Michael Schaus

Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio:

Charlie Rangel apparently felt it was perfectly OK to use his i-pad during a recent primary debate. He then went on some rant about his opponent being Dominican… Let’s be honest: If he was in your family, everybody at the Thanksgiving Day table would be concerned that he wasn’t taking his medication regularly. (Breitbart)

Edward Snowden is involved in talks about a possible plea deal with the US. Apparently the former Soviet Republic isn’t the bastion of freedom and limited government that he was lead to believe. (Yeah… He had problems with the NSA, so he ran to Vladimir Putin. And this isn’t working out? Really?) (Freebeacon)

Eric Holder explained that providing young illegal immigrants with taxpayer-funded legal counsel is necessary to “empower new generations of attorneys”… Shakespeare wanted to kill all the lawyers, Eric Holder is giving them job security. I understand it’s impractical (not immoral) to kill all the lawyers… But could we maybe start by firing a few? Maybe someone in the DOJ? (CNS News)

Shockingly, the Antarctic ice sheet is not melting because of SUV’s and coal powered electricity. The fact that it has been melting for roughly 20,000 years should have been our first clue that it was not global warming. But the fact that it has a giant volcano underneath it should have been a dead give-away. (Al Gore was unavailable for comment.) (Breitbart)

Flashback audio of the day: Barack Obama said that Bush only thinks he won the presidency… Yeah. There were also a lot of people who wondered why so many people named “chad” live in Florida. (Daily Caller)

Michael Schaus

Michael Schaus is communications director at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and is responsible for managing the organization’s messaging with the public, the media and NPRI’s membership.

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