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Urban politics is a nasty game. The taxi business can be a nasty business. Where the 2 come together there seems to be a synergistic effect. The below article is a case in point.

Taxis about to go out of business because ride sharing is a better way (often) to get around the city? Then threaten the city aldermen with public outings if they listen to the public, the marketplace, and the times and allow the competition in.

What’s even weirder than the threat alone is that it is embedded in an article which seems in some parts satire. The op-ed in Chicago Dispatcher has parts which seem like a sort of a joke (as is explained in the below article) but the threat still is real – even if the author tries to make it more palatable to the public with his poor attempt at humor. The message is sent, joke or not to any closeted aldermen. Let the competition operate and we will make your life hell.

For the record, I say use Uber and Lyft anywhere you can and fight these taxi cronies in the marketplace.

(From CBS Chicago)

A trade newspaper for the city’s taxi industry has threatened to out five aldermen who it claims are “secretly gay,” unless the City Council bans ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, and SideCar.

In an editorial in The Chicago Dispatcher, publisher George Lutfallah said the trade publication “has learned that five of the city’s 50 aldermen are closeted homosexuals. In the next issue of this newspaper, set to be published early next month, we will disclose their names unless our demands are met.”

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Nick Sorrentino

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