Young Kid in Lulu Lemon with Giant Heart

Charles Payne
Posted: Oct 10, 2012 12:10 AM

I don't want nobody to give me nothing
Open up the door, I'll get it myself...

Do you hear me
I don't want nobody to give me nothing
Open up the door, I'll get it myself
I don't give me no animation, give me true communication
I don't give me sorrow, I give me equal opportunity
To live tomorrow

James Brown

Over the weekend I entered a Lulu Lemon store for the first time and the first thing I thought about was if I was short I would cover.  The store was a beehive of activity marked by great service and high prices.   A young employee probably not even 25 years old said hello and approached me.  He recognized me from a Glenn Beck special a couple years old now and said how much it meant to him.  The thing is this kid had a serious stuttering problem.  Still, he spoke with enthusiasm and cheer and a hopefulness for his future as if his last name was Kennedy and he was  graduating from Harvard.

In a nation where sloth is being rewarded like never before Warren B could have stayed home and got a check or found a job outside the public eye but there he was engaging, confident and filled with the kind of passion that seems to be fading fast.  That was Saturday and I have to say this kid made my day.  He when to the back to find something for my wife and I became chocked up explaining how impressed I was.  These days the word "courageous" is used too much and for too many people like politicians and others that after often only doing their jobs.  I will not use the word to describe Warren B. but I will say he comes close. 

The word I would use is inspirational. 

I pray this young man overcomes his stuttering hurdle and reaches his goals in live...I owe him a few prayers because meeting him was a blessing to me.

Open The Door

Where is the leadership that makes all young men and women feel like Warren instead of feeling like they're doom out the gate.  I guess I was poor enough to be dumb enough to be thrilled with a $13,000 a year gig coming out of the Air Force and onto Wall Street.  Hell, I was thrilled.  Time to bring the thrill back.  Time to understand investing in life takes time for results but it's the only way- it's the best way.   All I want it for someone to keep opening the door and I'll get the rest myself. 

Market Signs

Plus Sign:  Yesterday Marathon Petroleum paid $2.5 billion for a refinery operation from BP and MPC shares soared 5.6%.  This is an amazing trend as acquiring companies, those buying assets and other companies, continue to surge.  Wall Street must think it's smart to bulk up and that most assets are undervalued.  

Negative Signs:  Dave & Buster's scuttled their IPO which makes 50 for the year.  That's a lot of companies with second thoughts about the tough world of the being publicly traded when there are no investors around and lots of question marks on the horizon.   There are w few more IPO than last year but nothing to suggest confidence in the system.