Let's Run Against the Wind..Again

Charles Payne
Posted: Dec 18, 2012 12:01 AM

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) 

Surgical treatment of the torn ACL usually involves an arthroscopic surgical reconstruction of the injured ligament.  Although a number of different types of tissue have been utilized to reconstruct the ACL, the most common type of ACL reconstruction involves harvesting the central third of the patellar tendon with a bone block at each end of the tendon graft. After performing a diagnostic arthroscopic examination of the knee, the central third of the patellar tendon is harvested. 

The remaining tendon is then repaired. After harvesting the tissue, drill guides are used to place holes into the tibia (bone below the knee) and femur (bone above the knee). By placing the drill holes at the attachment sites of the original ligament, when the graft is pulled through the drill hole and into the knee, it will be placed in the same position as the original ACL.


This has been an exciting football season, perhaps the most competitive ever when the best teams can lose on any given Sunday.  There are a bunch of rookie quarterbacks= all what some would call corny- and all successful.  (This year's Rookie of the Year winner will come down to the last week.)

Yet, for all the great things that have happen thus far, nothing is more amazing to me that the return to greatness of Adrian Peterson, running back of the Minnesota Vikings.  A throwback kind of runner that lays out as much punishment as he takes, he suffered an injury late last year that could have destroyed his career.

Instead AP has come back better than ever!  

I hope I don't jinx him but AP is the MVP of the season even though Payton Manning could make a claim for the trophy as well.  From day one I admired the grit of this kid who runs with reckless abandon.  His story now is even more inspirational.  His story can also be the story of our nation.  A powerful, youthful and vibrant nation that gallops ahead with a zest that has never been seen before.  Sure, the Huns cut a wide swath in a short period of time and a number of conquers claimed dominion over the world but America's growth was different. 

There was military action but our national growth was based on a notion of unlimited opportunity that attracted people from all four corners of the globe. 

When professional athletes are injured there are worries that they might never comw back or not have the same abilities.   In the past knee injuries were de facto death sentences fpr running backs. 

Some players came back but none were the same. 

America has been injured in the past and while we've always come back, subsequent stumbles seems to have taken a little off our step.   Now we are trying to come back from another injury and it's been slow.   Part of the reason it's been so slow and painful isn't the degree of the injury but how we are rebuilding.

Even while Adrian Peterson was still under the power of anesthesia his surgeon rushed to phone his family.   Not only was the procedure successful he wanted to let Peterson's mother and father know he'd never seen a knee in such wonderful condition.  Dr. James Andrew is the foremost expert on ACL and other muscle surgeries.  He is credited with saving the careers of scores of athlete professional and recreational.   When a pro rips something the list of surgeons to see has a single name on the list.

Dr. Andrews marveled at how little wear and tear existed in the knee of the hard running, violent twisting, determined-never-to-go-down running back.   Adrian Peterson said he felt all along he would be okay because of his body and his family- strong people.  A lot of people feel that way about America, too.

I'm one of them but understand it still takes a smart recovery with lots of hard work and sacrifices.  The injury is there and all kinds of holes are being drilled into the nation.  Our foundations have been drilled and challenged.  There are other things that go beyond economics that weigh on our recovery- our future.

We have to find a way to get the nation's tibia and femur to work together.  The harsh clashing chips away at ability to navigate and comes with pain.  The nation needs a Dr. Andrews, who works the sideline for archrivals Alabama and Auburn.   He's that good!  I want America to gallop with youthful joy and a sense the sky is the limit.  I want America to find its inner Adrian Peterson.   

PS: AP has the second best medical recovery this year...my wife has had the best -God is Great!