Michael Schaus - In Other News: Eric Holder Takes Break from Harassing Reporters - Focuses on Harassing Voters Instead
Posted: 11/4/2014 12:02:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Tom Brokaw wants to know what Republicans are willing to compromise on, and do for Democrats, if they end up winning the Senate… I’m not sure Tom gets the concept here.


A top Obama aide has been quoted as saying “we’re in for a s**t-storm if Democrats lose the Senate”… Well, it appears to be clouding up.


Eric Holder is sending DOJ officials to the polls to watch for voter discrimination. I guess things like spying on reporters, running guns to Mexico, race baiting in Ferguson, and demanding “protection money” from big banks will just have to go on pause for a day or two.

(The Hill)

The New York Times would really like to “cancel the midterms”. Seriously. I’m surprised they haven’t just called for a law that bans Republican victories.

(NY Times)

An instructor from the University of Arizona slammed the US Military, claiming that US troops do more harm in the world than ISIS fighters. Of course, he strangely doesn’t feel the need to say any of this from the town of Mosul, in the Islamic State. Weird.

(Free Beacon)

Michael Schaus - In Other News: State Education Dept Awaits Millions of Dollars from Obscure Nigerian Prince - Also Wins Cruise in Email Lottery
Posted: 11/3/2014 12:39:00 PM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Our marine who was being held in a Mexican prison (after taking a wrong turn into Mexico with a gun in his car) has finally been released. A Mexican judge apparently took it upon himself to do what Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and John Kerry refused to do: His job.

(Fox News)

The Indiana Department of Education was hacked by the Nigerian Cyber Army last week… The worst part is that the Department hasn’t seen a single penny from their distant Nigerian relative who left them $100 million USD after passing away as an obscure member of royalty.

(Weasel Zippers)

PBS host Tavis Smiley compared Obama to Jesus… I don’t remember reading anything about Jesus golfing this much.

(Weasel Zippers)

Police arrested a middle school student for wearing a Rosary at a school event. The police said rosaries are banned, because they often symbolize affiliation with gangs… One particular gang (taking their directives from a group called “the church”), is known for its drive-by prayers and regular Sunday morning shenanigans.

(News Channel 10)

A VA hospital is preparing to accept Ebola patients. They have a whole new waiting room specially designed to keep patients quarantined while Bureaucrats put them on secret waiting lists.


The Saudi religious police (yeah… that’s a thing) have decreed that it will be illegal for women to have “tempting eyes”. (I can see the next headline now: Breaking news - Saudis Plan to Outlaw Women in the Name of Islam - Details tonight at nine.)


Michael Schaus - In Other News: What's the Scariest Thing About Halloween? Democrats.
Posted: 10/31/2014 11:03:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Michael Jordan called Obama a “hack” and said he was horrible at golf. What a racist.


The Democrat Party is trying to “get out the vote” by reminding potential voters that the party “will be reviewing voting records to see if you voted"… Doesn't the DNC kinda remind you of a creepy ex-boyfriend, or obsessive stalker? This sounds eerily like the beginning of a new horror series. 

(The Daily Banter)

Charlie Rangel blasted Republicans for being racist and bigoted. He even explained that “they think they won the civil war”… Yeah Charlie. That’s the problem: We’re all idiots because we think Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party helped win the civil war.

(Business Insider)

The Washington Post is convinced that more Americans would believe in global warming if climate scientists just sounded a little more alarmist. This is like suggesting the MSNBC should move to the left in an effort to save their ratings.

(Washington Post)

The nation of Jordan has banned Halloween because they consider it “homosexual and Satanic.” Really? "Homosexual"? If that's true, how do you explain all the adult nurse costumes?

(Weasel Zippers)

John Ransom - Despite Breakthrough Avoid BMY
Posted: 10/30/2014 1:28:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Apple Inc.

Apple still world’s top tablet seller: IDC-- MarketWatch

Apple Inc. remained the top seller of tablet computers during the third quarter, as research firm IDC said Thursday that world-wide shipments grew from a year ago due in large part to back-to-school season promotions and increased demand in the U.S.

The IDC report said third-quarter shipments rose 11.5% to 53.8 million units world-wide. IDC also said shipments rose 11.2% over the second quarter of the year. IDC analyst Phillippe Bouchard said that factors such as demand for connected tablets — or, tablets that can access the Internet via wireless networks without using Wi-Fi — are pushing sales of tablets higher across the board, and especially in the U.S.

Symbol: AAPL

Trailing PE: 17; Forward PE: 13

PEG: 1.21

Dividend: 1.80%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Hold Apple

Stock number two: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bristol-Myers Lung-Cancer Drug Boosts Survival--IBD.com

Big pharma Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) reported good midstage trial results for its drug candidate Opdivo in advanced squamous-cell lung cancer, sending its stock up nearly 8% to a 13-year high in early trading in the stock market today.

The patients in the trial were especially sick, as their illness had advanced despite at least two previous treatments. A year after the treatment, 41% were still alive, with the median survival rate at 8.2 months.

Symbol: BMY

Trailing PE: 36; Forward PE: 33

PEG: 3.07

Dividend: 2.70%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Bristol Meyers

Stock number three: Weight Watchers International, Inc

Why Weight Watchers’ Stock is Losing Weight-- Barron's

Weight Watchers’ (WTW) shares are shedding some weight of their own today despite solid earnings after the company raised concerns about spending during in 2015.

Weight Watchers reported a profit of 67 cents a share, beating forecasts for 48 cents, on sales of $345.2 million, ahead of consensus estimates for $337.52 million. Weight Watchers also boosted its full-year guidance to a range of $1.95 to $2.05, ahead of the Street’s $1.87 forecast.

Symbol: WTW

Trailing PE: 8; Forward PE: 17

PEG: -0.57

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Sell Weight Watchers

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Harry Reid Helps Republicans Get Out the Vote
Posted: 10/30/2014 11:02:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Police are searching for a man who robbed a Dunkin' Donuts while wearing an Obama mask. Due to the fact that businesses are becoming accustomed to President Obama demanding their profits, it’s almost surprising this incident didn’t go unreported.


A number of Federal offices have decided to adhere to the philosophy of the First Lady, and hand out “healthy snacks” in lieu of candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Adhering to the philosophy of Barack Obama, I have decided to confiscate and redistribute candy from any trick-or-treaters who come to my door.

(Free Beacon)

A handful of election judges are being accused of lying about their party affiliation ahead of the November 4th elections. The suspected Democrats allegedly posed as Republican election judges in Colorado… I guess they figured that if people like John McCain can pretend to be a Republican, they could get away with it as well.

(Daily Caller)

A panicked Harry Reid is trying to monger some fear by claiming that Obama faces impeachment if Republicans win the Senate… It’s nice of Harry to help Republicans get out the vote.

(Washington Times)

The National Abortion Rights Action League has a new ad out in Colorado that suggests there will be a condom shortage if Republican Cory Gardner wins the race for Senator. We can only hope that people who believe this ad continue to have unfettered access to effective birth control; because I'm not sure they're smart enough to be parents yet.


John Ransom - Value Traps?
Posted: 10/29/2014 2:04:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Freeport-McMoRan Inc.

Freeport’s Profit Declines-- Wall Street Journal

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. on Tuesday said its third-quarter earnings fell 32%, as weaker average prices for copper, gold and oil weighed on revenue.

Phoenix-based Freeport reported a profit of $562 million, or 53 cents a share, down from $830 million, or 79 cents a share, a year earlier. The latest period included net charges of 11 cents a share for items such as accounting adjustments and asset sales gains.

Symbol: FCX

Trailing PE: 12; Forward PE: 11

PEG: .0.34

Dividend: 4.10

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Buy Freeport McMoran.

Stock number two: Alcoa Inc.

Judge hears NC challenge to Alcoa's rights to dams --Associated Press

A dispute between North Carolina officials and Alcoa Inc. over the right to control the water and electricity coming from the state's second-largest river system was set to go before a federal judge Wednesday.

Symbol: AA

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 17

PEG: 0.43

Dividend: 0.70%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Sell Alcoa

Stock number three: Garmin Ltd.

Garmin Earnings Get Boost From Fitness, Aviation Revenues -- 24/7 Wall Street

Garmin Ltd. (GRMN) reported its third-quarter results Wednesday before the market opened as $0.76 in earnings per share and $706 million in revenue. Thomson Reuters had consensus estimates of $0.71 in earnings per share and $677.35 million in revenue for the quarter. In the third quarter of the previous year, Garmin reported $0.69 in earnings per share and $643.64 million in revenue.

Symbol: GRMN

Trailing PE: 16; Forward PE: 18

PEG: 2.74

Dividend: 3.50%

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Sell Garmin

Michael Schaus - In Other News: White House Can’t Work for Two Weeks – No One Notices
Posted: 10/29/2014 11:45:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Okay… A wealthy Iraqi businessman is building a replica of the White House in the Kurdish capitol of Erbil. My guess is that this Iraqi just wanted a White House slightly less hostile toward Republicans. (Also: Someone should make sure Joe Biden doesn’t get confused.)


Joe Biden said that you would have to be “brain dead” to oppose more stimulus spending. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who believes there are only three letters in the word "jobs".

(The Hill)

These two kids were suspended from school because there’s a picture of them on Facebook holding airsoft (pellet) guns. Right. Suspending kids for showing an extra-curricular interest in fake firearms will obviously bring an end to school shootings.


A Russian cyber-attack crippled the White House’s computer network for roughly two weeks… Luckily, we’re talking about the Obama Administration – so productivity was not impacted.


A weapons inspector is very concerned that ISIS could soon get their hands on Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction… Wait. I thought Bush lied about those WMDs.

(Washington Examiner)

The nurse who threw a hissy-fit over being quarantined when she returned from treating Ebola Patients in West Africa (she had a fever) is now refusing to quarantine herself… Apparently she believes that limiting her social life – in the name of protecting the health and welfare of the general public – is some sort of human rights violation.

(Fox News)

John Ransom - Holding Twitter
Posted: 10/28/2014 2:31:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Luminex Corporation

Luminex Corporation-- Zack's

Luminex Corporation (LMNX) posted impressive third-quarter 2014 results. Adjusted earnings (including stock based compensation) of 22 cents per share were well ahead of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 10 cents per share.

Earnings per share (EPS) jumped sharply from a penny in the year-ago quarter driven by strong revenue growth and margin expansion.

However, despite several strategic and operating initiatives during the year, Luminex lowered its 2014 revenue guidance which raises our concern. Moreover, consumable and system sales are expected to be under pressure in the near term.

Symbol: LMNX

Trailing PE: 48; Forward PE: 31

PEG: 1.08

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Na

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Luminex…unless of course you know what you are doing.

Stock number two: Coach Inc.

Coach Earnings, Sales Tumble As Makeover Takes Time--IBD.com

Coach (NYSE:COH) may be hoping for patience and foresight, but those are things that neither investors nor shoppers appear to have for the handbag maker. Shares are tumbling amid still-plunging North American demand and a slow brand makeover, despite a view-topping quarter.

Excluding transformation-related charges, first-quarter earnings fell 31.2% to 53 cents a share, topping analysts' estimates by 8 cents. Revenue dropped 9.7% to $1.04 billion, edging past forecasts for slightly more than $1 billion.

Symbol: COH

Trailing PE: 12; Forward PE: 16

PEG: 3.33

Dividend: 3.80%

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Sell Coach

Stock number three: Twitter, Inc.

New Twitter Metrics Could Be Welcome Sight for Investors-- Wall Street Journal

Twitter 's TWTR -8.92% shares are getting slammed on Tuesday, in part because of a disconnect between company executives and Wall Street over how to measure the social media service…

But what’s missing from these snapshots is the big picture…. It’s likely that Twitter is not ready to release these numbers, still too fresh with just a few months of data to go on or too volatile amid ongoing tweaks to the product.

Symbol: TWTR

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: 116

PEG: 6.13

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: Up

Ransom Note Trendline: Hold Twitter

Michael Schaus - In Other News: Sexy Joe Biden Just in Time for Halloween!
Posted: 10/28/2014 11:58:00 AM EST

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Playboy is suggesting a “sexy Joe Biden” outfit for women for Halloween. Because nothing screams out “sexy” like a woman dressing up in a clown costume, right?


Speaking of clowns: Joe Biden recently explained that the middle class has been “left behind” during Obama’s tenure. I guess Joe’s handlers forgot to remind him whose side he is on.

(Daily Caller)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un purged about 10 officials of his ruling Workers’ Party for watching South Korean soap operas. Daytime television will NOT be tolerated.


This eight year old got his football coach suspended because he scored a touchdown, which forced his team to break the league’s mercy rule. There are probably a handful of Democrats who are wondering if we can enforce a similar mercy rule on midterm elections.

(CBS Sports)

An Illinois Democrat has been caught on tape explaining that her constituents spend more time in jail than they do in church. Let’s be honest: This is Illinois. The same thing could be said for half the political class.

(The Right Scoop)

Islamic State stickers are starting to show up around a Texas town. Does the phrase “don’t mess with Texas” not translate into Arabic very well?

(Weasel Zippers)

John Ransom - Short Covering in 3D Market
Posted: 10/27/2014 2:43:00 PM EST

Welcome to John Ransom’s Stocks in the News where the headlines meet the trendlines.

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Stock number one: Activision Blizzard, Inc.

Activision To Benefit From Destiny Sales-- Benzinga

Activsion is expected to report its third quarter results on November 3 after market close. [Brean Capital] expects the company to earn a non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.12 on $1.0 billion in revenue. The estimates are based on the 8.5 million units of "Destiny" sold in the quarter along with just over two million versions of "Diablo III: Reaper of Souls."

Symbol: ATVI

Trailing PE: 23; Forward PE: 13

PEG: 0.73

Dividend: 1.00%

Estimate Trend: Down

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid Benzinga

Stock number two: The ExOne Company

Short Sellers Jump Back Into 3D Printing Stocks --24/7 Wall Street

Short interest in The ExOne Co. (NASDAQ: XONE) rose 10.5% to 4.96 million shares, and the days to cover fell to six. About 54.6% of the company’s shares are now short. Shares of ExOne fell about 6.7% in the two-week period and closed at $21.21 on Friday night, down about 65% year to date. The stock’s 52-week range is $16.00 to $70.25.

Symbol: XONE

Trailing PE: NA; Forward PE: NA

PEG: -2.35

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Sell ExOne

Stock number three: SodaStream International Ltd.

SodaStream International (SODA) Jumps: Stock Rises 15.4%—Zacks

SodaStream International Ltd. (SODA) was a big mover last session, as the company saw its shares rise over 15% on the day. The move came on solid volume too with far more shares changing hands than in a normal session. This breaks the recent trend of the company, as the stock is now trading above the volatile price range of $20.34 to $21.51 since Oct 7, 2014.

Symbol: SODA

Trailing PE: 17; Forward PE: 14

PEG: 0.74

Dividend: NA

Estimate Trend: NA

Ransom Note Trendline: Avoid SodaStream