Guy Benson - WH: Obama's the First President to Win Two Popular Vote Majorities Since Ike, You Know
Posted: 7/29/2016 10:25:00 AM EST

Via the Free Beacon, a frivolous but fun historical misfire that illustrates how silly Team Obama's idolatrous "unprecedented!" meme can get.  In an attempt to demonstrate how popular and awesome his boss is, White House spokesman Josh Earnest asserted that Obama is the only president to win consecutive popular vote majorities since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956.  This is wrong.  Ronald Reagan replicated that feat in 1980 and 1984.  When a reporter corrected Earnest on this point, Earnest smugly doubled down:

Back in reality, Reagan carried nearly 52 percent of the popular vote in 1980, beating Jimmy Carter by more than nine percentage points en route to a dominant 489 electoral vote haul. Four years later, Reagan destroyed Walter Mondale by roughly 18 points, winning every state except Minnesota; 525 electoral votes.  Three additional presidents since Ike have scored back-to-back electoral college wins: Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.  Each man failed to hit the 50-percent-plus-one mark at least once.  Clinton never won a popular vote majority.  Many Democrats are pointing to Obama's relatively high approval ratings as an affirmation of his Oval Office tenure. Critics have attributed that uptick to a 2016 election cycle in which most voters are deeply dissatisfied with their choices, and in which the lame duck president has mostly faded into the background.  What Obama fans don't mention is that his ratings were significantly worse throughout most of his presidency, that the country's right track/wrong track numbers are extremely poor, and that popular backlashes against his unpopular agenda resulted in an historic decimation of Democrats at the state and local level in consecutive midterm elections. 

Cortney O'Brien - Blue Lives Matter Founder Has Something to Say to Black Lives Matter Activists Who Disrupted DNC's Moment of Silence
Posted: 7/29/2016 10:10:00 AM EST

Joe Imperatrice, the Founder and President of Blue Lives Matter, joined “Fox and Friends” to weigh in on the paranoia police are feeling right now when they put on their uniforms.

Officers are “definitely on edge,” he said, and feel like they are being targeted 24 hours a day.

“A lot of guys are paranoid,” he said. “A criminal can look like anybody.”

Car stops are the most dangerous, Imperatrice explained, because the officer approaching the driver doesn’t know what’s inside the car. They could be walking straight into an ambush.

Imperatrice’s remarks come the morning after another tragedy Thursday night in San Diego, where an officer was killed in the line of duty and another was seriously injured. The officers were part of an elite gang suppression unit. Details are still emerging so we do not yet know whether this was another battle in the War on Cops.

The “Fox and Friends” anchors asked Imperatrice to respond to Americans’ new distrust of police.

“Many people feel the need to tell police how to do their job,” he said. “Give us the benefit of the doubt.”

Just “let them do their job,” he added. “Believe in them a little bit.”

Imperatrice also responded to the behavior of the Black Lives Matter activists Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, where they interrupted a moment of silence dedicated to the nation’s fallen officers.

“It’s very disrespectful,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s very hurtful. These are people that lost their lives protecting the community.”

They were doing it to get attention, Imperatrice argued.

"You don’t do something like that.”

Why all the tension between police and civilians?

“It’s about accountability,” Imperatrice said. “No one’s willing to say, 'I’m wrong.'” 

Katie Pavlich - Bill Clinton...Fell Asleep During Hillary's Convention Speech
Posted: 7/29/2016 9:15:00 AM EST

It's been a long two weeks of convention speeches from Republicans and Democrats. Last night, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton gave the final remarks of the 2016 convention cycle. Her speech was highly anticipated as the campaign attempts to rebrand and reintroduce her to the country. It was also the first speech in history from a woman formally accepting a presidential nomination for a major political party. 

But after giving his own speech about Hillary on Tuesday, where he tried to frame their relationship as a timeless love story, it appears Bill Clinton didn't have much energy left to watch last night and fell asleep. The cameras and Democrat vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine noticed. 

Don't worry Bill, many of us felt the same way and also had trouble staying awake.

Matt Vespa - Carly Fiorina Tweeted Eight Things That Totally Gutted Hillary’s Acceptance Speech
Posted: 7/29/2016 9:00:00 AM EST

Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination last night, tore into Republican nominee Donald Trump, and pretty much laid out reasons why he was unqualified to be the next president of the United States. One of which was that we couldn’t have a man who can be easily baited by tweets to be near the nuclear codes. That’s fine—a perfectly legitimate litmus test for president. In fact, it’s one of the oldest regarding who do you trust with the nuclear football. Yet, here’s the thing: Clinton left America’s secrets vulnerable to hacking with her private email system that wasn’t approved by the State Department, though she said approval was sought and it was permitted. FBI Director James Comey said Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless” in handling classified material, of which 110 emails were found to be marked as such on 52 separate emails chains at the time they were sent or received. So, when Clinton said no classified material was sent through her server when she was secretary of state—she lied.

Democrats may all freak out about Trump being near the nuclear codes, but it’s a rather irrational fear. First, let’s stop with the hypothetical that Trump is so unhinged that he would launch nuclear weapons. Second, there’s actual evidence that Clinton could’ve seriously harmed national security with her email arrangement.

So, while Clinton outlined her vision for the future as well during her historic address last night—let’s not forget that American voters don’t trust her. After all, has had been caught in a dead lie. Hence, why the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina thought these were appropriate to tweet:

Ouch. Yet, the message is simple. You can't trust her. 

Leah Barkoukis - Trump Reacts to Clinton's 'Insulting' Acceptance Speech
Posted: 7/29/2016 8:27:00 AM EST

In case you missed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech last night, first take a look at Matt’s summary and Guy’s analysis. Then decide if you agree with GOP nominee Donald Trump’s rapid fire assessment of her speech.  

Trump immediately took to Twitter to hit her on everything from being soft on terror, to jobs and the economy, to her role in the Obama administration, to her cozy relationship with Wall Street, and more. 

"Hillary Clinton’s speech was an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric. She spent the evening talking down to the American people she’s looked down on her whole life," Trump's campaign said in a statement on his website. 

Update: Trump continued Friday morning: 

Leah Barkoukis - San Diego Police Officer Shot Dead, Another Seriously Injured
Posted: 7/29/2016 7:15:00 AM EST

A San Diego police officer has died after being shot multiple times while making a traffic stop. Another officer was seriously injured but is expected to survive after undergoing surgery. 

The shooting happened at around 11 p.m. local time (2 a.m. ET Friday), San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman told reporters early Friday.

The officers — both assigned to the department's gang unit — had just pulled over a car when, almost immediately after, they called for emergency cover, Zimmerman said.

"Other officers were in the area. They arrived shortly on scene and found both of our officers suffering from gunshot wounds," she added.

While the officers have not yet been identified, the one who was killed was a husband and father of two, according to Zimmerman.

One suspect has been arrested in the shooting, but he too has yet to be identified.

Officers across the country have come under attack, with this shooting being the latest. Earlier this month police were ambushed in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Matt Vespa - Clinton Accepts Dem Nomination Proving That You Too Could Be President…If You Marry A President First
Posted: 7/29/2016 1:45:00 AM EST

Well, folks—the time has come. Hillary Clinton formally accepted the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States. Her daughter, Chelsea, introduced her mother before her remarks to the attendees and delegates at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

Chelsea said that she was a proud Democrat, mother, and daughter. In an effort to humanize her mother, she said that her daughter Charlotte loves Elmo, and face timing with grandma. She said that her mother would drop everything to spend time with her grandkids. One of her fondest memories growing up was her falling down, being picked up b Hillary, who gave her a big hug—and then proceeded to read “Goodnight Moon.”

As she grew up, Chelsea said that her parents expected her to have opinions back up with facts. She always felt that her parents loved her—and would be there for her. She added that’s how her mom feels about every child in the country, calling it her calling in life that America’s children deserve care and attention.

She described the bad moments growing up in a family whose business was politics. One of those low moments was in 1994, when Hillary lost the fight to enact Clintoncare. She said it was pretty tough to watch, but family movie nights helped in the recovery. Hillary would then be back out in the battlefield that is American politics. People have asked Chelsea how does Hillary do it? Chelsea said that her mom never forgets whom she’s fighting for.

Chelsea added that in her mom’s career as a public servant, she made it easier of 9/11 responders to receive the health care they needed, for women around the world to be safer, treated with respect and dignity—and have more opportunities to better their lives. She also made it easier for families to adopt. She also said that women’s rights are also human rights, as are LGBT rights, here at home and abroad.

Most of all, the former first daughter closed by saying she has seen that we do better when we come and work together. She then introduced her mother, Hillary Clinton, to an uproarious round of applause from the crowd.

Clinton laid out a buffet of progressivism that she hopes to serve to the American people. She first thanked the attendees for a great convention; thanked Chelsea for the mother and woman she has become; and her husband Bill—noting that the conversation they started in the library at law school still goes strong 45 years later. She said that in that period she was able to get more than a few words in, while being partnered with the explainer in chief. As with any marriage, and we all know what happened around 1998, there were good times and bad, but they got through it. She added that she was happy to see that he’s still on the job, noting his Tuesday night address. She also thanked her friends and family—and her supporters, those who have been with her from day one to the newcomers, for their work throughout this convention and this campaign.

Trying to piggyback off the popularity of both Presidents Clinton and Obama, she said that we heard from a president from Hope—bill—and a man from hope—Obama—during this convention. Clinton added that America is better for Obama’s leadership, and that she is better because of her friendship with Obama. In the spirit of unity, Clinton thanked former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (who looked like her was having the worst time of his life) for putting economic and social justice issues front and center where they belong; inspiring million of Americans to join his left wing crusade; and declared that his cause is now her cause. She added that Demcorats needed his energy, passion, and ideas to turn their progressive agenda into real change for the country. Hillary’s remarks drew chants of “Bernie!” from his supporters, wearing neo t-shorts that dotted the convention hall.

Clinton then spoke about the origins of the American Revolution, why they’re having their convention in Philadelphia, which was the center where our Founder embraced the enduring truth that we’re stronger together. She cited the art of compromise that was deployed that eventually led both factions present to join and sign a Declaration of Independence from the British Crown. Now, those bonds of trust are fraying and powerful forces are working to tear us apart. She said in this election, we have to decide whether we’ll work together so we can all rise together

Clinton invoked our country’s motto – out of many we are one—will we stay true to that motto?

Well, we heard Trump’s answer in Cleveland last week, she said. He wants to divides us from the world and from each other.

“He has taken the Republican Party from morning in America to midnight in America,” she added. Yet, she referenced Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

She declared that we are not afraid, we will rise to the challenge, we will not build a wall, but an economy where everyone who wants a good job can get one; we’ll create a pathway to citizenship to immigrants who are already contributing to the economy; we will not ban a religion; and we will work with all Americans and our allies to fight and defeat terrorism.

Clinton said that we have the most dynamic and diverse people in the world, and the most tolerant and generous young people we’ve ever had. We have the most powerful military, the most innovative entrepreneurs, and the most enduring values of any country—all of this adding the Democratic narrative that our best days are ahead. These socioeconomic factors are the foundations of that hypothesis.

Clinton then went on to provide a stark contrast with Republican nominees Donald Trump. She warned to never believe anyone who says he can fix anything alone.

“Really?” questioned Clinton. She went on to say that a mindset like that leaves behind the troops on the front lines, police and firefighters who protect us, the doctors and nurses who care for us, and the teachers who shape lives. In America, Clinton added, Americans say we’ll fix it together.

Clinton then invoked the Founders again, noting that they drafted a constitution where no one person can control all the power. Power was dispersed and for 240 years we still put our faith in each other. She said we should look at Dallas after the five police officers were assassinated. Chief of Police David Brown and the city came together and 12 days after the attack, 500 people had applied to join the force.

It was after this jab at Trump that Clinton, with humility and great determination accepted the Democratic Party’s historic nomination for the presidency of the United States.

Clinton then discussed about her family upbringing, how they did not have names on big buildings growing up. Instead, she said her family was different builders, ones who used whatever tools they had and whatever life in America provided to build better lives and futures. He father started his own business after a stint in the Navy after Pearl Harbor. Her parents abandoned her mother at a young age, eventually finding work as a housemaid at age 14, which led to her teaching young Hillary that no one gets through life alone. Clinton said that her mother made sure that she learned the words (and I’m paraphrasing here): do all the good you can, for all the people you can, for all the ways you can, for as long as you can. It’s this mindset that led her to grab her first job at the Children’s Defend Fund in Bedford Massachusetts because every kid with a disability had the right to go to school.

Clinton also gave another hat tip to Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, saying they did not receive their fair share of the credit for saving us from the brink to total disaster.

The former first lady then gave a rallying cry for people to join her, but before that she had to offer a sweetener of appointing Supreme Court justices who will take on the non-issue of money in politics and expand voter rights. If we have to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, then so be it. That drew a loud applause line, which is sort of disconcerting since these liberals were cheering the erosion of First Amendment rights.

Nevertheless, if you support climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, and the belief that companies should share their profits instead of padding executives with bonuses—join us! If you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage and children should be raised in poverty—join us!

She also said that if you believe in affordable health care, if you’re against unfair trade deals (rich, since she called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the gold standard in trade deals),if you want to stand up to China, if you support steel workers, if you support auto workers, and if you support homegrown manufacturing—then join us! Oh, and if expanding social security and protecting abortion rights are important to you, then hop on the Clinton train.

Clinton devoted very little to national security, a good move since her email flap sort of cuts into her ability and judgment on this front, but added that to defeat ISIS she will strike their sanctuaries, increase intelligence assets to prevent attacks, and support the ground troops already fighting them. It won’t be easy, but Clinton assured American victory.

She then tore into Trump for calling our armed forces a disaster, which she says is a sign of disrespect to the men and women who wear the uniform. She then said that a man who you can bait with a tweet should be nowhere near the nuclear codes.

Clinton also said that we couldn’t have a president who’s in the pocket of the gun lobby.

“I’m not here to repeal the Second Amendment. I’m not here to take away your guns,” she said. But added that she doesn’t want us to get shot from someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place. She promised to work tirelessly with responsible gun owners to pass common sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.

The former secretary of state then asked for us to be more empathetic, to put ourselves in the shoes of black and Hispanic Americans who are subjected to institutional racism—and the police officers who put their lives at risk to protects us every day. Clinton promised to sass criminal justice reform and rebuild community policing, declaring that we will defend all of our rights. We will stand up against mean and divisive rhetoric.

Piling more on Trump, Clinton said that America is great because America is good. Let’s cut out the bigotry and bombast. There’s a clear agenda with Clinton, and empty promises from Trump.

“The choice is clear, my friend” said Clinton, as she closed her remarks. Let’s be stronger together, and let’s look to the future with courage and confidence. Let’s build a better tomorrow. And when we do, America will be greater than ever.

Guy has his analysis, which you can read here. But one thing that was clear is that the party is still fractured. Notice all of the weird instances in which “Hillary” was being chanted by the crowd. Well, that was done to drown out the Bernie supporters who are still struggling to come to grips with the fact that their side lost.

Guy Benson - Analysis: Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America
Posted: 7/29/2016 12:30:00 AM EST

It's finally, blessedly over. As expected, Hillary Clinton's anticlimactic acceptance speech capped off a Democratic convention at which two of the weakest primetime speeches were delivered by the the two members of the nominated ticket. There were powerful moments earlier in the evening -- including an impactful address by the father of a Muslim US soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country in Iraq, and an address from a valorous Medal of Honor recipient, who was shamefully heckled by some DNC delegates. But when the lights shone brightest, we got a perfectly nice little talk by Chelsea Clinton, an over-the-top 'Heroine Hillary' introductory video, and a over-long, mediocre, robotically-delivered address by the woman of the hour. Pete Wehner, a senior speechwriter for President Bush and an exceptionally harsh conservative critic of Donald Trump, rendered this assessment of her performance:

Some bits were better than others, but Clinton only seemed to truly come into her own when she was attacking Donald Trump -- her longtime friend and donor, whose wedding she attended. Hillary quoted Trump's infamous statement that he understands ISIS better than our generals. She looked into the camera, ice cold, and unleashed one of several stinging lines:

Alas, there is also no other Hillary Clinton. This is it.  If only she and Donald had taken some voice modulation lessons -- maybe (stronger) together? -- a few weeks ago, things might have been better.  They weren't.  In any case, even if you're inclined to agree with her temperament critiques of Trump (as I am), it's quite rich listening to a woman who knowingly compromised high-level secrets for her own selfish reasons and lied repeatedly about it lecture anyone about trust and national security.  The rest of her speech was almost entirely unmemorable -- although newscasts will love her 'break the ceiling, sky's the limit' formulation.  She talked a little bit about her upbringing and family, she tossed a few bland rhetorical scraps to independent and Republican-leaning voters, and she rattled off a laundry list of liberal-left agenda items.  She made sure to highlight her strong opposition to Citizens United -- because this woman is so terribly offended by money in politics, you see -- failing to mention that the ruling she abhors literally overruled the government's censorship of a film that was critical of...Hillary Clinton.  She also condemned "mean and divisive rhetoric," which seems apt in an age of Trump. But once again, physician, heal thyself. As I predicted, Donald Trump earned a clear polling bounce out of Cleveland. It may or may not be receding. I would be surprised if Clinton doesn't garner one from the program in Philadelphia, too.  But because this is 2016, and because the commentariat was largely enamored with the Democrats' gathering, this is a reasonable caveat:

By mid-August, the polls will likely have 'settled' a bit, and we'll have a better sense of the dynamics of the post-conventions horserace.  And then come the debates.  I'll leave you with a sentiment I felt acutely while watching the final evening of the DNC proceedings, and some sorely-needed levity:

Christine Rousselle - Ha: California Delegates Change "Hillary" Signs To "Liar"
Posted: 7/28/2016 10:05:00 PM EST

The Democratic Party is still far from unified after a long and drawn-out primary season. Plenty of Bernie Sanders supporters are not about to jump on the Hillary Clinton train, and these California delegates figured out a way to show their displeasure at their party's choice of nominee. They covered up part of the "HILLARY" sign to change it to "LIAR."

A tweet with a picture of the modified sign has gone viral:

Props to them to sticking to their guns and sticking it to the DNC.

Matt Vespa - Oh My God: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Was Hacked Too
Posted: 7/28/2016 10:00:00 PM EST

The email woes for the Democratic Party are not over yet. Reuters has reported that the FBI is looking into another breach at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which could be related to the hack into the Democratic National Committee earlier this year.

The release of the DNC emails prior to the start of the Democratic National Convention caused quite a bit of heartburn between the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps, with the former accusing the national party leadership of trying to tip the scale for Clinton. The emails show DNC staffers discussing ways to derail the Sanders candidacy. It led to the resignation of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as committee chairwoman.

The news organization added that for some time, a phony site collected the information of would-be donors to the party. Instead of that information going to the company that processes donations, it would go to the phony site. Sources told Reuters that the FBI feels that this was used to obtain donor information and not steal money:

The DNC, targeted by hackers earlier this year, and the DCCC share the same office space on South Capitol Street in Washington.

The DCCC had no immediate comment on Thursday. Donation processing company ActBlue also had no immediate comment. CrowdStrike, the California-based cyber security firm that investigated the DNC breach, declined to comment.

Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist who once worked for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, said the possibility of the DCCC being hacked was cause for great concern.

“Until proven otherwise, I would suggest that everyone involved with the campaign committee operate under the assumption Russians have access to everything in their computer systems,” Manley said.

The FBI referred questions to a statement it made on Monday on the DNC hack:

"The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter. A compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously, and the FBI will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace."

The disclosure of the DCCC breach is likely to further stoke concerns among Democratic Party operatives, many of whom have acknowledged they fear further dumps of hacked files that could harm their candidates. WikiLeaks has said it has more material related to the U.S. election that it intends to release.

While there is chatter about the Russians being responsible, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said it was just too early to name a perpetrator. Nevertheless, these hacks only add to the whole email narrative against Clinton that has proven to be disastrous concerning her favorability numbers, especially when it comes to trustworthiness and honesty. Hillary had an unsecure server that housed sensitive information. It was certainly vulnerable to foreign intrusion and could have possibly threatened national security. Now, Clinton’s own party’s files are being scooped up—and they may contain some dirty laundry. Yet, who knew that emails would be tripping up Democrats right now.