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In the attached interview Glenn Greenwald (the former Guardian reporter who has worked closely with Edward Snowden) speaks about the danger of a surveillance state, and the complicity of the #oldmedia. Where the press once was at least somewhat adversarial it has become a lapdog. In many ways it is mere propaganda for the crony capitalist state.

Greenwald also speaks of the need for a free Internet, and why privacy must be respected for human beings to be truly free. (In this country the 4th Amendment should protect us from a ubiquitous surveillance state but the government has tossed aside this part of the Constitution it seems.)

“But if we know we’re being watched all the time, then we’re going to engage in behavior that is acceptable to other people, meaning we’re going to conform to orthodoxies and norms. And that’s the real menace of a ubiquitous surveillance state: It breeds conformity; it breeds a kind of obedient citizenry, on both a societal and an individual level. That’s why tyrannies love surveillance, but it’s also why surveillance literally erodes a huge part of what it means to be a free individual.”

Think what you want about Greenwald and Edward Snowden – and Snowden camping out in Russia was a mistake – they, in the words of a very socially conservative friend of mine – “did us a favor.”

In the interview I am particularly taken by how much Greenwald is a citizen of the Net. Many of the experiences he has had online, pushing personal political assumptions, learning about new cultures and new ideas, engaging in real debate outside of his insulated world, are similar to my own and to the experiences of millions of other people around the world.

It is the marketplace of ideas, and it must be defended.

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Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of, and the CEO of Exelorix Consultants. A political and communications advisor with clients spanning the political spectrum and the business world, his work has been featured in many publications and across the Web. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

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