Michael Schaus - In Other News: America's Favorite "Gun Free Zone" is Plagued by Weekend Gun Violence
Posted: 7/7/2014 11:00:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Hillary Clinton says her speaking fees don’t really matter because she donates it all to charity, which is true: She gave her money to the Clinton Foundation. I really need to get on top of creating that non-profit designed at improving the living conditions of the Schaus household…


Obama has a “secret” schedule… What is not surprising is the fact that this administration is less than forthcoming about their agenda. What is surprising is that their secret itinerary included things other than tee-times at the Air Force golf course.


Federal Agents are showing up on the border, but they won’t be there to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. They’re actually showing up to keep the anti-amnesty protesters “in line”… I’m thinking totally out-of-the-box here, but maybe while they’re down there they can do a little border protection?

(Daily Caller)

If you are President Obama, you celebrated the 4th of July by playing golf. If you are an average American, you celebrated by watching a parade and some fireworks… And if you are a resident of Chicago, you were probably getting shot at. America’s favorite Gun-Free-Zone saw 82 people shot, with 14 deaths, over the 4th of July holiday.

(ABC News)

Oh… but here’s some good news: One of those victims of Chicago violence was able to (legally) shoot back at his assailants. Isn’t the Second Amendment grand?


Michael Schaus - In Other News: White House Employee Makes $100,000 for Penmanship
Posted: 7/2/2014 12:00:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The White House Calligrapher makes just under $98,000 per year… I never imagined “calligrapher” as a viable career option. In fact, I’m pretty certain that was not on the list of career possibilities that my college advisor shared with me in high school.


Land of the (mostly) free… Americans are beginning to feel less “free”, according to recent polls. Hey, that’s okay. We might not have our freedom, but at least we have some free birth control, right?

(Christian Science Monitor)

Medical staff working on the southern border were told by the Obama administration that they are not allowed to talk to the press. In fact, they were even threatened with prosecution, and possible jail time. Strangely, the previous story seems to be coming into focus…

(Fox News)

About 85% of Obamacare’s “inconsistencies” cannot be fixed. What this means, is that the exchanges are unable to verify citizenship, verify eligibility for subsidies, protect an individual's personal information, etc. So, in other words: It’s working pretty much “as expected” for a government program.

(New York Post)

Here are some pretty interesting poll numbers about the Obama tenure. I’m sure the Obama administration will step up IRS audits and DOJ investigations until morale improves.

(National Review)

John Ransom - Yahoo Trades and You Won't Believe What Happens Next!
Posted: 7/1/2014 7:54:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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<strong> </strong><img style="float: right;" src="http://media.townhall.com/_townhall/uploads/2014/3/5/0.jpg">


Stock number one: Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft's new encryption makes it tougher to spy on your email—EnGaget

Microsoft said last year that it was tightening security to fend off the NSA and others who would scoop up your data, and today it fulfilled that promise with moves that should improve real-world security. The company now encrypts both incoming and outgoing Outlook.com email when it's in transit. So long as the other end also supports this encryption (Gmail and other big names do), snoops can't easily intercept messages in mid-flight.

Symbol: MSFT

Trailing PE: 16; Forward PE: 15

PEG: 2.28

Dividend: 2.7%

Estimate Trend: Flat

Ransom Note Trendline: Hold Microsoft

MSFT Chart

MSFT data by YCharts

Stock number two: 3D Systems Corp.

3D Systems (DDD) Gains on Heavy Trading Volume--TheStreet.com

3D Systems (DDD_) was gaining 12.7% to 67.42 Tuesday with unusually high trading volume as 3D printer stocks rally. More than 6 million shares of the 3D printing maker were traded by 11:45 a.m., compared to a daily average trading volume of about 4.5 million shares a day. 3D Systems said that it will announce its second quarter results on July 31.

Symbol: DDD

Trailing PE: 150; Forward PE: 55

PEG: 3.26

Dividend: .6%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid 3D Systems

DDD Chart

DDD data by YCharts

Stock number three: Yahoo! Inc.

Accepted: ‘Community’ Is Coming to Yahoo--Wall Street Cheat

The cult hit TV show Community is being saved after all. The poorly rated series was cancelled by NBC after completing its fifth season and had been looking to online streaming services to save it, but reports came out last week that talks with Hulu had broken down, and the future of the series was looking grim as the actors’ contracts approached expiration.

Symbol: YHOO

Trailing PE: 29; Forward PE: 20

PEG: 2.68

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Flat

Ransom Note Trendline: Hold Yahoo

YHOO Chart

YHOO data by YCharts

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Obama Feels Your Pain – After All, He Had to Fire a Servant One Time
Posted: 7/1/2014 11:00:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Edward Snowden has released more information on the surveillance powers of the NSA – once again proving that the secretive spy agency is pretty much the Google AdSense of the security world.

(Washington Post)

The IRS spent over $4 billion on IT security… If you were expecting a punchline, I think that was just it.

(Free Beacon)

President Obama explained to a group of supporters that he and Michelle understand the pain middle class Americans are feeling right now because… Well, because Michelle had to fire a nanny when they were living in Chicago. I guess this goes to prove that they were busy killing jobs long before they got into the White House.

(Daily Caller)

A lady in DC got a parking ticket for following the street signs. Apparently, the signs were so confusing, even meter maids were unclear on what was required of drivers. DC Bureaucrats can’t write coherent parking regulations, but we’re placing them in charge of running our economy.


The Hobby Lobby ruling has enraged liberals. What many of them don’t realize however, is that the case was not determined on 1st Amendment grounds… It was determined largely on a piece of Democrat sponsored legislation from the 1990s. But that’s the trouble with common sense legislation: eventually it will get in the way of liberal entitlements.


Liberals are comparing the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby to Sharia Law… Because refusing to pay for someone else’s birth control is so closely related to beheading, amputating, and stoning women to death for getting raped. Right?

(Weasel Zippers)

John Ransom - Paper Soaring
Posted: 6/30/2014 2:16:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Barclays PLC

Beware The Hand Of Government—Seeking Alpha

Barclays (BCS) drew attention from local government as the New York State Attorney General's office filed suit against Barclays claiming "fraud and deceit" in the manner their dark pool trading was executed. Of course, when there's one cockroach you can be certain that there are more to be found, so the financial sector becomes more widely suspect as Barclays is scrutinized.

Symbol: BCS

Trailing PE: 47; Forward PE: 7

PEG: 0.58

Dividend: 1.7%

Estimate Trend: Flat

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Barclays

BCS Chart

BCS data by YCharts

Stock number two: Verizon Communications Inc

"XLTE" Wireless Technology Rolls Out In More Florida Markets--PR Newswire

Verizon Wireless has deployed its newest technology – known as XLTE – in Jacksonville, Panama City and Naples to further increase the capacity of the company's award-winning 4G LTE network and enhance services throughout Florida.

Symbol: VZ

Trailing PE: 11; Forward PE: 13

PEG: 2.29

Dividend: 4.30%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Verizon

VZ Chart

VZ data by YCharts

Stock number three: Weyerhaeuser

3 Stocks Advancing The Industrial Goods Sector--The Street.com

TheStreet Ratings rates Weyerhaeuser as a buy. The company's strengths can be seen in multiple areas, such as its increase in stock price during the past year, growth in earnings per share, compelling growth in net income, revenue growth and good cash flow from operations. We feel these strengths outweigh the fact that the company has had somewhat disappointing return on equity.

Symbol: WY

Trailing PE: 19; Forward PE: 33

PEG: 4.65

Dividend: 2.8%

Estimate Trend: Flat

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Weyerhaeuser

WY Chart

WY data by YCharts

href="http://ycharts.com/companies/LITB">LITB data by YCharts

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Bill Clinton Still Doesn't Inhale
Posted: 6/30/2014 11:53:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Arizona officials intimidated and berated a teacher who was opposed to Common Core standards. At one point, they even called the teacher a very nasty expletive… But they did spell it correctly.

(Daily Caller)

Bill Clinton says we should slow down with marijuana legalization. He suggests we wait another 2-3 years before we legalize inhaling.

(Fox News)

“By every measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office. You wouldn’t know it, but we are,” the president said Friday. It’s sort of cute the way he clings desperately to denial. It’s almost time for an intervention. Do they make sobriety chips for recovering spendaholics?

(Washington Times)

Obama promised to continue taking executive unilateral action if Congress “failed to act”… Because, as we all know from our junior high civics class, Congress is really more of an inconvenience than a legislative body. Right?


Militants have declared the creation of a new Islamic State in the Middle East. Obama’s foreign policy is an obvious success as well armed Al Qaeda-rejects form their own nation in Iraq and Syria.

(Fox News)

Strangely, that lush city in the middle of the Nevada desert (AKA: Las Vegas) is running out of water in Lake Meade; and environmentalists are blocking the city from tapping into alternative sources of water. After all, Sin City is not nearly as important as some un-touched underground water sources…

(The Telegraph)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Your Doctor Will Soon Be Spying On Your Spending Habits
Posted: 6/27/2014 3:24:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Obama does have a knack for bringing people together… All nine Supreme Court Justices have decided the President broke the law. And, let’s face it: Not just any President can bring those guys together.

(Daily Caller)

Government is not the only entity about to spy on you. Doctors will soon be able to see if you buy cigarettes, junk food, or even if you failed to go to the gym; and then they will call you to tell you how to live better… My doctor is going to be calling me a lot.


Obama is requesting $500 million for aiding Syrian Rebels… Oh, and we’re not helping Iraq handle their run-in with Syrian rebels. This foreign policy looks like it was written by a schizophrenic John McCain stunt double.

(USA Today)

A kid got booted from school for playing with a paper gun... Only people that believe in tenure and seniority-based pay scales could come up with zero-tolerance school policies.

(NY Post)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Obama’s Not King – Vice King Joe Biden is Devastated
Posted: 6/26/2014 2:01:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The Supreme Court ruled that Obama’s recess appointments were not constitutional – adding that Obama is “not a king”. Vice King Joe Biden was devastated.

(NY Times)

Hillary “Marie Antoinette” Clinton has decided to walk back her “dead broke” comments. She’s now saying they were “inartful”… Yeah. Kinda like the inartful comments uttered by a former queen of France.


A recent Pew Poll shows that only 40 percent of Liberals are “proud” to be an American… Maybe we should keep the illegal immigrants, and deport 40 percent of Liberals?

(Weasel Zippers)

President Obama misspelled Ronald Reagan’s name on recent media documents; proving once again that – even on the most rudimentary level – the current white house knows nothing about the Conservative icon.

(Fox News)

Santa Monica is banning e-cigarettes… Apparently, the perks of adulthood have no place in modern society.


Michael Schaus - In Other News: Bipartisanship Gets Creepy on Capitol Hill
Posted: 6/25/2014 11:45:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

A recruit for ISIL has earned the nickname “Osama Bin Bieber” because of his resemblance to the teenage pop star… There are now two good reasons to kill this terrorist.


Chelsea Clinton has said that she just doesn’t really care about money… Which is probably true. I mean, she gets paid $600,000 to do nothing for NBC, and lives in a $10 million apartment. I probably wouldn’t worry too much about money either if I didn’t have to.

(NY Daily News)

Democrat and Republican lawmakers held hands and sang a song yesterday. A bipartisan cross-section of Americans have determined that it was decidedly awkward and creepy. If you look closely, it appears that Nancy Pelosi is singing along in her native tongue of Klingon.

(Fox News)

Facebook has decided that ISIL propaganda pages that sell t-shirts, hats, and posters, should not be allowed to operate anymore on the social networking site. I’m just counting down the days until some minority rights organization lead by Barbara Boxer tries to sue Facebook for religious bigotry…


A liberal columnist says that white people should be a “lost” species… Because, ya know, white people are just a bunch of racists who want to wipe other races off the face of the planet. Right?

(Weasel Zippers)

A Burglary suspect logged into his victim’s computer to check Facebook… Then forgot to log out. It turns out that stupidity is a pretty effective tool to combat crime.

(ABC News)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Online Gamers Finally Have a Future (Kinda)
Posted: 6/24/2014 11:30:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

If you ever wondered why higher education doesn’t seem to be what it used to be worth, this might explain it: A university in Illinois just announced its newest athletic scholarship – for internet gamers. Finally, all those hours of playing League of Legends (instead of developing a social life, or valuable life skills) will finally pay off…

(Campus Reform)

Chicago has decided to begin a massive data collection effort within the city. High-tech sensors will be placed throughout the area, and will be capable of conducting continuous and in depth surveillance. Two minutes of hate will be soon to follow. (That’s an Orwell reference for those of you who haven’t read 1984.)

(Weasel Zippers)

Apparently, in order to “save the American economy”, we should be having more kids… I mean, we won’t be able to afford their education, and there won’t be any jobs when they graduate – but, yeah… Go forth and procreate for the homeland!

(The Week)

Obama warned us about increased hurricane activity amid warming global temperatures. Of course, temperatures have actually been holding steady for the last 17 years, and hurricanes have been on the decline for the last 8 years… With that in mind, maybe he was talking about his presidency. After all, things have been a little stormy for the White House.

(CNS News)

AOL reported that a lady stopped her commute to rescue some ducks. Her actions resulted in two human deaths. She is facing life in prison. The most unbelievable part of this story, is that AOL is still a thing.



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