A Christmas Hope

Posted: Dec 24, 2015 12:01 AM
A Christmas Hope

Some say “Tis the season to be Jolly”.  Others will say “Remember the reason for the Season”.  Perry Como once sang “I wish it could be Christmas forever”.

This time of the year brings out all of the joys, merriment and HOPE that represents what it’s supposed to be good in the world.  For a short time, thoughts are given over to family gatherings, presents under the tree, baking in the kitchen and Candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  For one brief moment all the ills and worries of the world are put aside to make sure cookies and milk are set out for Santa.

The pink slips that may be coming around the corner, the food kitchens running out of donations or the teenagers living under train trestles are put out of our minds as we hustle and bustle for that last minute gift.

Yes, this is the season of HOPE.

As we approach 2016 many issues cloud our minds.  How low can oil go and does it really mean the end for the US Shale Oil industry?  Will we really say “Madam President” after the next election?  When and where will the next terrorist attack take place?  Who really are the terrorists?  What must I do to protect my job, my money, my family, myself?

So many things to ponder but for a brief moment it’s time to put them all aside and enjoy our fellow man.

The season means different things to different people.  To the retailer’s, the chance to increase that bottom line and make their year.  To the minister the unveiling of the Virgin Birth sermon he’s always wanted to give.  The elementary music teacher’s long practiced Holiday Vocal Concert.  All see different things.  All are united by the word HOPE.

HOPE seems to be rampant everywhere in the world.  Political candidates say there is HOPE if they are elected.  Central Bankers say they HOPE the latest interest rate increase works.  Militarist’s HOPE their action doesn’t create too much collateral damage. 

HOPE becomes buried for months and then for one brief moment surfaces as something more than it should be.  HOPE has different faces and as seen above is grasped at by many people in all walks of life.

This time of the year we lose sight of the fact that HOPE is not a strategy.  It is a difficult reality to accept and for this brief moment maybe we shouldn’t have to, after all, we get enough of reality the rest of the year.

So here’s HOPING you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and please do remember the reason for the Season.  Also, rumor has it Santa likes chocolate milk.