Michael Schaus - In Other News: Vacationer in Chief Looking Forward to Hawaiian Golf Course
Posted: 12/16/2014 1:04:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Obama says he is really looking forward to his 17 day Hawaiian vacation. If he was actually going to disappear for all of those 17 days, I’d be excited for his vacation as well.

(Washington Examiner)

Islamists A random group of people took control of a school in Pakistan, killed children, and burned a teacher alive, in the name of Jihad for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Also: Islam is a religion of peace.

(Weekly Standard)

The Left wing media has dubbed a group of Nationalistic Germans (who oppose liberal immigration policies) “pin-stripe Nazis”… Because nothing helps encourage “tolerance” like calling someone a Nazi, right?

(The Guardian)

I don’t think Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Progressives, are really the problem… People who feel like its “okay” to take a “selfie” during a hostage crisis are the ones who really are to blame for the decay of modern culture.


Jeb Bush says he is “actively exploring” the possibility of running for President. His first step should be “actively exploring” what it would take for Republicans to believe that he is actually a Republican… Because I don’t think support for the Federal takeover of education will really rally the base.

(Fox News)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: White House Apparently Forgets to Pay Power Bill
Posted: 12/15/2014 11:42:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

A professor in NYC has been charged after bringing a bag full of hammers to a protest. I sure hope they weren’t “assault” hammers.


The lights flickered out at the White House and the State Department this morning. Kinda makes you wonder just how badly they needed that spending authorization… I didn’t realize they were 60 days behind on their electric bill.

(Weekly Standard)

Liberals in Australia are worried that the ongoing hostage situation might increase Islamaphobia. I get the feeling that they’re kinda missing the bigger picture:


Students continue to complain about Michelle Obama’s lunch program. I keep waiting for fourth graders to show up to their cafeterias waiving the Gadsden flag.

(EAG News)

According to the US Census, whites will be a minority demographic by 2044. Something tells me they still won't be eligible for affirmative action.

(Washington Examiner)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Mike Bloomberg is Having a Miserable Day
Posted: 12/11/2014 12:47:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim and a current human rights activist, reports that Joe Biden attempted to “correct” her on “one or two things” about Islam. For visual aids, I’m sure he was going to draw a picture using his box of crayons.

(Truth Revolt)

For the first time in two decades, Pew research shows a majority of Americans support the right to own a gun. Mike Bloomberg was last seen crying quietly in a corner.

(People Press)

North Korea, Iran, and China all blasted the US over recent claims made in the Democrat sponsored CIA interrogation report… Because, as we all know, those three countries are pillars of morality in an otherwise cruel and heartless world. (By the way, “death by mortar” is an actual punishment in North Korea.)

(CNS News)

Activists are upset after they learned that white and black Barbie dolls are sometimes priced differently from each other… Yep, liberals are shouting for “price equality” among the imaginary ethnicities of Barbie. (We should start a petition: equal pay for equal play.)


Palestinians have created an imaginary super hero, named “Gaza Man”. Gaza Man (boy those Palestinians are a clever bunch, aren’t they?) will fight the Jews in imaginary battles as part of a propaganda effort. After some discussion, it was decided he would not be a suicide bomber because that cuts down on the opportunity for a sequel.

(Free Beacon)

CNN ran an op-ed written by a GITMO inmate (who worked directly under Bin Laden), in which the inmate says America should be ashamed of what our government has done to accused terrorists. Say what you will about waterboarding, but I’m pretty sure that watching CNN still qualifies as a form of torture.


Michael Schaus - In Other News: MSNBC Should Sue Iran for Stealing Their Talking Points
Posted: 12/10/2014 12:22:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The website that is supposed to display the text of John Boehner’s 1,600 page omnibus bill is broken. I guess we’re just going to have to pass it to find out what's  in it.


Iran’s state-run media criticized the US for its “inhumane” treatment of African Americans. I wonder if MSNBC is preparing to sue for plagiarism.

(Fars News)

Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein released her report on the CIA’s torture techniques… A quick question for all those anti-CIA libertarians out there who seem to be eating this stuff up with a spoon: If you wouldn’t trust an economic report put out by this same California liberal, why do you believe this garbage?

(USA Today)

A US military Chaplain is being punished for talking about God during a suicide prevention class. It's pretty obvious that a suicide prevention class, being organized by a religious figure, is no place for God. (Jesus saves… Just not in government buildings.)

(Fox News)

Over $60,000 in stimulus money will be spent to shovel horse manure. Isn’t that what we paid Jonathan Gruber to do?

(Free Beacon)

Nothing says “let’s save the planet” quite like holding a huge, fossil-fuel powered conference. Have these environmentalists never heard of “gotomeeting”?

(US News)

John Ransom - Small Business Confidence Up: NFIB
Posted: 12/9/2014 1:38:00 PM EST

The National Federation of Independent Businesses reports that optimism amongst small business owners has returned to a pre-recession levels and is now barely above it’s long-term average from 1974 to 2014.

The confidence index has likely been helped first by lower interest rates, which has increased optimism about real estate, a key driver of small businesses and lower energy prices. But according to the NFIB the usual sprint that you see to restored confidence levels has been what instead they call a slow slog.

“Unfortunately,” says the small business federation, “the Index did not sprint past the average which is typical of a strong recovery before settling back down. Instead it’s been a slow slog just to reach this point. It’s a little early to declare a breakout.”

46 percent of small businesses complained that taxes and red tape are the single biggest problem facing business owners.

Obviously the election of a GOP-led congress has done a bit to boost optimism as well.

Michael Schaus - Other News: Still “Clinging to Guns and Religion” in Obama’s America
Posted: 12/9/2014 12:18:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Joe Biden, impressed by the intelligence of some computer-programming young girls, let them know that they “are as smart as any boy”… Don’t worry Obama, you’re never going to be impeached.

(Fox News)

New York City Council members held a “die-in” on the steps of City Hall to express their outrage over police violence… Whatever happened to the predictions that NYC would sink into the ocean? Can we still count on that, or what?

(Huffington Post)

President Obama is doing his part to help stoke racial tensions. He said in a recent interview that police shoot black folks because white cops are often afraid of “people who look different”… If you need me, I’ll be over here clinging to my bible and my gun.

(NY Daily News)

A police chief in Wisconsin compared gun ownership to Ebola, and then asked citizens to allow a door-to-door search for firearms. This sounds like a great plan. Would he also like Wisconsin citizens to quarter troops in their homes?


Up to 35 Federal Agencies are preparing to share, store, and utilize your private electronic healthcare information. Is there any way we can put a copy of the constitution in our records so these bureaucrats will read something useful?

(Weekly Standard)

John Ransom - UBS Pushes Hedge Funds
Posted: 12/9/2014 11:35:00 AM EST

Propelled by new software with a new algorithm that predicts whether the risks in hedge funds are low, medium or high, UBS securities is on a push to get advisors to include hedge funds in asset allocations for clients.

According to Investment News “those predictions are based on an algorithm that evaluates as many as three dozen variables intended to establish whether market, economic, liquidity and volatility risk factors support making allocations to hedge funds.”

Hedge funds have the ability to go both long and short in their portfolio, thereby hedging the market. 

But they are often seen as risky play. With the unraveling of Bernie Madoff’s hedge fund fraud and the high fees sometimes associated with hedge funds, clients can be reluctant to use them.

UBS is pushing to change that.

I'm okay with hedge funds. They generally get a bad rap, but when used properly can help boost risk-adjusted returns. You just need to know the risks.

John Ransom - Japan Trying 'Scare' Economy
Posted: 12/8/2014 1:10:00 PM EST

Japan’s economy contracted more than expected at an 1.9 annual rate last quarter. 

Japan's economy shrank more than initially reported in the third quarter on declines in business investment, data showed on Monday, surprising markets and backing premier Shinzo Abe's recent decision to delay a second sales tax hike.

And it shows the limitations of monetary stimulus measures. Japan has been embarked on a variation of America’s quantitative easing experiment, but the results thus far have been disappointing. 

In part that’s because Japan raised its sales tax from 5 percent to 8 percent last April. The country finally just postponed another scheduled tax increase for next year from 8% to 10%.

The hit from an April sales tax hike turned out to be bigger than expected, the revised gross domestic product data indicated, underscoring the challenges Abe and the Bank of Japan face in pulling the world's third-largest economy sustainably out of deflation.

Like here at home Japan’s politicians are trying to ignite inflation hoping that rising prices will scare the Japanese into buying stuff to get the economy going again.

They have no other plan.

Think about THAT.

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Caring Leftist Praises the “Social Good” of Aborting “Marginal Children”
Posted: 12/8/2014 12:14:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Vermont is looking at socialized medicine. To pay for a “free” healthcare system, the state would have to raise over $2.2 billion from roughly 630,000 tax-paying citizens. It was awfully nice of those 630,000 Vermonters to work hard, and earn money, so the rest of the state could plunder their profits.


Remember Jonathan Gruber, the guy that boasted about hoodwinking the American people into believing Healthcare Reform was about reforming healthcare? Well, he’s at it again. He’s recently called abortion a “social good” because it reduces the number of “marginal children” in poor urban neighborhoods…. Goebbels called. He wants his reputation back.


It sure would have been nice if Obama was telling us the truth when he said we could keep our doctor because finding a replacement might get kinda tough in the near future.

(Yahoo News)

After Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson, Eric Holder sent DOJ officials to Ferguson Missouri to “educate” citizens about “white privilege”. I guess the DOJ is where Al-Sharpton wannabes go when they can’t get their own show on MSNBC.

(National Review)

Eric Holder is releasing his new “racial profiling” guidelines. I’m not sure he gets it: His skin color has nothing to do with why I think he’s a criminal.


A college professor with a pro-communist bias is requiring that his students pledge allegiance to the “racist, sexist, homophobic” United States of America. Yeah… America is a pretty rough place compared to all those communist utopias of the 20th century, right?

(Campus Reform)

John Ransom - More 'Reform': Banks Charge for Big Deposits
Posted: 12/8/2014 12:01:00 PM EST

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that big banks are telling customers to take their cash somewhere else.

Banks are urging some of their largest customers in the U.S. to take their cash elsewhere or be slapped with fees, citing new regulations that make it onerous for them to hold certain deposits.

The banks, includingJ.P. Morgan Chase& Co.,CitigroupInc.,HSBC HoldingsPLC,Deutsche BankAG andBank of AmericaCorp. , have spoken privately with clients in recent months to tell them that the new regulations are making some deposits less profitable, according to people familiar with the conversations.

The banking laws have become some backwards that not only do the banks not want to lend money, they don’t want to deposit money.

In fact in some cases they will be charging large corporations for deposits, which, according to the Journal will make corporations seek out more sophisticated cash management portfolios.

Some corporate officials said the new rules could make it more expensive for them to keep money in the bank or push them into riskier savings instruments such as short-term bond funds or uninsured money-market funds.

“You’re going to see a lot of corporations that have had much simpler portfolios that are going to move toward more sophisticated portfolios,” said Tory Hazard, president and chief operating officer of Institutional Cash Distributors, a broker to large clients looking for places to hold their cash.

These changes are a fundamental change to the way banks operate. Typically banks take the money deposited and loan it out.

But not anymore with the big deposits. Instead they will have to charge companies for large deposits.

So if you are wondering why banks aren’t loaning money, it’s because they won’t have money anymore.

And the good news, I say sarcastically, bank reform measures passed by congress haven’t even been halfway implemented yet.

So stay tuned for more reform from congress.


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