John Ransom - Under Armor Under Performs
Posted: 10/23/2014 2:34:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: EMC Corporation

EMC Corp. Misses on Q3 Earnings, Revenues Increase Y/Y-- Zacks

EMC Corp. (EMC) reported third-quarter 2014 earnings (including stock-based compensation but excluding other non-recurring items) of 35 cents per share that missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by a couple of cents.

Quarter Details

Revenues increased 9% year over year to $6.03 billion. Product sales increased 7.4% year over year, while services increased 10.9% from the year-ago quarter.

Symbol: EMC

Trailing PE: 23; Forward PE:12

PEG: 1.42

Dividend: 1.70

Estimate Trend: Down

Ransom Note Trendline: Buy EMC

Stock number two: Under Armour, Inc.

Under Armour warns of slowing apparel sales growth--Reuters

Under Armour Inc warned that its sales growth would slow next year as the scorching increase in sales of its sports apparel eases off due to cooling demand for its popular outdoor clothing designed to retain body heat.

Under Armour shares fell as much as 6.4 percent on Thursday after the company also said gross margins would fall in the current quarter due, in part, to the stronger dollar.

Symbol: UA

Trailing PE: 85; Forward PE: 54

PEG: 2.88

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Under Armor

Stock number three: Yelp, Inc.

Yelp Downgraded As Business Signups Disappoint—IBD

Value investing is always a very popular strategy, and for good reason. After all, who doesn’t want to find stocks that have low PEs, solid outlooks, and decent dividends?

Fortunately for investors looking for this combination, we have identified a strong candidate which may be an impressive value; Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A. (BSBR).

Symbol: YELP

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 148

PEG: 11.48

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Yelp

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Dem Blames GOP for Ebola – George Bush Waits His Turn
Posted: 10/23/2014 11:32:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

MSNBC decided to use the Canadian terrorist attack as an opportunity to shill for more gun control… Because ya know, Canada is known for its extraordinarily relaxed gun laws, right?

(Free Beacon)

Can we just take a moment to realize what it means when the Canadian Prime Minister sounds much tougher on terrorism than the US President?

(Fox News)

A Democrat is trying to blame a possible Ebola outbreak on Republicans. I’m sure if we think about it hard enough, it’s probably George W. Bush’s fault.

(Weasel Zippers)

The Union Station renovation in Denver, Colorado is being called racist because the station is mostly used by white people. Also, I’m pretty sure white marble was the main color used in construction.

(Denver Post)

California is forcing churches to provide funding for abortion coverage. After all, that whole “religious freedom” thing really tends to get in the way of Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.

(Life News)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: List of "Useless Government Spending" Strangely Doesn't Include Biden's Salary
Posted: 10/22/2014 12:21:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

More women currently prefer Republicans for congress than Democrats. I guess the “War on Women” is more of a civil war than anything else.


Tax revenues are at an all-time high. (Some people are giving credit to Obama’s tax hikes.) Despite our record tax revenues, government is still expected to run historically high deficits. It almost looks likespending might be the problem here…

(Daily Signal)

Speaking of government spending: Senator Tom Coburn has outlined over $25 billion of “useless” government spending. And, no… I don’t know if that also includes Joe Biden’s salary.

(Free Beacon)

Obama’s new Ebola Czar is missing another Ebola update this week. Is the word “Czar” Russian for “useless”? (Because I hate to think that the Bolsheviks were onto something when they decided to do away with the position.)

(Fox News)

The most recent autopsy shows that the unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, was most likely shot whileattacking Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Riots are expected throughout the area because facts are apparently racist.

(Business Insider)

An anti-gun Missouri legislator was arrested for carrying a loaded 9mm without a permit. Interestingly, she had also threatened to accelerate the riotous violence in Ferguson if Officer Darren Wilson wasn't indicted for murder – and she seems to have a deficit of gun-safety training… So, maybe we should just make it illegal for anti-gun Democrats to own guns?

(Weasel Zippers)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: England Outlaws Half My Twitter Followers
Posted: 10/21/2014 1:47:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

City Council members in Minneapolis want to ban the term “redskins” when the Washington Redskins square off against the Vikings. (Because, unlike Washington’s team, the Vikings’ mascot isn’t some cartoonish caricature of an entire group of people.)

(Daily Caller)

Barack Obama explained that he’s “doing pretty good”, and that he “loves the work”… Now that we know how he feels about his golf game, I wish someone would ask him about the presidency.

(The Hill)

A Justice Secretary in England has proposed a 2-year sentence for anyone found guilty of “internet bullying”. So if you write something nasty about me on Twitter, you better not do it from England.


Monica Lewinsky says Drudge ruined her life… It couldn’t possibly have been life decisions that she made regarding President Clinton, a cigar, and the Oval Office.

(Truth in Revolt)

George Lucas (ya know: the guy that created an empire of Star Wars related products before selling the franchise to the multinational Disney corporation) hates corporations... However he appears to like their profits.


Michael Schaus - In Other News: Massachusetts School Board Moves to the Right of Democrats - Becomes Socialist
Posted: 10/20/2014 12:41:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Communists paraded through London in protest of extraordinarily mild “austerity” measures that have been proposed in Parliament… There’s nothing quite as ironic as a bunch of communists publicly protesting for a one-party system that prohibits public protests.


A Massachusetts school board has vowed to dedicate itself to indoctrinating children with a socialist-oriented curriculum. Some parents in the district are likely relieved that the school board is moving to the right of mainstream-Massachusetts.

(EAG News)

People are magically “forgetting” that they voted for Barack Obama. This is also known as “buyer’s remorse.” (The voters who are still proud of their vote are a good example of the Stockholm syndrome.)

(American Thinker)

Obama showed up for a Democrat campaign event… and the audience started walking out. For being a guy that started his presidency with Greek columns and rock-star-status, this must be a pretty demoralizing experience. (I hope he can shake it off during his next golf game.)

(Free Beacon)

Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and possible fines… I guess a little state-sponsored violation of first amendment rights is the preferred way to instill “tolerance” nowadays.

John Ransom - Bust and Boom for Apple
Posted: 10/19/2014 12:01:00 AM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Facebook, Inc.

Facebook's Egg Freezing Policy Isn't an Evil Plot -- Bloomberg

Facebook and others are covering egg freezing for the same reason they pass out free snacks and collude with one another—to discourage poaching of employees: Skilled tech workers have more professional options than almost anyone else. Companies will continue to offer all kinds of crazy benefits as long as the labor market in Silicon Valley remains tight.

Symbol: FB

Trailing PE: 77; Forward PE: 36

PEG: 1.16

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Facebook

Stock number two: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft wants to make it easier to build Windows Phone apps--Engadget

Last year, Microsoft created Windows App Studio to get more Windows Phone apps into its Store, and it worked -- developers added almost 50,000 new apps in 14 months. Redmond has just updated the beta web app with a feature that should help even more: Windows 8.1 sideloading. All you have to do is scan a certificate when generating a universal 8.1 app, and it'll install it automatically on your Windows Phone 8.1 device. The update also lets you generate apps in nine extra languages and brings new layouts and templates, among other tweaks

Symbol: MSFT

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 13

PEG: 2.22

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Microsoft

Stock number three: Apple Inc.

Apple's new iPad Air starts at $499--Reuters

Apple Inc said on Thursday its new iPad Air will go for $499, and the smaller iPad mini will sell for $399 and above. Pre-orders begin on Friday.

Executives introduced the new tablets that will lead Apple's battle for holiday-season spending.

Symbol: AAPL

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 13

PEG: 1.34

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Buy Apple

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Obama Appoints Ebola Czar; And No, It's Not Hillary
Posted: 10/17/2014 12:46:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Pictures of flying monkeys holding “Hillary 2016” signs are starting to spring up throughout Los Angeles. Her protection detail is already looking into the possibility that someone may drop a house on her.

(Hollywood Reporter)

This group in Seattle is willing to pay you $13 per hour to go lobby for a $15 per hour minimum wage. It’s unclear if you will also have access to free birth control.

(Free Beacon)

Obama's credit card was declined when he tried to pay for his lunch... The bank said he was overdrawn by $17 trillion.

The nursery rhyme “Bah, Bah, Black Sheep” has been deemed racist. Obviously. 

(Herald Son)

Obama’s newly named “Ebola Czar” once called Joe Biden his “role model and mentor”… I’m not sure this guy is qualified to be a Czar of anything. Dr. Strangelove would probably have been a better option than the leader of Biden’s unofficial fan club.

(Weasel Zippers)

The State Department praised Cuba’s efforts to combat Ebola… Of course, I can’t help but notice that the world is not exactly clamoring for Cuban treatment… But I guess that’s one of the fringe benefits of having an absolutely atrocious form of socialized medicine: It doesn’t take much to win praise from Team Obama.

(Weasel Zippers)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Feds Strike Again! Ebola Strategy Suspiciously Similar to ISIS Strategy
Posted: 10/16/2014 12:39:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Serious question: Is our Ebola strategy a carbon copy of our ISIS strategy? Because that doesn’t give me much of a warm-fuzzy feeling.


The CDC director said that you can’t get Ebola from someone on public transportation, you can only give it to someone. (Go ahead and think about that for a second.)

(CNS News)

Well, Obama has finally gotten around to considering travel restrictions from Ebola-stricken countries. Of course, in typical Obama-fashion, the restrictions only apply to members of the US Military.

(Daily Caller)

Britain’s National Union of Students voted against formally condemning the terrorist group ISIS because they did not want to appear “Islamophobic”. Which seems like a weird thing to fear, given that the PC police have been telling us that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.


Chicago has been named the most “rat-infested” city in America… And that’s not even including the politicians they have put in prison.


Another anti-gun Bloomberg proposal seems to be failing. Seriously, the guy should probably pick up a new hobby.

(Free Beacon)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Alison Grimes Refuses to Say If She Will Vote For Herself
Posted: 10/15/2014 1:45:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Alison Lundergan Grimes is at it again… This time she was asked whether or not she would vote for Harry Reid as Democrat Senate leader; and she refused to answer. Given her aversion to making her votes public, people are beginning to wonder if she understands that a Senator’s job is primarily based on publicly voting.


Mark Zuckerberg just gave the CDC $25 million dollars to combat Ebola. I guess he wanted to match the $25 million he spent to keep the borders open. (I mean, c’mon: you need to make sure the CDC earns their $25 million, right?)


Joe Biden told a crowd of black clergy members that “this white boy” thinks the tea party is “crazy”… Because saying such things is a clear sign of political sanity, right?

(Washington Times)

Remember those chemical weapons that the New York Times said Saddam Hussein didn’t have? Well, it turns out he had them. And a handful were even used. But, yeah... we totally went to war for all that oil (that we let them keep).

(NY Times)

A Democrat Mayor is demanding that Pastors turn over their sermon notes, so the city can “determine” if any of these religious figures were engaged in criticism of city policies… I guess the First Amendment comes with some sort of asterisk that states you can have freedom of speech or freedom of religion.


Please enjoy this video of Al Sharpton demonstrating the benefits of "Hooked on Phonics":
Michael Schaus - In Other News: Kurdish Girls School Obama on How to Fight
Posted: 10/14/2014 2:04:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes still won’t admit to voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012. I guess she figures that being viewed as spineless is a better option than being viewed as part of Team Obama.

(Real Clear Politics)

A Kurdish woman is leading the Kurdish People’s Protection Units against the Islamic State in Kobane, Syria. If Obama was even half the woman she is, the Islamic State would probably be destroyed by now.


You can’t make this stuff up: Michelle Obama, apparently, mispronounced a candidate’s name multiple times while she was campaigning for him. An NBC host then suggested that she did it on purpose to give the candidate name recognition… She must be pretty crafty.


Democrats are trying to blame Ebola on Republicans by claiming that the GOP has been cutting the CDC's budget… Well, actually the GOP allocated more money to the CDC than Obama had requested. It’s really too bad we can’t just quarantine Democrats.

(Weasel Zippers)

The “unemployed” man in a recent Democrat campaign add is actually gainfully employed… By a Republican. So, if you were unclear on the definition of the word “irony”, that should clear it up.

(Free Beacon)