Revelations of CIA involvement with Benghazi Cover-up

Posted: Feb 05, 2014 12:01 AM

Regardless of Barack Obama's unwillingness to answer Bill O'Reilly's questions in the pre-Super Bowl interview, the White House led cover up of the truth behind the Benghazi attack won't die.

Thanks in large part to Fox News, and specifically Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge, the nation slowly learns more of the truth - and, the circle tightens around Hillary Clinton and the President.

In the following video, Herridge exposes a Senate report identifying former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell as the individual responsible for scrubbing the now infamous talking points released days after the Benghazi attack.

The CIA Chief of Station on the ground in Libya during the attack informed his superiors that the attack was "not/not an escalation of protest." Nonetheless, Morell sanitized and altered the talking points blaming the largely unseen video for sparking a protest demonstration gone bad for the death of four Americans. Susan Rice then went on television the next day to spin the phony narrative that was defended by the President and Hillary Clinton for the next two weeks.

Morell resigned from the CIA last summer and joined Philippe Reines at Beacon Global Strategies, the "gatekeeper" for Hillary Clinton according to the New York Times.

When the truth drips out in any cover up it always seems to generate even more questions. As you will see in the following interview, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham, in closed door interviews with Susan Rice, Morell "tried to defend her (Rice) appearance on television and tried to defend the idea that there was confusion about what happened in Benghazi."

Further, Graham says Morell refused responsibility for changing the talking points, instead he blamed the FBI. "I called the FBI," says Graham, "they went ballistic." Within 24 hours, Morell statement was change and he admitted the CIA had changed the talking points, Graham also says.

Among the very big unanswered questions that remain, we still have to wonder why even the highest levels of the CIA were willing to be corrupted to cover up the truth?