Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers

Posted: Aug 07, 2011 12:52 AM

I see Roy and Odin and Mo and Steve this week in the mail bag.

We talk Matt Damon- who had a great part playing himself in Team America World Police- SEIU, racism of the progressive type. 

And we point out once again that numbers and words aren't the strongest skill sets for liberals. Besides that, they're bleeping golden.

Illinois Roy wrote: I can understand a law prohibiting cops, firefighters and other public safety personnel from striking. Almost. They are paid pretty well for the most part (for now). But a for profit private hospital where the CEO is taking down millions a year for shuffling a few papers around on his desk while his employees are emptying bedpans for slightly above minimum wage? I don't think so.- in response to my column SEIU Shows No Restraint Despite Restraining Order

Dear Roy,

Hospitals are a public service whether they are privately run or not.

We’re not talking about people emptying bed pans more or less. We’re talking about the ability to damage the health of patients by going on strike. Is the union going to pay the medical malpractice settlements that happen as a result? No. They’d just give more sanctimonious press conferences trying to blame everyone else.

Do you really think that hospital CEOs “take down” a few million for shuffling papers? If an executive does make that kind of money at a private hospital, that’s between the CEO and the shareholders. Do you really think that you’d be a better judge of what the executives of a hospital should make versus the shareholders?

Plus your liberal math is off. According to the website the average hospital CEO makes about $138,000 per year.

The fact that you toss around the word “millions” like a weapon of class destruction tells me all I need to know about the liberal policies you and Obama support that have the economy creating no new jobs.          

Hogan Also wrote: For those of you pondering the word 'lipid' in the article...I think he meant 'tepid'.- in response to my column Liberals Come Home to Roost: Obama vs. Carter

Dear Hogan,

Yes that’s probably what I meant. You gotta love auto correct.

Mo wrote: According to figures compiled by the Office of Management and Budget, revenues increased 44% from 2003 to 2007. Everybody talks about how much the Bush tax cuts “cost.” What a joke! They didn’t “cost” anything. They led to a huge increase in revenue.- in response to my column Liberals Come Home to Roost: Obama vs. Carter

Dear Mo,

Liberal math, go figure.

No really. Thanks to Mo we have the figures on the Bush tax cuts. And once again they prove that when you cut taxes, revenues increase.

From Mo:

Revenues fell in Bush's first two years because of a combination of the tech bust and the start of the tax cuts. But then things took off.

2003: $1.782 trillion

2004: $1.88 trillion

2005: $2.153 trillion

2006: $2.406 trillion

2007: $2.567 trillion

Odin wrote: Ransom's getting brave. Calling Obama "birthday boy" is working up to calling him "boy." Ransom's using the racist dog whistle for you, zombies. Don't forget to come when he does. -in response to my column Birthday Boy: Obama Role of a Lifetime

Dear Odin,

What I hate most about liberals- and yes, I’m OK with the word “hate” especially in this case- is the damage you guys have done to words like “racist.”

Because of liberal deconstruction, words like “racist,” “terrorist,” “illegal,” “justice,” and “rich,” just to pick out a few examples, have lost all meaning. The books Animal Farm and 1984 made the point that once you start to redefine words, it’s a very slippery slope. You end up at a place where you can’t even recognize evil anymore.

A guy like Saddam Hussein can be defended by people like you; and with equal facility you can throw Tomahawk missiles at Gaddafi and think that both positions are morally superior, simply because you hold them.

There’s no more room for God or ethics or morals.

There’s just you and the emptiest rhetoric. And now you have a government that can force its definition on the rest of us by coercion.

On second thought, hate’s too nice a word. Contempt would be better.

Jay Wye wrote: I refuse to contribute to the salaries of actors/actresses/directors/producers that support Comrade Obama and "progressives". Damon has been on my do-not-patronize list for quite awhile. Jennifer Hudson just qualified. - in response to my column Birthday Boy: Obama Role of a Lifetime

Dear Jay,

Yeah. What really tees me off is that Damon starred in those ridiculous “Bourne Identity” movies like he was actually defending the country from bad guys.

In the meantime real heroes, like the ones from Seal Team Six, get for their thank you more dirt, danger and Taliban.

If Hollywood liberals- or Obama- really cared about the country, they’d do something for the military heroes who risk it all everyday.  After all it was just a few weeks ago liberals were threatening soldiers with pay disruptions over the debt ceiling. And they call the Tea Party terrorists?

How many press conferences will Obama and Damon have now to help the survivors of Seal Team Six?       

Steve wrote: I wish you were right, Mr. Ransom, but I think you underestimate the naivety of the American People. A well-worded catch-phrase or two, unilateral support from the press and media, and a few "Republicans will kill us all!" commercials, and Obama will win the election by a landslide. - in response to my column Obama Divided Against Himself

Dear Steve,

Not a chance Steve. Obama’s toast.

The economy is the only issue. Obama put his chips in the middle of the table, rolled the dice and crapped out.  

Reed wrote: As the article suggests, there were a couple of outcomes that were more than Pyrrhic Victories. 2012 - maybe the most cosmically pivotal moment of mankind's existence and it starts right here in our own backyard.-in response to my Eat Those Peas Mr. President

Dear Reed,

The only way that Obama has a chance is if conservatives screw things up and nominate Sharron Angle for the presidency.

Could happen.

See ya next week,




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