Michael Schaus - In Other News: Keep Gitmo Open – Let’s Close DC Instead
Posted: 10/6/2014 1:45:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Mike Bloomberg was knighted by the British for his business and philanthropic work. Now he’s just waiting on the Vatican to get their act together, and grant him Sainthood. (Wait… Heaven has a ban on high-capacity sodas, right?)


Obama quietly scrapped Ebola quarantine procedures a number of years ago because in all seriousness: “what are the odds?”

(Fox News)

“Activists” (in English we generally call these people “looters” and “rioters”) in Ferguson have demanded that authorities bypass a grand jury, and just arrest Police Officer Darren Wilson… I guess due process and a fair trial are just too much for an angry mob to handle.

(NBC News)

Democrat Mark Udall weighed in on whether or not we should close Gitmo: “We can send ‘em back to their countries – no wait, we can keep the terrorists here.” It becomes pretty obvious that he has a very precarious grasp on reality. It also becomes pretty obvious that we would be better off as a nation if we kept Gitmo open, and just closed down DC for a little while instead.

(You Tube)

Leon Panetta is the latest (former) administration official to throw Obama under the bus. Meanwhile, as the Obama Administration continues to sink, the Joe Biden comedy hour keeps on playing:

(Weekly Standard)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: War on Women: Barrack Obama Has Never Heard of an OBGYN Before
Posted: 10/3/2014 12:43:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Obama introduced Eric Holder’s wife as a nationally recognized “Obi-Gynee”… Apparently he’s never heard of an OBGYN. I don’t think this guy is smart enough to run our healthcare. And, for what it’s worth, I want you to imagine that George Bush made this gaffe:

Roughly 232,000 people found jobs. Of course, that’s not why the unemployment rate dropped to 5.9 percent. About 315,000 people left the workforce in that same time period. I guess this is why we’re taught Common Core math nowadays – it’s easier to be happy about data like this when you don’t understand it.

(Weasel Zippers)

There was a four school shutdown on “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”. (Yes…that’s a thing.) Why? Well because some cafeteria worker misidentified a plastic sword as a real gun. I think we now know what kind of intellectual power is required for assistant chef at public elementary schools.

(Daily Caller)

No chance of Ebola in America… Oh, and here’s another potential case in Washington DC:

(NBC Washington)

There’s a $1,200 machine that can do the work of the $20,000 milling machine needed to manufacture an AR-15 from scratch. I only have one word: “Need.”


Huffington Post is arguing that “climate change” should be taken seriously, even if scientific proof is non-existent. This is cute: we’ve gone from “global warming is real according to these computer models designed by global warming activists”, to “Global warming is real because global warming activists have suggested an unprovable link between weather events and global warming.”

(Huffington Post)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: New York Reporter to Army Officer: “Get a Real Job”
Posted: 10/2/2014 1:49:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

A bunch of college kids signed a petition to support ISIS. As a side note, they’ll probably have a tough time paying off their college loans if they approach the job market with this same degree of unbridled ignorance.

(Weasel Zippers)

Slate magazine believes we should teach “Ebonics” in schools… The movie “Airplane” seems to have been almost prophetic in this case.


A handful of Palestinians decided to hurl rocks and Molotov cocktails at a Jewish daycare center for infants. I’m sure the UN is already planning to charge the Jewish infants with some sort of war crime.

(Israel National News)

Some employee at a radio station in New York lashed out at a career Army officer; telling him to “get a real job” and quit living off the taxpayer… Those are pretty tough words for someone who doesn’t have to get shot at in order to earn a paycheck.

(Free Beacon)

So at first we were told there was “no way” anyone had contracted Ebola from that one guy in Texas. Then there was a possible second case confirmed, but we’re still being reassured that everything is okay. In other news: roughly 100 people are currently being checked in Texas for possible exposure to Ebola.

(BBC News)

Additionally, the Obama Administration has listed no travel restrictions to, or from, countries currently suffering from the Ebola outbreak. It’s nice to see that his vision for an inclusive and welcoming US isn’t deterred by something as pesky as an incurable sickness.


Michael Schaus - In Other News: The Theological Experts at Salon Magazine Claim Jesus was a Communist
Posted: 10/1/2014 1:13:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The first case of Ebola on US soil has been reported. But don’t worry; the CDC says it is absolutely isolated and will not spread. In other news, the second case of Ebola on US soil has just been reported…

(USA Today)

The world’s oldest clown died… And no. I’m not talking about Harry Reid.

(Billings Gazette)

Salon Magazine claims that Jesus was a Marxist. I don’t remember anything in the Bible about Jesus advocating for the confiscation of other people’s private property – but how can I possibly argue with the theological masters over at Salon? (Yeah… This would be a good place for a sarcasm font.)

(Weasel Zippers)

Another 50,000 healthcare plans are expected to be cancelled by November of this year. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Until, ya know, it gets yanked out from under you because of an incompetent federal regulatory scheme.

(Daily Caller)

The stage, drapes, and sound system for an 18 minute Obama speech cost the taxpayers almost $100,000… Not surprisingly, the high priced sound and stage company is a favorite for Democrat politicians. (I’m clearly in the wrong business.)

(Free Beacon)

Slate magazine ran an article claiming that gravity is the latest victim of climate change… Yes, gravity. The theory is rooted on the assumption that Antarctic ice has been melting by the tons in recent years. Unfortunately for Slate (and anyone who wanted to weigh a little less) Antarctica actually has more ice than any time since satellite measurements began in 1979. But, we’re talking about global warming; so I guess we're not supposed to get hung up on facts.


Michael Schaus - In Other News: WH Daily Intel Briefings Are Optional? Obama Attends Fewer than Half
Posted: 9/30/2014 2:47:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Well, this might explain something: since his Presidency began, Obama has only attended roughly 42 percent of his daily intelligence briefings… To begin with, I think this explains that the President is a little fuzzy on the meaning of the word “daily”.


The vegan DJ/singer/songwriter Moby wrote a piece for the Huffington Post titled “Save the Humans.” Eating meat, according to Moby, is destroying the planet and killing people because it takes so much food, energy, and water to raise cattle to maturity… I’ll compromise with him: From now on, I’ll only eat veal.

(Huffington Post)

Politico wrote a hit piece called “Race and the GOP”, featuring a picture of George Wallace blocking a handful of black kids from going to an “all white” school… George Wallace was a Democrat.


Seriously? We might be running out of tomahawk missiles, according to military experts. I guess I was unaware that we had instituted an ammunition capacity rule on cruise missiles. (And why is it called a “tomahawk”? Isn’t that racist?)

(Free Bacon)

Oops…we almost bombed our allies in Syria. Experts have also lamented that there seems to be “zero communication” between the various coalition members. (England hasn’t even dropped a single bomb yet.) I guess this whole “world leader” thingy is tougher than it looks, right Obama?

(The Daily Beast)

Hey, speaking of Obama’s “coalition” being largely a political scam rather than an effective military strategy: ISIS is planning on opening its first foreign embassy…in Turkey. (Wow. With friends like this…)

(AWD News)

John Ransom - Apple Still Sweet
Posted: 9/30/2014 2:22:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

Click here to listen to Ransom Notes Radio live or for archives of previous shows.

Stock number one: Ebay

EBay will spin off PayPal, giving in to Carl Icahn-- LA Times

Online marketplace EBay Inc. is bowing to investor pressure by spinning off its payment business PayPal into a separate publicly-traded company by 2015.

Wall Street cheered the news Tuesday and pushed up shares of EBay by 6.8% to $56.24 in morning trading.

The move is a sharp reversal for the San Jose company, which had spent months fighting activist shareholder Carl Icahn, who had argued both businesses would benefit from a split.

Symbol: EBAY

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 17

PEG: 1.41

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Down

Ransom Note Trendline: Hold Ebay

Stock number two: Teekay Corporation

Why Deutsche Bank Upgraded Teekay --Barron's

Shares of Teekay (TK) have surged more than 15% this morning after the shipping company announced a new dividend policy after yesterday’s close. Deutsche Bank’s Amit Mehrotra think the news is good enough to be worthy of an upgrade for Teekay.

Symbol: TK

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 38

PEG: 2.21

Dividend: 4.00% +/-

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Buy Teekay

Stock number three: Apple

Apple’s IPhone Pay System Casts Shadow on PayPal Spinoff --Bloomberg

Apple Pay and some of the other services stand out against PayPal for a key reason. Right out of the gate, Apple Pay is ready for consumers to make transactions with their mobile devices at different merchants. That mobile-ready aspect is an area where PayPal, which has roots as a facilitator of payments through websites, hasn't been as dominant. EBay has made acquisitions to help speed the transition, including paying $800 million for mobile-payments startup Braintree last year.

Symbol: AAPL

Trailing PE: 16; Forward PE: 14

PEG: 1.30

Dividend: 2.00

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Buy Apple

John Ransom - John Ransom and the Social Security Show-- Get Your Social Security Questions Answered
Posted: 9/29/2014 5:08:00 PM EST

Get your questions about social security answered every week on the Social Security Show with John Ransom.

Because there are three things Ransom says you can count on 1) Death; 2) Taxes and 3) That everyone, someday will have questions about their own Social Security. 

Call us at our Social Security Hotline-- 800-838-0483 or go to www.socialsecurityshow.com

Full Episode:

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Ukrainians Demolish Statue of Lenin – Putin Offers Statue of Himself as Replacement
Posted: 9/29/2014 12:29:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

The government recently spent $300,000 to study “how humans interact with bicycles”. As a side note, I should really look at applying for some sort of grant.

(Free Beacon)

The Secret Service failed to notice that someone fired seven rounds from an “assault rifle” at the White House, until they stumbled across the bullet holes. This, of course is incomprehensible… I mean, how was this possible with DC’s ban on assault weapons? The mind just boggles. </SarcasmFont End>


This passes as journalism? Vox is reporting that the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are showing support for the black teen who was shot by police in Ferguson Missouri. Why? Well, because they had their hands up. Apparently this gesture never existed before race-baiters decided to incite riots in Ferguson.

(Daily Caller)

Hong Kong is protesting for democracy… Ferguson, Missouri is protesting for the right to riot. Maybe this is just a cultural difference?

(The Gateway Pundit)

President Obama has been telling us that Islam is not the problem. Then in this 60 minutes interview, he explains that Shia and Sunni populations are currently the world’s largest sources of “conflict”… Now, I’m not an expert on Islam, but it almost seems like there is a common denominator in this case.

(CBS News)

?? ???????? ??????? ??????: Ukrainian activists have toppled the largest statue of Lenin, located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. I’m sure Vladimir Putin has already promised a statue of himself as a replacement.

(You Tube)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Al Sharpton Advises Obama on AG Replacement - Hilarity Ensues
Posted: 9/26/2014 12:53:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Al Sharpton says he is helping Obama pick out a new Attorney General. I think there should be a new rule: You’re not allowed to advise the President unless you have (at least) a fifth-grade command of the English language.

(Fox News)

Kim Jong Un is apparently suffering from some health problems… But that’s alright. I’m sure they have universal healthcare in North Korea.


The Military is going to allow illegal aliens to serve. (And if you oppose letting foreign nationals – who break federal immigration laws – from taking part in sensitive national security operations, then you’re racist.) So, this will turn out real well.

(USA Today)

The prosecutor that let Ray Rice cut a deal (after knocking out his girlfriend in an Atlantic City elevator) is the same guy that was trying to throw the book at a single mom who accidentally carried her (licensed) handgun into New Jersey… The hypocrisy makes sense, once you realize he probably had the Ravens player in his Fantasy league.

(NY Post)

The State Department is continuing to defend a Muslim Cleric who issued a Fatwa against the US. Why? Oh, because he doesn’t like ISIS. Besides, if we’re just nice to him I’m sure he’ll be a big Yankees fan pretty soon.

(Weasel Zippers)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Hey White People! All GOP Policies Apparently Designed to Kill Black People
Posted: 9/25/2014 12:49:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Web MD has received almost $14 million dollars to promote Obamacare. Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services has editorial approval over sponsored content… In other words, Web MD is kinda like MSNBC.

(Free Beacon)

Chris Mathews drew comparisons between ISIS terrorists and your average black kid in Philly. But it’s okay, and not at all racist; because "Tingles" is an Obama Democrat.

(Weasel Zippers)

I understand that I’m not an expert on military tactics, but wouldn’t a successful strategy properly employed against ISIS result in the terrorists retreating? I only bring it up because it looks like they have expanded their caliphate.


Obama has forbid the FBI from using religion in identifying terrorist activity. Because as we all know, if we focus in on one specific religion we’re likely to let all those suicide-nuns from the Vatican slip right past us.


A Libertarian candidate in North Carolina is arguing that all GOP policies are designed to kill black people. I’m pretty sure he also believes that UN troops will use the codes on the backs of street signs to navigate their way through America during their surprise invasion. (Which, by the way, is completely preposterous… Why wouldn’t they just use Google maps?)

(Daily Caller)

“Progressive” UC Berkley students held a demonstration in which they called for Hamas to continue their Intifada. Sometimes the “tolerance” and “compassion” of the left is just overwhelming, right?


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