Cortney O'Brien - Sanders Supporter: A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote Against Democracy
Posted: 6/27/2016 6:30:00 PM EST

Laurie Cestnik, founder of Occupy DNC Convention, appeared on CNN Monday morning to insist she and her fellow Sanders supporters are standing behind their candidate despite his inability to gain the necessary delegates for the nomination.

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell provided a glum outlook for Cestnik that suggested the Vermont senator's campaign is soon coming to a close. Cestnik, however, said the members of the “Bernie or Bust” campaign “don’t believe the numbers” because of voter fraud and suppression. They refuse to vote for the establishment candidate.

According to Bernie or Bust, and most of us who are in support of Bernie are Bernie or bust at this point in time, and the reason we are is that we feel that democracy has been stolen. In our opinion, a vote for Hillary would be a vote against democracy.

Cestnik isn’t the only Sanders fan who shares this sentiment. Recent polling shows just 55 percent of his supporters plan to vote for Clinton in November.

Clinton is currently campaigning with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in hopes of attracting disenchanted progressive voters.

Guy Benson - Prevent Defense: How the RNC is Crushing a Potential 'Never Trump' Convention Rebellion
Posted: 6/27/2016 5:30:00 PM EST

Once Donald Trump defeated Ted Cruz in Indiana on May 3, the GOP nominating contest effectively ended. Trump was the presumptive nominee. But as major controversies and internal turmoil have continued to plague the billionaire's campaign -- and as his polling position backslides into a clear general election disadvantage -- Trump's opponents within the party are continuing to discuss the possibility of plotting a Cleveland revolt. They argue that Trump won fewer than 50 percent of GOP primary votes, despite running effectively unopposed for the last month of balloting, and that his weakness against Hillary Clinton is throwing away a very promising opportunity to defeat the Democrats' unpopular and tainted nominee-in-waiting. But didn't Trump hit the magical 1,237 number, clinching a majority of bound delegates? How could the Republican convention deprive him of the crown he earned under the rules? By changing the rules, or declaring them non-binding. The Weekly Standard reports:

The call, organized by Colorado activists Kendal Unruh and Regina Thomson, featured a variety of updates about the state of the project to use the RNC's rules to stop Trump's upcoming nomination at the convention. The umbrella group, Free the Delegates 2016, argues that a fair reading of party rules and state laws across the country give national convention delegates the ability to "vote their consciences" on the first ballot. The confederation of activists and delegates hope to have influence on both the RNC rules committee as well as the actual convention floor to show the party faithful they have the option to vote how they see fit—and, hopefully, against Trump. "The movement is growing. The more we talk about it, the more delegates talk with each other, the more courage they get," Unruh said on the call...Those involved in the effort appeared to come from several camps and wings of the broader conservative movement. Among the speakers in Sunday's call were former New Hampshire senator Gordon Humphrey (who endorsed John Kasich in the primary), activist James Lamb (who supported Marco Rubio), and Iowa radio host Steve Deace and New Jersey politician Steve Lonegan (who both endorsed Ted Cruz). Much of the call involved updates on various parts of the project, such as a Virginia activist challenging his state's laws on bound delegates...On Sunday's call, she declared the unbound delegate movement is "on the right side of history." Unruh is a disciple of RNC member Curley Haugland of North Dakota, who has long argued for delegates should vote their consciences and has even released a free e-book on the idea.

Here are a few ads Trump opponents are running in hopes of persuading delegates to either buck or alter the process by which the convention is governed:

A few points before we get to the party establishment's reaction to this brewing insurgency: As staunchly as I've opposed Trump, I've also acknowledged all along that the rules laid out at the onset of the 2016 cycle were clear and ought to be respected.  That's why so many in the #NeverTrump camp lambasted the then-frontrunner for whining about the "rigged" system when outcomes didn't go his way during the primary.  Upon losing, he would casually and baselessly allege fraud or cheating in an attempt to delegitimize the result.  His campaign also spent a lot of time promoting the message that even if Trump failed to secure the delegates required to stave off a contested convention, he should be handed the nomination anyway, as the top vote-getter.  That's not how the rules work, his conservative opponents shot back.  If you want this victory, it's up to you to earn it.  And guess what?  He earned it.  To switch tactics midstream and start contending that the established rules (and the people's votes) shouldn't matter is deeply disingenuous.  It exhibits an 'ends justify the means' mentality -- with the means being mass disenfranchisement, in this case.  The Republican National Committee, which is more or less running Trump's entire ground game at this point, is moving decisively to crush any convention insurrection:

The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee are moving quickly and aggressively to head off the fledgling effort to stage a revolt at their convention next month in Cleveland, hoping to spare the party an embarrassing spectacle that could deeply wound the presumptive nominee. They are employing hard-nosed tactics, warning delegates that attempting to undermine Donald J. Trump’s claim to the nomination violates party rules, and threatening to deny speaking slots to Republicans they deem disloyal for not backing him...The R.N.C. and the Trump campaign are also installing loyal party stalwarts in key party positions to help ensure that they maintain control of the convention if rogue delegates attempt a disruption. And they are trying to discredit Republicans who are advocating an interpretation of party rules that would allow delegates to vote for anyone they want on the first ballot.

Their moves are intended to buttress Mr. Trump as he confronts a faction of Republicans who, emboldened by his recent missteps, say their efforts to stage a convention coup are gaining more support. In the last week, prominent Republicans like House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin have breathed new life into these efforts by saying that delegates should be free to follow their consciences instead of being committed to back a candidate. Stopping the presumptive nominee at the convention — one who won 37 states and has an indisputable majority of delegates — would be an extraordinary affront and seems improbable at this point. But even if the anti-Trump forces fall short, the scene that threatens to unfold on national television would be an unwelcome one for Mr. Trump and the Republican Party: a band of angry, rebelling delegates trying to seize control of the convention and wrest away the nomination.

I'm not sure "we'll deny you a speaking slot" is a particularly powerful threat this cycle; the party is reportedly struggling to find A-listers willing to speak on Trump's behalf as it is, with a growing roster of elected Republicans announcing their intention to eschew the trip to northern Ohio altogether. The New York Times' story goes on to report that RNC officials have deployed "about a dozen operatives to ensure that the nominating vote goes off without a hitch," and having lawyers advise "state party leaders how to beat back the anti-Trump efforts, prompting party chairs from Minnesota to Washington State to issue admonitions to delegates who may be thinking of breaking their obligation to vote for Mr. Trump."  All told, this last-ditch 'dump Trump' push seems even more ill-fated than previous, more plausible, efforts; the party's establishment apparatus is mobilizing to protect its nominee.  I'll leave you with Allahpundit's cynical, but not terribly unrealistic, view on how they may be rewarded for this fealty:

Priebus and his team will get their reward this fall if/when Trump fades down the stretch and spends the last month of the campaign at his rallies complaining that the incompetent “establishment” sabotaged him. There’s a real chance come mid-November that pro-Trump Republicans will despise the RNC for having somehow lost the election for Trump and anti-Trump Republicans will despise the RNC for not having fought harder to keep Trump from the nomination when it had the chance. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or oblivion. Sounds right.

Incidentally, that "oblivion quote" isn't hyperbolic heavy breathing from AP. It's a direct, on-the-record (!) quote from a member of the Republican Party's rules committee: “We’re going to ride the Trump bandwagon into 1600 Penn Ave, or into oblivion...One or the other.”

Katie Pavlich - The Daily Show Urges People to Celebrate Abortion Ruling: Go Knock Someone Up!
Posted: 6/27/2016 4:30:00 PM EST

As Cortney has extensively reported, the Supreme Court struck down Texas requirements abortion clinics abortion clinics have hospital admitting privileges. The pro-choice community is celebrating in the name of women's health, but The Daily Show just took things to a whole new level of disgust and depravity. 

Democrats have come a long way from believe abortion should be "rare." Now, at least for the folks at The Daily Show, it's just a punchline about using abortion as birth control.

Megan Maxey - Violence Erupts at California's Capitol
Posted: 6/27/2016 4:30:00 PM EST

California white supremacists intended to march on their state's capitol but were faced by armed anarchists holding signs stating "Nazi Scum" and "No Racism in Our State."

The neo-Nazi and counter protesters clashed almost immediately after the rally began. Twenty minutes later, ten people were stabbed or wounded and two of those encountered life threatening situations. Ages of the victims range from 19 to 58 and all are expected to survive.

According to CHP, the 400 counter protesters attacked the 30 demonstrators with knives, bottles, and wooden stakes.

The brawl was fought between The Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) which is known as a neo-Nazi white supremacist group and a group of anarchists and anti-fascists. 

TWP paired with the Golden State Skinheads for the permitted Sunday rally but brought knives in preparation of any attacks. The groups had been threatened over social media before the event and expected to be outnumbered by counter protesters ten to one.

"They attacked us with all these weapons chanting 'kill the Nazis, kill the Fascists' while they were armed with weapons," Traditionalist Worker Party Chairman Matthew Heimbach told Fox News, "These were not people. These were radical left wingers that were coming to get in a fist fight. They were yelling they would kill our members ... They tried to do just that. They stabbed one of our members. Hit him in his arteries."

The rally was scheduled for two hours in front of the Capitol. For safety, 100 police officers were deployed to watch over the event.

Vice Chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party Matt Parrott blamed "leftist radicals" for the violence.

Members of both the neo-Nazi groups and the counter protesters where wounded during the brawl. Video from ABC10 shows protesters fighting each other with sticks and throwing things at each other.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described TWP as the political wing of the Traditionalist Youth Network, which aims to “indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism.

"The indecent that happened at the Capitol yesterday was simply unacceptable and any violence of any kind will not be tolerated in Sacramento," said Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson in a statement, "I commend our law enforcement and fire department on their swift response ... Over the past eight years, we have worked diligently to bring all sides to the table."

Sacramento Fire Department labeled this as a "mass casualty event" but the police currently have no arrests for the violent acts that took place on Sunday afternoon.

Joe Pappalardo - Pope Stands By 'Genocide' Remark, Says Christians Should Ask Gays For Forgiveness
Posted: 6/27/2016 4:00:00 PM EST

While flying back to Rome from Armenia Sunday, Pope Francis addressed questions regarding respect for gay people and his recent remarks on the Armenian "genocide."

Francis spoke to reporters during an in-flight press conference, emphasizing apologies from Christians to the poor, exploited women, and child laborers. He pointed out that many great priests and holy people go unnoticed "because holiness is modest."

He quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church in his statements on homosexuality, saying:

...that they must not be discriminated against, that they must be respected and accompanied pastorally. One can condemn, but not for theological reasons, but for reasons of political behavior...Certain manifestations are a bit too offensive for others, no? ... But these are things that have nothing to do with the problem. The problem is a person that has a condition, that has good will and who seeks God, who are we to judge?

Francis noted that there are "some cultures that have a different mentality" regarding treatment of people attracted to the same sex. While USA Today reported Francis' comments as a "groundbreaking statement," the Catholic Church's leader did not contradict its teachings that homosexual acts are sinful (not the orientation itself) and broadened his apology to women, children, and families. He referenced his childhood in Buenos Aires, 80 years ago, when a divorced family was barred from entering a Catholic home because the religion's teachings do not recognize divorce.

"The Church must ask forgiveness for not behaving many times – when I say the Church, I mean Christians!" Francis said. "The Church is holy, we are sinners!"

He also clarified his use of the term "genocide" while discussing the killing of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire:

I wanted to underscore something else, and I don’t think I err that I also said: in this genocide, as in the other two, the great international powers looked in the other direction. And this was the thing. In the Second World War some powers, which had photographed the train lines that led to Auschwitz had the possibility to bomb and didn’t do it. An example. In the context of the First War, where was the problem of the Armenians? And in the context of the Second War where was the problem of Hitler and Stalin and after Yalta of the area… and all that no one speak about. One has to underscore this. And make the historical question: why didn’t you do this, you powers?

In July, the Pope will travel to Azerbaijan and then World Youth Day in Poland.

Katie Pavlich - Report: CIA Guns Destined For Syrian Rebels Stolen, Used to Kill Americans
Posted: 6/27/2016 4:00:00 PM EST

The New York Times is out with an alarming report today detailing how guns intended for Syrian rebels ended up on the black market and eventually used to kill two Americans overseas. 

Weapons shipped into Jordan by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia intended for Syrian rebels have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, according to American and Jordanian officials.

Some of the stolen weapons were used in a shooting in November that killed two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman, F.B.I. officials believe after months of investigating the attack, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The existence of the weapons theft, which ended only months ago after complaints by the American and Saudi governments, is being reported for the first time after a joint investigation by The New York Times and Al Jazeera. The theft, involving millions of dollars of weapons, highlights the messy, unplanned consequences of programs to arm and train rebels — the kind of program the C.I.A. and Pentagon have conducted for decades — even after the Obama administration had hoped to keep the training program in Jordan under tight control.

These revelations bring back memories of Operation Fast and Furious, when the Obama Justice Department deliberately sold, trafficked and lost more than 2500 rifles to Mexican cartels south of the border. Rifles from the operation were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed by Mexican bandits in Arizona's Rio Valley in December 2010. 

After months of rumors and allegations, last year it was confirmed weapons were being trafficked by the United States through Benghazi to Syrian rebels in the Middle East. 

A Defense Intelligence Agency memo from Sept. 16, 2012, concluded that the Benghazi terror attack was planned at least 10 days in advance to coincide with 9/11 and was in retaliation for a drone strike that killed an al Qaeda strategist. The memo was copied to the National Security Council, the State Department and the CIA.

“The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for the [U.S.] killing of Aboyahiye (Alaliby) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings,” the memo said.

Judicial Watch obtained the memos by suing in federal court.

“The Obama administration says it was a coincidence that [the Benghazi attack] occurred on 9/11. In fact, their intelligence said it wasn’t a coincidence, and in fact, specifically the attack occurred because it was 9/11,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Another 2012 DIA memo predicts the rise of ISIS and the establishment of a caliphate 17 months before President Barack Obama called ISIS “jay-vee.”

A third DIA memo, dated Oct. 5, 2012, leaves no doubt that U.S. intelligence agencies knew that weapons were moving from Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans.

And as a reminder, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denies knowing anything about it. Staff - 8 Conservative Speakers You Won't Want to Miss at RedState Gathering 2016
Posted: 6/27/2016 3:30:00 PM EST

Townhall Media's RedState Gathering 2016 is coming up soon, and excitement around this annual event is rising.

We’ve already confirmed a whole slate of great speakers, with more to be announced in the coming weeks. Here are eight (of the many) top conservatives you won’t want to miss:

1) Texas Governor Greg Abbott took over after Rick Perry just a year ago in 2015, but he has a long history of service to the Lone Star State. He has served as the state’s attorney general and as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court, and he’s known for successfully arguing to the U.S. Supreme Court for the right to display a monument of the Ten Commandments outside the state capitol. Here’s a link to his 2015 address at the RedState Gathering.

2) Jim Bridenstine has been a Republican congressman representing Oklahoma’s first district since 2013. Tulsa, the state’s second-largest city, is in Bridenstine’s district. He served in the U.S. Navy as a pilot for nine years in Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve. You can see his speech at the 2014 RedState Gathering here.

Get your ticket for the RedState Gathering at and save $100 off your registration!

3) Ken Buck is a congressman from Colorado’s fourth district. He has been in office since 2015 and was previously the district attorney for Weld County, Colorado and a prosecutor with the Department of Justice where he became chief of the criminal division. As district attorney, he helped the crime rate in the county drop by 50 percent.

4) Ken Cuccinelli was the attorney general of Virginia from 2010 to 2014. He was nominated the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia in 2013 and served in the state senate for eight years. As attorney general, he gained national attention for his fight against ObamaCare and his pro-life stance.

5) Carly Fiorina was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005, the first woman to ever lead a Fortune-20 company. She made waves as a formidable critic of Hillary Clinton when she ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. She was named Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s running mate before he suspended his campaign. Watch her inspiring speech at the 2015 RedState Gathering here.

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6) Brian Kemp has been the secretary of state of Georgia since 2010. Before that, he served in the Georgia state senate for four years. He also was chosen as the national chairman of the Republican Secretaries of State Committee in 2012. As secretary of state, Kemp implemented a zero-based budgeting system and has fought for common-sense business practices.

7) Former Governor Rick Perry was the governor of Texas from 2000 to 2015. He is the longest-serving governor in state history, and ran for president in 2012 and 2016. As governor of the 12th-largest economy in the world, he balanced the budget 14 years in a row and oversaw the creation of millions of jobs. Check out his speech during the 2015 RedState Gathering here.

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8) Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has been a senator from Nebraska since 2015. He made news recently for his vocal opposition to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. His “Open Letter to Trump Supporters” went viral when he posted it to Facebook in May. This will be his first visit to RedState Gathering.

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Matt Vespa - CNN Panel: It Looks Like Hillary Is Trying To Rehash 2012's 'Kill Romney' Strategy On Trump
Posted: 6/27/2016 3:15:00 PM EST

Over the weekend, CNN’s John King discussed the 2016 presidential race (what else?) on Inside Politics, where the roundtable debated what is Hillary Clinton’s economic message if you’re the average voter. The segment featured Clinton’s economic speech on June 21, where the former first lady attacked Trump’s record as a job creator, quipping that he’s written a lot of books about business that seem to end at chapter 11.

“What is Hillary Clinton’s central economic message—close your eyes?” asked King. The Associated Press’ Lisa Lerer said that this is a debate among Democrats, as it appears they’re trying to replay the 2012 strategy they deployed against Mitt Romney, which was dubbed “kill Romney” by a Democratic strategist working with the Obama White House. So far, Clinton’s team seems to be hedging their bets that this will work against Trump.

Right, and there’s a debate within Democratic circles about whether it’s enough for her to run just against him, or whether she has to also put forward her own message. It seems like her team has decided it’s actually enough at this stage in the game to run just against him. And it’s a strategy that reminds me of what happened in ’12, where Democrats moved over the summer to define Mitt Romney as this out-of-touch plutocrat. They were on the ads constantly in Ohio doing that. Democrats are trying to repeat that playbook this year with Donald Trump. It may work. It may not. I think operations matter; you get this sense that Donald Trump really sees this as a national referendum, where he can just be giving these interviews, and on Twitter. And this is, at this stage in the game, a 50-state drag out battle. You have to have the ground game; you have to have the ads in all these states. He just doesn’t have that. So, she may be able to drive this message and attack him effectively in the eight states that matter in this race.

Yet, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny noted that he feels the Clinton camp knows it’s not enough to be just anti-Trump on the trail, noting that they’re highly cognizant of the former secretary of state’s vulnerabilities on trade in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio—states that Trump could put in play with his anti-NAFTA, TPP message. Clinton supported both of those free trade agreements. He also said that the following day was suppose to be nothing but bolstering Clinton, but turned into another day responding to Trump.

Both of these candidates are unpopular, but Trump leads Clinton on honesty by a two-to-one margin. He’s also not in a terrible position in key battleground states. For those wanting change in these states, Trump leads—but that’s not necessarily a sign that these people will vote for the billionaire real estate magnate. Nevertheless, if the “we want change” cohort decides to move definitively on voting for Trump in the coming months, the race could change.

If kill Trump is part of the Clinton campaign’s arsenal, it’s doubtful to be as effective in the way Obama used it to trounce Romney. There’s the fact that Romney’s team was quite appalling when it came to messaging and pushing back against Democratic attacks on his business record and character. Trump will strike back hard. And on a pretty constant basis, many have brought a knife to a gunfight concerning delivering blows they considered would knock him out. Unlike Romney, Trump dominates the news cycle, being able to garner $2 billion in free media over the 2016 primary. Only with Trump would the news networks keep the cameras focused on him without commercial interruption for an hour. Lastly, Obama was somewhat popular in the 2012 election, Clinton isn’t. Neither is Trump, but if you’re going to slam him for being unscrupulous—it’s going to come off as an appalling lack of self-awareness given Clinton’s serial failure in being honest about her emails, and lack of transparency concerning her family non-profit. All of which speaks to the question of trustworthiness that the American people feels she lacks.

Connor  Hoffman - Trump Campaign Starts To Build Its Online Presence
Posted: 6/27/2016 3:00:00 PM EST

The Trump campaign is finally started to build its online arsenal with the beginning of their online fundraising efforts, the creation of an anti-Hillary Clinton website and with the hiring of new staff members. 

The new website launched last week is called "," and is intended to focus on some of Clinton's most serious lies. 

Last week, the Trump campaign released a statement that explained exactly why they created this website. 

"It is more important than ever for America to realize how dishonest Crooked Hillary really is. We can't trust her now and we can't allow her to take her dishonesty to the White House," the campaign explained. "Four years of Crooked Hillary in the White House is not a risk Americans can take."

The first video on the website focuses on Clinton's lies about the Benghazi attacks, and is the first in a series called "10 Legendary Lies."

Michael Duncan, who is a partner at Cavalry, LLC, the company that directed digital strategy for Senator Mitch McConnell's 2014 re-election bid, believes that the Trump campaign is heading in the right direction with the creation of this website. 

"I think the early signs we've seen, from them activating a small dollar online plan coupled with the rollout of the microsite, tells me that the Donald Trump campaign is getting its footing," said Duncan.

Check out Trump's new website here.  

The Trump campaign has also hired Brad Parscale as the new campaign digital director. Parscale is also a political outsider, and some speculate that Trump hired him for the work he did with Trump Winery. 

Also, last week the Trump campaign started its efforts with fundraising emails. They sent out the first fundraising email on Tuesday after May fundraising numbers showed Trump far behind Clinton in funds. 

"This is the first fundraising email I have ever sent on behalf of my campaign. That's right. The FIRST ONE," said Trump in the fundraising email. "And, I'm going to help make it the most successful introductory fundraising email in modern political history by personally matching every dollar that comes in WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS, up to $2 million!"

According to the Trump campaign, the fundraising email was wildly successful. Steve Mnuchin, the campaign national finance chairman, said that the email raised overall $5 million, with $3 million coming from donors and $2 million being funds that Trump has promised to match. 

Some believe that the success of this email proves that Trump may be able to build a grassroots network like Bernie Sanders did earlier this year. Dale Ranney, a South Carolina volunteer who recently donated $125 to the campaign, explained that Trump could easily raise over Clinton's $1 billion mark if all of his 9 million Twitter followers donate to the campaign. 

Mnuchin said that they plan on making daily fundraising emails after the overwhelming response the campaign received from the first email. The Trump campaign has already sent at least four more fundraising emails since Tuesday's email. 

Cortney O'Brien - Dems' Benghazi Report Argues Clinton Was 'Active and Engaged' During Raid
Posted: 6/27/2016 2:10:00 PM EST

Dueling final reports from the House Select Committee on Benghazi are being released this week. The committee majority are releasing a detailed assessment early Tuesday morning that exposes the Obama White House's lack of leadership that left our soldiers ill-equipped to face the enemy. Ahead of that report, however, bitter Democrats on the committeee have decided to release their own final report on the panel's two-year investigation - and it paints a much more positive picture of how the administration responded to the terror attack.

Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy has accused the committee's Democrats of "abject obstruction" throughout their investigation. Panelists like Rep. Elijah Cummings, Gowdy says, have threatened to leak witness transcripts in an effort to shield former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from wrongdoing. 

Yet, the Democrats insisted on having a say on the committee's final report. Gowdy laughed off that demand.

Because they were blocked from adding their voice to the report, Democrats have released their own. Although their report opens with a pledge that they are releasing their own document to honor the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, you don't have to read far to realize they have little intention of finding answers for these fallen men's families. As Select Committee on Benghazi Press Secretary Matt Wolking pointed out in a press release on Monday, the Dems' report references Hillary Clinton 334 times, and the fallen Americans a combined total of 142 times. That tally, Wolking says, proves the Democrats have an "obsession" with Clinton.

The Democratic report offers a timeline of events from the night of the raid and concludes that "the Defense Department could not have done anything differently on the night of the attacks." Moreover, Secretary Clinton was "active and engaged" during the ambush.

At times, it seems the report is more interested in bashing Republicans. 

"Republicans drafted their partisan final report in secret with no input whatsoever from nearly half of the Select Committee's members," it reads. "Republicans used taxpayer funds to conduct one of the longest and most partisan congressional investigations in history."

In short, the Democrats' report all but confirms Gowdy's suspicion - they were not interested in helping forward the committee's investigation.


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