The Oily Tooth Fairy Cometh?

Posted: Jan 30, 2016 12:01 AM
The Oily Tooth Fairy Cometh?

Once upon a time when I was a little tyke (believe it or not), I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy (TF). However, I kept up the facade of belief since a lost baby tooth under the pillow converted to 25 cents in the morning. Doing the math it made sense to express my Tooth Fairy disbelief only when the last tooth had fallen out. That was good financial planning!

Being in the Autumn of my years (if you can believe that) a bad (lost) tooth is replaced by a crown or a bridge. The cost is fairly substantial which is why I asked the dentist recently for my tooth in order to resurrect the TF illusion. Twenty-five cents in the early ‘50’s, after inflation, should come to a whole lot more today.

Foolish you say? Absurd!

Not any more than the mainstream media’s foolishness about Russia-Saudi Arabia graciously cutting production in order to bring the world’s oil supply in some sort of balance between supply and demand.

The oil experts on Wall Street and in the mainstream media would have you believe that the Ruskie’s and the Saudi’s want to help keep in business the United States shale oil industry which, of course, is currently hanging by a thread. In addition, we have to swallow the theory that Iran and their 1 ½ million barrel daily output is now a welcome addition to the world’s supply.

Perhaps I didn’t get the memo that the historic and ongoing hatred between the Saudi Sunnis and the Iran Shiites has been put aside to facilitate higher oil prices or the one about Vladimir Putin forgiving Barack Obama for the coups and civil war in the Ukraine, the bombings in Syria and the multiple sanctions imposed upon Russia over the past few years.

From religion to military, money to politics, we are asked to suspend belief. For a few brief moments, those who made policy, those who report policy and those who trade on policy put aside the real world and said “SURE….THAT COULD HAPPEN!” Oil jumped a few bucks and everyone had a kum bi ya moment.

Unfortunately, John Q. Public is led and advised by and with that kind of thinking, without ever examining reality. The reality is that if you believe and then invest according to the current Saudi-Russia “oil détente” your disappointment may be as great as mine when I discovered that the only thing under my pillow was the tooth that I had left the night before.