The Best Trade You Will Ever Make

Posted: Aug 28, 2018 10:16 AM

Today I am going to tell you about the absolute best trade I ever made and even more importantly - I'm going to prepare you for the best trade you will ever make.

Let me just be clear - I did not use Fundamentals.

I do not use Fundamentals when deciding on entry and exit points.

To say I knew very little about the company would be an understatement.

It would be hard for you to guess what I did use but read further and you will find out...

You see, the key to performing at the highest level is not obvious.

It's one word but this is going to surprise you...

The word - the key - the answer to becoming not good but great is:


If you've ever looked at Rory McIlroy's golf swing, Tom Brady’s throw, Miguel Cabrera's swing or seen Sidney Crosby skate - they all have one thing in common - they make it look easy.

They are smooth and effortless and perform at the highest level.

That is how your trading needs to be.

Simple and easy - keep it there and you will reach a new personal best.

This link will lead you to how you can get there.

My best trade happened when I wasn't looking for it - I was just trading the way I was supposed to.

On that day I was able to remove all the distractions and just focus on seeing what was happening and reacting.

I then executed because it seemed so obvious what the stock was about to do.

Because I was so focused - I was able to execute without allowing emotion such as fear or greed to enter my thoughts.

It was just - see the trade - execute the trade.

That simple.

This is how you can eliminate the clutter and get focused on success.

The time is now.

Get your hands on proprietary information that can only be found in this program.

Let's do this!