt? Absolutely not. At the command of the Federal Reserve, our national debt will skyrocket to over $20 trillion by the time Obama leaves office.

In short, the Fed will have increased the national debt 5 times in the span of two presidencies — regardless of which party was in power!

Debt Pummeled the Dollar & Sent Gold Soaring

Everyone knows you can’t stockpile $20 trillion in debt without serious consequences. What serious consequences? The U.S. Dollar lost 33% of its value versus other currencies after 2001!

And as the Federal Reserve drove up debt to record numbers, gold increased over 5 times in value after 2001. And this includes gold’s correction in 2013. So not only did gold increase 5 times after 2001, it’s once again a great value at these levels.

Where Are We Headed?

The U.S. Treasury tells us that the U.S. debt will reach $28 trillion by 2025, regardless of which party wins the presidency in 2016 and beyond. That’s a staggering 43% increase in U.S. debt from where we are today. So based upon Treasury’s debt projections of $28 trillion, we would expect gold to rise significantly as the dollar continues to fall.

Why will this happen? Because neither party has shown any serious commitment whatsoever to reduce government spending. Both Trump and Clinton have been cozy with bankers for decades, and both have promised hundreds of billions in new infrastructure projects once they become president. So their election will only result in further destruction of the U.S. dollar until the dollar finally collapses and ceases to be the world’s reserve currency, just as all global currencies have failed throughout history.

Do More than Vote

So does getting a new president end the political games? No. Will our debt problem go away? No. Will we get growth all of a sudden without all the “stimulus” spending and entitlements the Republicans say they want to end? No. Will the growth come even if the government keeps spending and the Fed keeps printing? No. And most importantly, will the Fed be able to raise rates regardless of who wins, and will the debt trajectory change? No and No.

We will be at $28 trillion in debt by 2025 according to the U.S. Treasury. The Fed will keep printing money and rates will stay in the basement for as far as far the eye can see thanks to our massive debt. The writing is on the wall.

The bottom line is, the election will have zero impact on the current trajectory of the price of gold, so gold is moving much higher. Gold is math and mathematics is a science. Politics are not. So if you want a new party in government, vote. But if you want to protect your savings & retirement, buy gold & silver.

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