Michael Schaus - In Other News: Liberal Mag Says Eating 3 Meals a Day is “Racist”
Posted: 3/5/2015 12:20:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

According to researchers at NYU’s medical school, New York City air is potentially lethal. But it's good thing no one is allowed to smoke or drink 32 ounce sodas.

(NY Post)

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner is apparently “racist” according to the far left publication “Mother Jones”. I guess I never realized racism was so delicious.

(Weasel Zippers)

CNN is worried that the Supreme Court case against Obamacare could “end healthcare for millions” of people. (Fair and balanced, right?) Maybe this is why Pelosi should have read the bill before shoving it down our throats.


America’s Ambassador to South Korea was attacked by a razor-wielding Korean extremist. It’s unclear what YouTube video the Obama Administration is trying to blame for inciting this attack.

(Associated Press)

Edward Snowden says the US is not willing to offer him a “fair” trial if he returns from Russia. Of course, that is exactly what is being offered… Snowden just doesn’t like the charges. I wonder how fair Putin would be if Snowden started leaking Russian intelligence.

(Yahoo News)

Officials are concerned about deepening ties between Iran and Iraq as Iran helps to fight ISIS… Good thing we decided not to stick around and help the Iraqis. This is going to pan out much better.

(Fox News)

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be dropping the iconic elephant from their acts by 2018. This will leave nothing more than a few rigged carnival games and creepy looking clowns. I’m sure it will be a big hit.

(Associated Press)

John Ransom - A Tax Plan Lawyers Will Hate
Posted: 3/5/2015 10:08:00 AM EST
Senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio unveiled a comprehensive tax reform plan that would reduce the code to three tax rates: two for individuals, 15% for earnings up to 75,000, and 35% for earnings over 75,000. And a flat business tax rate of 25%. The proposal would eliminate almost all deductions, along with taxes on capital gains, dividend payments and estate taxes.

Lee and Rubio claim that the reform proposal would bring tax relief to most Americans while stimulating economic growth.
The only deductions to remain would be charitable deductions and deductions for mortgage interest. Long cherished deductions like contributions to qualified retirement plans would be eliminated.
I can't speak for anyone but I'm guessing that accountants and tax lawyers really won't like this plan

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Michael Schaus - In Other News: John Boehner Makes a Good Democrat
Posted: 3/4/2015 2:33:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

According to Reuters, “a growing number of U.S. patients and their doctors are already devising a Plan B” in case the Supreme Court rules against Federal Obamacare subsidies. I thought Plan B was already covered by Obamacare.


Hillary Clinton is under fire for running her own private email server for all of her official State Department emails. The revelations came after learning she had multiple personal emails that she used instead of her official State Department account. (I assume she had one address for each of her fake accents.)

(Fox News)

Surprise, surprise: Eric Holder’s Department of “Justice” has determined that the Ferguson Police Department is racist. Of course, this is coming from a Justice Department that has turned Al Sharpton’s race baiting into a judicial practice.


ISIS has issued a fatwa declaring that foosball will be legal in their caliphate, provided the tabletop figurines have their heads removed. Decapitation really is the radical-Islamist’s answer to almost everything.


Critics say that recently obtained emails show a culture of retaliation and intimidation in the FBI toward would-be whistleblowers. Special Agents Mulder and Scully are expected to testify before congress on this issue in coming weeks.

(Washington Times)

An astounding 167 Republicans voted against John Boehner’s DHS bill, which was ultimately passed with the overwhelming support of Democrats… Maybe Boehner should just hand the gavel over to Nancy, and call it a day.


One of the evil Koch brothers is apparently backing gay marriage at the Supreme Court… It’s strange how I don’t hear any of Harry Reid’s panicked rants about that Koch conspiracy.

(Free Beacon)

John Ransom - Jobs Growth Slows to Worst in Nine Months
Posted: 3/4/2015 2:08:00 PM EST
Private companies added 212,000 jobs for the month of February according to payroll processor ADP. That's down significantly from the monthly average of 250,000 jobs according to USA today and below the expectation for February of 220,000 jobs. From Reuters:

The report showed moderating employment gains in sectors such as manufacturing, goods producing, and services. For instance, service-providing employment rose by 181,000 jobs in February, compared with growth of 206,000 in the sector in January.

The good news is that small and medium size companies added the majority of positions. The bad news is that big companies only added 58,000 positions.

That's about 25% of the total. The report provides a preview for the more comprehensive release on Friday of the Labor Department report on employment. 

So people ask how the markets Bull run can continue. 

One way would be by adding jobs more consistently. But it looks like instead job growth is moderating. 

John Ransom - Most Put More into Social Security than They Will Receive: Report
Posted: 3/4/2015 12:03:00 PM EST
According to an article in Journal of Retirement the lifetime contributions to Social Security by many of today's workers will exceed the amount of the benefits even though today's workers are expected to live longer.
The author of the article says that the net cost of participating in Social Security for an average worker today is roughly five years of their lifetime earnings.

The biggest losers are high earning married couples who are expected to lose over $665,000 in the course of their lifetime. The only winner in the medium earning category is a married couple with one earner only.

They net about $151,000.

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Michael Schaus - In Other News: Someone Get Bibi a Birth Certificate, and Run Him for POTUS
Posted: 3/3/2015 2:22:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Bibi Netanyahu gave his address to Congress today… I’ve asked it before, but can we pretend he’s from Hawaii and run him for President?


Hillary Clinton used a private email during her tenure at the State Department. In her defense, she was probably just trying to avoid the epidemic of hard-drive crashes that had swept through the IRS.


Susan Rice told the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, that we should be supportive of Iran’s “peaceful” quest for nuclear power. I’m still not totally sure why liberals aren’t pushing for Iran to adopt wind or solar power instead.


While the President spars with Benjamin Netanyahu, the State Department tweeted out a speech by a Muslim Cleric who blames Zionism for all the problems of the Middle East… Super classy, team Obama. Super classy.

(Free Beacon)

So one of the guys who was pivotal in the US-backed effort to overthrow Gadhafi is now leading Libya’s ISIS affiliate. Maybe the administration should have run some background checks before passing out RPGs and AK-47s.

(Center for Security Policy)

There is more ice on the great lakes now than there was during the “polar vortex” last year… It’s almost as if the climate is naturally volatile, or something.

(CNS News)

Good news: Cat videos no longer make up the bulk of broadband usage. It looks like the Netflix hit “House of Cards” gave the streaming service a 30 percent spike in broadband usage. 


John Ransom - Boomers not saving enough
Posted: 3/2/2015 12:32:00 PM EST
The new report from the employee retirement benefit institute warns that baby boomers haven't saved enough for retirement. The Institute looked at various investment accounts including IRAs 401(k)s and regular savings vehicles to determine how much shortfall there is. They say that cumulatively America has a $4 trillion retirement shortfall. That makes Social Security even more of the sacred cow. They warned that single individuals have a higher saving Stefan said well single women have a much higher savings deficit. The report also points out that women live longer than men that should be saving more not less.

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Michael Schaus - In Other News: California Hires Guest Workers to Process Unemployment Claims
Posted: 3/2/2015 12:23:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

John Kerry says that any US/Iran nuclear deal would ultimately “make Israel safer” in the long run. Ya know: Kinda like the agreement with Hitler in Munich was going to help bring peace to the continent of Europe.

(Weasel Zippers)

Nearly 65 percent of Britain’s laws are actually created in Brussels by the EU… If this keeps up, maybe the Brits will finally understand what all the fuss was about in the colonies back in the 1770s.


Most Republican hopefuls for 2016 believe we should arm Ukraine. Hillary Clinton’s position, by contrast, is largely unknown… It’s possible she’s already on the lookout for a new “reset” button to give to Putin.

(Free Beacon)

California is hiring foreign “guest workers” to process the state’s unemployment claims… Now, maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem like there is some sort of (domestic) unemployment solution staring California right in the face?

(News 10)

This is where we are as a world: A UK politician quipped that “Jihadi John” should have committed suicide long ago, and Party officials stumbled over themselves to point out that neither the Party (nor the politician) condones the act of suicide. In other news: I wish Jihadi John had committed suicide.


Donald Trump says he is the only potential GOP Presidential contender who is capable of beating Hillary. I assume that is because such a task demands his awesome amount of modesty and humility, right?

(Fox News)

John Ransom - Obama Gets Punished for Education Tax Idea
Posted: 2/27/2015 2:41:00 PM EST

Last month Obama was talking about taxing 529 plans for college savings. This month the GOP passed a bill to expand the use of 529 plans to include reimbursement for computers, in part to punish Obam. The U.S. House voted for 401 to 20, to allow families to use money from 529 plans on computers for students. The size of the majority shows that there's broad bipartisan support for the legislation which still has to pass the Senate and then go to the president's desk for signature before becoming law. While it's hard to predict what will happen in the hyper partisan DC, most experts believe the measure will easily pass in the Senate and the president will sign it. I don't think that there's a more important tool to education the states then the personal computer. It's good that they've restored this benefit...maybe.

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Michael Schaus - In Other News: Verizon Releases Statement on FCC’s “1930’s Era Regulations” in Morse Code
Posted: 2/27/2015 12:33:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The internet service provider Verizon mocked the concept of applying 1930s regulations to a 21st century technology, by releasing a statement on Net Neutrality... in Morse code. (Seriously.) The humor, however, was lost on the FCC who had just recently upgraded to rotary phones.


While the rest of America waited anxiously for the details of the FCC’s 332 page Net Neutrality proposal, Google executives apparently got to help craft the regulation. So, to summarize: Net Neutrality – a regulation ostensibly aimed at equalizing the internet – got started with a few crony elites colluding with bureaucrats… Yep. I was right. This is “Socialism for Broadband.”


The beauty of Socialism: Venezuela is running so low on basic goods and products, it has been considering the possibility of trading barrels of Crude for items like toilet paper. Isn’t it strange how a “worker’s paradise” looks awfully similar to 3rd world suffering?


The Treasury Department is refusing to explain why it paid out $3 billion in Obamacare payments without authorization from Congress. I guess the Constitution, kinda like Al Sharpton’s tax bill, is completely optional.

(Washington Examiner)

Roughly 32,000 more emails were uncovered in the IRS targeting scandal, after it was learned that IRS employees never actually looked for the backup tapes in the first place. Obama was right: There’s not a “smidgen” of corruption. After all, 32,000 previously “misplaced” emails is more like a truckload than a smidgen.

(Fox News)

Speaking of emails: Emails from the State Department show that Hillary Clinton’s top aides knew almost immediately that the attack on our Ambassador in Benghazi was an organized terrorist attack… But, really, “what difference does it make?”

(Fox News)