No Friends

Posted: Oct 15, 2018 11:46 AM

Once a week, I play poker.

It’s fantastic.

10/11 guys sitting around, playing cards, and having fun.

There’s only one unwritten rule.

If you are up, you stay.

You see, it’s pretty simple, if you win and leave, it’s no longer about friendship and the games are less likely to continue. 

Now sure, you can just sit there and fold but more than likely, you’ll get pulled back into some hands  and there are plenty of times where early gains turn into losses.

I’m okay with that… when it comes to poker, not when it comes to my trading.

There is no friendship in trading.

It’s about pulling money out of the market as often as possible in whatever way you feel like.

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During a volatile week, momentum is short lived.

If I see an opportunity, I’ll take it, and then you know what I’ll do?

I’ll take my profits and be done for the day.

On Friday, I bought VXX and made over 100% on my money in just hours.

It was 1pm and my wife asked me to go shopping…

No problem. :)

I wanted to be done and I had just covered anything she could buy!

When it comes to your trading, find your edge and do it your way.

You can come and go as you please.

It’s okay to be greedy in you trading and then just be generous in life!

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